To Aru Majutsu no Index III Episodes #08 & #09

Well everyone, I’m back again and after what happened in Ep. 7, the Amakusa-Style Church sect is in a crisis with Saiji Tatemiya getting angry at Itsuwa for letting Touma Kamijou getting injured, just because he lay his life on the line to protect her.

And speaking of Touma, he maybe alive but he’s still in critical condition. C’mon, he can’t survived Acqua’s attacks but thanks to his right hand, Acqua spared him. Still, he’ll return to take Touma’s Imagine Breaker away from his body.

Now let’s go back to business as the Amakusa-Style Church sect got a call from Orsola Aquinas in which she told them about Acqua of the Back and his past.

Anyways, Orsola told Tatemiya that Acqua of the Back is formerly known as William Orwell, an Englishman who was a formidable mercenary and he was about to be knighted, but disappeared from the face of the planet and reemerged as a member of God’s Right Seat.

While I don’t know what transpires Acqua to leave his country, but I speculate that he has some grudges against his fellow mercenaries or even the Church of England.

For the time being, the Amakusa-Style Church sect will have their hands full as they take on Acqua of the Back.

Saiji Tatemiya and his followers couldn’t put a dent towards Acqua because he’s not only regarded as a saint, but he inherited powers from the Virgin Mary.

Basically, he’s one overpowered guy from God’s Right Seat!

That’s until Itsuwa came up with a trump card that she called as Saint Breakout.

To give you a simple idea, Saint Breakout is somewhat similar with the Spear of Longinus where it destroys the balance between holy and magic power, making the saint vulnerable as he/she cannot move when struck by it.

In any case, Acqua of the Back will be defeated at the hands of the Amakusa-Style Church sect.

Basically, there’s no need for Touma Kamijou to emerge from his bed and save the day, nor Kaori Kanzaki in which she’s currently missing in action.

Then again, it turns out that despite their efforts, Acqua is still strong as Itsuwa’s Saint Breakout didn’t work as she have hope and instead got the brunt from Acqua’s mace-like spear.

In any case, seems that Itsuwa was put out of commission by Acqua of the Back, and the Amakusa-Style Church sect have no options but to wait for the inevitable as the 22nd underground district will be destroyed.

Fortunately, Itsuwa and the rest was saved when their saint has arrived to settle the score against Acqua of the Back.

That’s right, I’m talking about Kaori Kanzaki as she arrived to not only save the Amakusa-Style Church sect, but also stop Acqua of the Back from getting his hands on Touma’s Imagine Breaker.

In any case, we have a battle between two saints and while Acqua of the Back is stronger, let’s hope that Kaori Kanzaki can hold him out.

Meanwhile, seems that Touma Kamijou got out of the hospital and leave Index behind as always.

Also, Touma encountered Mikoto Misaka where she’s worried about him due to his memory loss.

Regardless of whether he has amnesia or not, Touma Kamijou will continue to help others despite being weak to most espers or magicians. Still, I’m worried that he might not make it to his destination…

…as Kaori Kanzaki continues to hold off Acqua’s attacks. Of course, she’s not alone to fight a saint as Saiji Tatemiya and the rest are helping Kaori not as followers, but part of her family.

And while she has the support from the Amakusa-Style Church sect, Kaori Kanzaki might reach her limit at some point.

Even worse is that Acqua of the Back has decided to end this battle with a powerful attack which will destroy the entire underground city.

With the blessings of the Holy Mother, it would be a matter of time before Acqua unleashes a devastating dive-bombing attack that’ll destroy the 22nd district.

That’s until Acqua’s attack was stopped by a certain high school student with a special right hand. Could it be that Touma showed up at the last minute?

Why yes it is as Touma Kamijou arrived to stop Acqua of the Back’s dive-bombing attack from destroying the underground city.

But seriously though, how come Touma managed to stop Acqua’s attack where it might weigh a ton or even more of that? Unless it happened to be his Imagine Breaker, any normal human wouldn’t survive that!

But thanks to Touma’s intervention, Kaori Kanzaki has enough time to bind Acqua of the Back until he can no longer move. And what will be the next step on taking down a member of God’s Right Seat?

Why have another crack at Itsuwa’s Saint Breakout and this time, she has the support from Saiji Tatemiya and his followers of the Amakusa-Style Church sect.

In any case, it appears that Acqua of the Back will be defeated thanks to the combined strength of Touma Kamijou, Kaori Kanzaki, and the whole Amakusa-Style Church sect.

And with that, Academy City’s 22nd underground district is safe.

However, seems that Touma Kamijou didn’t remember a thing as he’s back in the hospital and continue his recuperation. Heck, even Itsuwa is taking care of Touma.

Then again, there’s Index as she’s totally pissed for not only leaving her behind as usual, but Index-chan is jealous that another girl is taking care of Touma.

Well, it can’t be helped since Touma is being attracted by various girls yet he’s very oblivious to their feelings.

On the other hand, Kaori Kanzaki pays a visit until Motoharu Tsuchimikado interrupted Kaori as he brought something special to her.

As you can see right here, Tsuchimikado brought a fallen angel maid costume set which is perfect for Kanzaki because of her large set of breasts.

Hmm, fallen angel? That reminds me of Akeno Himejima from Highschool DxD where she was based on Kaori Kanzaki. Anyways, can’t wait for Kaori to wear that sexy maid uniform in which Index might get angry at Touma for looking at her!

Meanwhile at the Vatican City, here’s a new character showed up as I introduce you to the leader of God’s Right Seat, Fiamma of the Right.

As you can see, Fiamma is planning to defy the pope’s orders by instigating a war against the Church of England, as well as capturing Index Librorum Prohibitorum for his own gains.

And as for the Vatican pope, he’ll have an unpleasant day as he’s gravely injured at the hands of Fiamma. In any case, Fiamma is the biggest threat to this series.

However, nothing compares to the main antagonist of the whole series, the biggest heretic that is Aleister Crowley as I don’t know what his biggest plan is. Unless if you’re one of those light novel readers who figure it out his grandest scheme, Aleister Crowley still remains a mystery.

Anyways, there’s more catching up to do for To Aru Majutsu no Index III as I’ll see you next time… until I’ve reached the latest episode!

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