To Aru Majutsu no Index III Episodes #10 – #12

Here it is folks, it’s Kaori Kanzaki in her fallen angel maid outfit! Then again, not sure what happened to Kaori’s nipples because her outfit exposes her top.

Now then, let’s introduce more characters as I give you the Knight Leader. Anyways, the Knight Leader knows about William Orwell very much that he’s pissed when William left the United Kingdom and re-emerged as Acqua of the Back.

And by the way, if this guy reminds you of Riser Phenex, that’s because the Knight Leader is voiced by one of the most prolific voice actors of all time, Takehito Koyasu. Oh yeah, he’s known for Weiss Kreuz but who cares about his pet project.

Still, the Knight Leader asked Necessarius and Amakusa-Style Church sect for assistance in regards to dealing with a crisis within the United Kingdom, specifically terrorists who wants the country isolated from the rest of Europe.

But you know what, I feel that the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union unless they change their mind. Anyways, the country needs some serious help from outside sources like the Necessarius.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Touma Kamijou and Index are also involved because the former has the Imagine Breaker, while the latter has vast knowledge in regards to grimoires.

Anyways, they’ll have a smooth flight towards Great Britain!

Of course, Touma will have to deal with terrorists who wants to crash this plane. So yeah, it’s not gonna be a smooth flight but Kamijou only managed to apprehend a single perpetrator.

In fact, there’s another one as this dude has decided to cause a catastrophic failure inside the hull by throwing some explosives

Not today though as this terrorist got roasted from the outside. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible unless there’s a fire-wielding magician involved.

Well, there’s one magician that fits in that description as Stiyl Magnus lend Touma Kamijou a hand as Stiyl wants him and Index to arrive safely in jolly old Great Britain.

Once they arrived safely in the United Kingdom, Touma and Index joined Kaori Kanzaki as they’ll have an official dialogue with the current head of state.

Anyways, this is Queen Elizard who is the current head of the United Kingdom and she shows her authority by wielding a ceremonial sword called Curtana.

Well, what Queen Elizard is holding is just a replica called Curtana Second as the original one was lost.

One more thing, Queen Elizard has 3 children as they’re here for a strategical meeting ’cause it’s not gonna be a meet-and-greet with the royal family.

This is Princess Riméa as she’s the oldest daughter of the British Royal Family, making her the hair apparent to Queen Elizard.

Also joining Princess Riméa are Princess Carissa and Villian as they discuss about the impending threat within Great Britain.

In fact, there’s a terrorist organization called New Light in which they claimed that they found an artifact that will change the United Kingdom forever. I hope that it won’t destroy the country.

So while Index will assist the princesses, Touma will have to hunt down the terrorist. Oh yeah, he’s joined by Oriana Thomson who decided to help him after facing defeat during the Daihasei Festival.

With that said, time to find those New Light terrorists in which they carry a large suitcase and a weird-looking staff with claws called the Steel Glove.

Then again, I think they found someone that fits into that description as both Touma and Oriana went past this girl who happens to be part of New Light.

And once they realize it, Touma and Oriana went into action and chase one of the New Light operatives named Lessar.

Sadly, Lessar got one step ahead of both Touma Kamijou and Oriana Thomson. What a misfortune for Touma-kun and his partner!

Even worse is that when Touma and Oriana reached Lessar, she activates her suitcase which it receives a beam and transfer it to her teammates…

…ending up with Lancis for which her suitcase contains the artifact that’ll change the whole kingdom.

But curiously, what’s inside that suitcase and what are they’re aiming for?

Turns out that New Light is in cahoots with Princess Carissa. Even worse is that the knights sided with her as the Knight Leader presented the suitcase to his majesty.

Oh and the most surprising one of all? What Princess Carissa is holding is the real Curtana sword. Not a replica, but the original one as Princess Carissa is planning to take over the United Kingdom and wage war against her enemies.

Damn, what a surprising turn of events there but in order to make herself as the only monarch in Great Britain, Princess Carissa orders her knights to capture and execute both her mother and her two sisters.

Speaking of Carissa’s mother, Queen Elizard is drinking tea with the Archbishop of the Anglican Church, Laura Stuart.

Then again, their peaceful tea time will be interrupted soon enough…

…as the knights are here to apprehend Queen Elizard and also Archbishop Laura Stuart. While the royal family is in upheaval thanks to Princess Carissa’s coup d’etat, where’s Index?

Oh, seems that she’s with Princess Carissa and the Knight Leader as Index deduces that the French are the ones who planted explosives inside the Eurotunnel, cutting the lines between the British Isles and the rest of Europe.

Then again, France was in crisis back in previous episodes and the only ones I can think of stirring some trouble is God’s Right Seat. Regardless, Princess Carissa decided that the only way to protect her country is to go to war against France and eventually the entire European continent plus Academy City.

Meanwhile, the streets of London is in chaos as the knights took over the capital and arrest those who are either suspicious or against Princess Carissa.

Of course, there are people who found those knights as an eyesore…

…like Sherry Cromwell who summoned her golem Ellis to do her bidding against those knights ’cause she hates them.

Then again, Sherry might go too far against those knights due to her traumatic experience when her friend got killed by them.

So, Oriana Thomson will snap the magician back to her senses while telling Touma Kamijou to board a train towards Folkestone, right after bringing one of New Light’s operatives to Necessarius.

Now let’s return to Princess Carissa and her knights as they captured one of her sisters…

…which turned out to be Princess Villian. By the way, Princess Villian got in danger before as she was previously captured by enemies.

Fortunately, she was saved by William Orwell but without him around, seems that Princess Villian’s head is about to be chopped off by the Knight Leader.

However, it appears that the impromptu execution ceremony got interrupted by a strong gust of wind. Gotta say that Princess Carissa is not amused that a mere gust would ruin her chance to claim the throne.

Oh and Princess Carissa will get even more angry when William Orwell arrived to rescue Princess Villian.

Well, he’s now known as Acqua of the Back but anyways, Princess Villian is safe!

But of course, he wants someone to take care of the princess as Acqua told Princess Villian to ride his trusty horse and run as fast as she can.

C’mon, he doesn’t want Princess Villian to get caught in his battle against the knights.

In any case, Princess Villian rode her horse Bayard as she head towards Necessarius, hoping that they’ll shelter her from Princess Carissa’s wrath.

But you know what, despite being branded as an enemy, it appears that Acqua still has that chivalry as he wants to protect those who care about. Besides, who needs to receive knighthood when Acqua of the Back shows that he has a heart of a knight!

With Princess Villian out of the way, it’s time for William- I mean Acqua of the Back to take care of his former colleague as he unsheathes his weapon, which reveals to be the legendary Ascalon sword.

Not to be outdone, the Knight Leader unsheathes his Hrunting sword as he’ll show Acqua of the Back that leaving the knighthood was a mistake.

In any case, looks like Acqua of the Back will have to fight the Knight Leader as defeating Princess Carissa’s right hand man would topple the balance of power within Great Britain.

Still, I was wondering what happened to Touma Kamijou since he remains missing?

Oh, seems that Touma is inside a train that’s heading towards Folkestone. Also, he encountered a member of New Light named Floris where instead of punching her like the rest of her allies…

…Touma decides to ask for her assistance by jumping out of the train. Not sure if Floris can lift Kamijou to safety unless he touched her broom and fell down to a shallow river.

Anyways, let’s hope that Touma can rescue Index and meet up with the rest of Necessarius.

One last thing, it appears that Archbishop Laura Stuart and Queen Elizard have managed to escape from the knights and now they’re attempting to hitchhike and hop aboard to either a car or a truck.

And while Laura managed to swoon a driver with her looks, seems that he decides to turn tail and run away, much to the archbishop’s annoyance.

Anyways, it appears that Great Britain is still in upheaval with Princess Carissa planning an attack against the rest of Europe and maybe Academy City as the new head of state. Of course, she needs to eliminate her mother and her two sisters in order to legitimize her rule. Queen Elizard is with Archbishop Laura Stuart and Princess Villian has escaped thanks to Acqua’s interference, I wonder what happened to Princess Riméa?

With that said, I’ll see you next time and hopefully, the crisis within United Kingdom will be resolved.

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