Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Almost 2 years ago, there was a movie that I’ve watched which is a sequel to the 2nd season of Sword Art Online. I’ve enjoyed watching that movie despite some flaws here and there!

Of course with the 3rd season underway, it’s time to make a really long post out of it as Kazuto Kirigaya (or Kirito) have returned to face new challenges…

…specifically with the rise of augmented reality which would potentially replace virtual reality.

What you see here is the interface to one of the AR devices called Augma, the hottest item that everyone wants to have since the days of NerveGear (until a certain VR MMORPG ruined its reputation).

Also, Augma has a game called Ordinal Scale where players can fight monsters in certain places and earn points in order to reach the number 1 rank in the game.

And not only that, Ordinal Scale has an AI idol named Yuna who supports players through bonuses, using her songs of course to the point that Yuna became so popular that she’ll have a concert soon at the National Stadium in Tokyo.

Anyways, let’s start with Kirito hanging out with Asuna and the rest of the SAO survivors at Wagnaria for Working!! Gotta say that A-1 Pictures managed to insert one of their previous works into this movie.

Still, despite the rise of augmented reality (and the game Ordinal Scale) in which it puts various MMOs like Gun Gale and Alfheim obsolete, Kirito prefers virtual reality as he feels in control of his character.

Of course, Kirito will eventually participate in Ordinal Scale as most of the monster on this AR MMORPG resembles those enemies from Sword Art Online.

But anyways, let’s see how Kirito fights in this game as he’s joined by his girlfriend Asuna Yuuki.

Unfortunately, seems that the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality is so vast that Kirito made a fool of himself in front of Asuna, as he tripped and fell down face first to the floor.

Well, that’s… embarrassing coming from the main protagonist. I guess he got so rusty after playing Alfheim Online everyday that Kirito forgot to do exercise.

On the other hand, there’s a player emerged during one the monster raids. This is Eiji and he’s number 2 in the rankings as he shows how to beat a monster in Ordinal Scale.

Then again, it appears that Eiji has some connection towards Asuna as he uttered “Switch!” to her upon taking over his place to defeat the enemy.

Hmm, could it be that Eiji was once a player of Sword Art Online before?

In any case, Asuna defeated the monster in which she was rewarded handsomely. I have a feeling that she might become the best player in Ordinal Scale, taking over her boyfriend.

By the way, I would like to tell you something that unlike previous seasons, there’s an element introduced on this series, especially when you have to Blu-Ray version…

That’s right, NUDITY! I bet that you’re getting turned on upon seeing Asuna’s bare breasts at this angle!

Meanwhile, let’s return to Kirito as he trains himself to become a better player to Asuna. C’mon, she’ll be disappointed if Kirito’s movements remained sloppy that she might dump him.

On the other hand, Kirito met a mysterious girl who can only exist in augmented reality. Basically, she’s a ghost but more importantly, this girl would become a significant figure later on to the story.

For the time being, more monsters from Sword Art Online are popping up in Ordinal Scale. Everyone is excited to fight them but something isn’t right.

On the other hand, Keiko Ayano or Silica encountered Eiji but instead of helping her, Eiji pushed Silica away from him.

Hmm, I have a bad feeling about this as Eiji is somewhat of a jerkass, letting Silica to be killed off by monsters.

Of course, Asuna won’t let that happen as she rushes towards Silica and rescue her from becoming a casualty.

But when Asuna arrived to rescue Silica from harm, she was attacked by a monster in which Asuna felt that she died upon taking the hit from Heathcliff.

Once more, there’s a ball of light that shot up from her Augma headset. With that said, it appears that the battle has ended as the players failed to defeat a monster.

But while most of the players are disappointed that they didn’t get any rewards, the worst is yet to come…

It turns out that the survivors of Sword Art Online lost their memories once they got killed by monsters in Ordinal Scale.

While they are a few of them got affected by it, the most significant one will be Asuna as her memories of her time in SAO were taken away.

This is so bad for Asuna that she couldn’t remember the time when she married Kirito in the game, met Yui, and even made a promise to see the stars together once they survive the ordeal.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the time she had sex with Kirito and his 2 years worth of semen. You know what that is!

Heck, even the doctors couldn’t help of regaining Asuna’s memories because of the Augma headset. But you know what, Kirito will continue to remind her about the days the spent together in SAO. Then again, what about those memories when she was a captive in Alfheim Online, are those erased as well?

Still, reminding those memories to Asuna won’t be enough for Kirito as he’s decided to get the bottom of this. In fact, there’s more than just an augmented reality game that it could endanger every survivor from Sword Art Online.

So, Kirito asked Sinon for help since she’s not a SAO survivor. More importantly, Shino Asada’s skills that she earned from Gun Gale Online would be helpful when dealing with various enemies.

On the other hand, Kirito found something important that might lead his way into stopping an impending catastrophe, as well as regaining everyone’s memories including Asuna.

Anyways, what he’s seeing is the location of the Kamura Inc. CEO, as well as a professor of Toto Institute of Technology, Tetsuhiro Shigemura.

By the way, Tetsuhiro Shigemura is the one who mentored both Akihiko Kayaba and Nobuyuki Sugou in regards to full-dive technology. Not only that, he’s the one who created Augma as an alternative to full-dive virtual reality devices like the NerveGear and Amusphere.

Of course, Tetsuhiro Shigemura denies his involvement in regards to SAO survivors who had their memories taken away, as Prof. Shigemura claims that Augma is a safer alternative.

Even then, Kirito is somewhat skeptical towards Shigemura’s claims but in any case, he can’t find any evidence from the CEO. However, it appears that Kirito found something interesting…

Turns out that Tetsuhiro Shigemura has a hobby when it comes to robotics, but has a daughter named Yuuna who also played Sword Art Online.

Sadly, Yuuna Shigemura died in SAO from unknown causes in which her father felt a tremendous amount of grief. I’d say that the reason why Prof. Shigemura created Augma as an alternative to Amusphere so that no one would suffer the same fate as his daughter.

Still, Kirito was not convinced in regards to Shigemura’s claims as Augma might potentially become dangerous just like what happened to NerveGear.

With Kirito down to his luck, he asked Seijirou Kikuoka for assistance in regards to the growing problem of SAO survivors losing their memories.

But even then, Kikuoka can’t help him much as the Ordinal Scale project is linked to various agencies like the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Unless they found solid evidence against Prof. Shigemura, there’s nothing they can do to arrest him.

Meanwhile, here’s Yuna as it seems that she’s holding some kind of a marble, which revealed to be a fragment of someone’s memory. Also, Yuna is talking to someone else…

…who turned out to be Eiji as he reads a book about the SAO survivors and their tribulations. Unfortunately for him, Eiji doesn’t have his name in the history books as his exploits are completely forgotten.

By the way, what Eiji is talking about is a player named Nautilus who was once a member of the famous Knights of Blood guild. Said player happened to be none other than Eiji Nochizawa’s previous nickname as he was scared of dying at that time that he left the guild until Kirito defeats Heathcliff. Because of this, Eiji regretted on his decision and decides to become the best Ordinal Scale player under his own name.

And speaking of Ordinal Scale, you notice that Yuna has the number 1 rank. Hmm, I smell something fishy towards this AI idol as Yuna might be interpreted as “una”, which is one in Latin.

In any case, it’s time for Yuna’s concert at the National Stadium and everyone is invited including the SAO survivor… as long as you have a ticket of course.

While the likes of Asuna, Silica, and even Lizbeth (or Rika Shinozaki) are present, it appears that Kirito is missing.

Well, it turns out that Kirito is busy dealing with other things like stopping an impending disaster…

…as well as defeating Eiji in which he told Kirito that he’s no longer the same player as Eiji casts the name Nautilus away for all eternity.

Regardless, it’s time for a battle between Kirito and Eiji. Of course, it’ll be a long fight as Yuna’s concert has begun.

Meanwhile, here’s Tetsuhiro Shigemura as he revealed his true intentions as he watched Yuna’s concert.

It turns out that Prof. Shigemura wants to revive his dead daughter Yuuna, using the memories of various SAO survivors that he gathered from playing Ordinal Scale and combine them to form a complete soul of her daughter.

This means that he won’t mind using whatever means necessary to revive her daughter at the cost of everybody. In fact, his actions might not be so different from his pupil Akihiko Kayaba.

In any case, this is bad news as this concert might become a disaster if this continues.

But now, let’s go back to Kirito as he found out that Eiji is using an exoskeleton to augment his physical strength. Oh yeah, and it turns out that the exoskeleton was created by Prof. Shigemura.

Come to think of it, Tetsuhiro Shigemura knows about robotics. Don’t tell me that he’s planning to transfer Yuuna’s complete soul into a mechanical body?

Regardless, the battle is over as Kirito defeats Eiji with a single slash of his sword.

I have to say that Kirito got better at playing Ordinal Scale as he managed to train his body in order to regain his reputation as the Black Swordsman from SAO.

And while he managed to bested Eiji, it’s not over yet for Kirito as he’ll have to deal with something that’s terrifying…

You see, while Kirito is busy fighting against Eiji, the stadium has become a battlefield where after Yuna’s performance, she vanishes and various monsters appeared to hunt every last SAO survivor.

Fortunately, Kirito managed to get back inside the stadium but even then, he’s outmatched by the sheer number of monsters.

That’s until this mysterious girl appeared to lend Kirito a hand as she revealed herself to be the AI manifestation of Yuuna Shigemura,

Yuna. Yes, the same name as the AI idol singer and I think that Yuna is modeled after Tetsuhiro’s dead daughter.

Anyways, Yuna told Kirito that her father is planning to scan everyone’s memories to the point that it’ll overload their brains, resulting in death much like how NerveGear is designed when Kayaba turned SAO into a game of death.

And speaking of NerveGear, Yuna revealed that the AR device Augma is modeled after the full-dive device, albeit in limited functionality. Unfortunately for Yuna, she can’t do anything to stop those rampaging monsters unless someone would defeat the final boss of Aincrad. Hmm, Aincrad huh?

But you know what, I feel that Kirito will have to deal the final boss as he prepares to go to the final floor of Aincrad and defeat it. But first, Kirito wants to give something to Asuna before he goes…

…which turned out to be an engagement ring. While he wanted to give that ring to Asuna once they went to the mountains and see the star together, I guess he wants to do it now just in case if Kirito didn’t return.

Anyways, Kirito and his allies went back to Aincrad where they encountered the original final boss of Sword Art Online, “An Incarnation of the Radius”.

Come to think of it, the reason why there’s so many monsters from SAO is because Ordinal Scale is based on Sword Art Online. Maybe Tetsuhiro Shigemura used the servers from that game to create his own using augmented reality.

Now then, this boss is a pain in the ass to defeat as Radius not only has 10 life bars, but it has auto-healing functionalities.

Even with the combined strength of Kirito and his friends, it’s not enough to defeat the final boss.

Even worse is that the Incarnation is about to chomp Kirito, which means that his memories will be taken away and thus it’s game over for him and his friends.

That’s until the Incarnation of the Radius was stopped by someone else, thus Kirito broke free from Radius’ grasp. I wonder who saved Kirito from this final boss?

Oh, it’s none other than Asuna as she decides that if she wants her memories return, Asuna wants to fight to get it back.

Oh and it’s not just Asuna because more allies have come to Kirito’s aide…

…like Suguha Kirigaya as she transformed into Leafa and brought her friends from various MMOs to finish An Incarnation of the Radius.

Yes, it’s a ridiculous name but what’s important is that everyone is here!

This includes players from both Alfheim Online and Gun Gale Online as they don’t want to miss this one out, including Klein where he missed Yuna’s concert and thus poured his frustration on defeating Radius.

And one more thing, Yui brought something special to not only her parents, but also everyone else.

Turns out, they receive their original equipment from SAO, right down to their weapons. Oh, and it’s not just Kirito and friends who got their equipment back…

…but also Sinon as she receive her old outfit and her trusty PGM Hécate anti-material rifle from Gun Gale Online.

And one last thing, looks like Yuuki wants to help Asuna on this final battle as she gave her blessings while performing her signature move called Mother’s Rosario.

At this point, the Incarnation of the Radius couldn’t keep its hit points up due to receiving an endless flurry of attacks from Kirito and his friends.

And speaking of Kirito, it’s time for the finishing blow with his signature move, Starburst Stream.

Thanks to their combined powers, the true final boss of Aincrad is finally defeated. However, it doesn’t mean that the chaos is over as there’s still unfinished business left to be done.

Therefore, Yuna gave a special sword to Kirito which will defeat monsters easily and stop her father’s plans from completion.

With that said, it’s time for the climax as Yuna returns to the stage and sing amidst the chaos inside the stadium.

On the other hand, it turns out that Yuna has a dream of performing in front a large crowd, yet her dreams are not fulfilled as she met untimely demise in SAO. But anyways, Yuna continues to sing towards everyone…

…all while Kirito destroys all of the monsters inside the stadium with a single swing of his sword. I have nothing to say how overpowered Kirito is as he can make fireworks out of those monsters.

Because of this, Prof. Shigemura’s plans is now ruined. But more importantly, Tetsuhiro Shigemura saw his daughter Yuuna…

…where she thanked her father for all the memories that she cherished until the end as Yuuna waived good-bye to him.

And with that, Yuuna Shigemura disappears as her soul went up to heaven, while Tetsuhiro Shigemura kneeled down as he wailed on his daughter’s passing.

Maybe there’s no need to revive his daughter because her memories will forever remain to him and everyone who’ve met her.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Tetsuhiro Shigemura will get away from all the trouble he caused as the professor will be arrested by Seijirou Kikuoka over his attempts to destroy everyone’s brains.

Now then, Yuna congratulates them for saving everyone. However, she revealed that her data is linked to the final boss of Aincrad, meaning that she’ll disappear soon.

But just before she go, Yuna returned the memories to Asuna for which she revealed that her memory loss is due to her fear of death, something that her friend Eiji suffered from after leaving the guild.

Yet despite her memory loss, Asuna overcame that and thus Yuna gave those memories back to her.

Afterwards, Yuna’s soul vanishes as her dream of performing at a large crowd has finally fulfilled.

However, there’s one person who doesn’t want her to go Eiji Nochizawa returned to the stadium, only to witness Yuna as she disappears into the light.

Unfortunately for Eiji or Nautilus, he can no longer see nor hold Yuuna Shigemura ever again.

And sure that Eiji sees Yuuna as his savior when he’s down to his luck, he has to realize that Yuuna should be remembered as a beacon of light to the survivors of Sword Art Online including him.

Besides, she no longer has any regrets in this world now that Yuuna got what she wanted.

And now, time for an epilogue as Kirito’s friends hang out at Agil’s bar. Of course, Andrew Gilbert Mills got angry at Ryotaro Tsuboi for not showing up during the concert in the first place.

I guess Klein got busy playing Ordinal Scale that he got into an accident. See his right arm? It got broken by Eiji during one of the events that his memories taken by force. Well, at least Ryotaro (or Klein) got better once his memories have returned.

On the other hand, it turns out that Prof. Tetsuhiro Shigemura has resigned from his CEO position at Kamura Inc. Well, he got arrested by Seijirou Kikuoka over the fiasco that happened at the National Stadium but then again, Kikuoka has some plans for the professor.

Other than that, everything is all good as they celebrate New Year without a hitch!

But as for Kirito and Asuna however, they’re now engaged as he gave Asuna an engagement ring on a starry night.

Oh yeah, Asuna’s parents have approved of their wedding, especially with her mother Kyouko where she saw Kazuto Kirigaya as a better husband to Asuna than that asshole named Nobuyuki Sugou. C’mon, we’ll never forget about Sugou’s dickery and he got punished by it!

And that’s about it for my ramblings of Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale. Gotta say that it was a spectacle but honestly, Tetsuhiro Shigemura’s motivation to revive his daughter at the cost of every SAO survivor might be noble, but it’s flawed that he might realized that Yuuna is just a replica that she might not even be the real thing, thus eventually rejecting her much like how Dr. Tenma or even Precia Testarossa would reject their own creations.

On the other hand, there’s Eiji (or Nautilus) in which I somewhat understand the motivation to have Yuuna back to him ’cause he and Yuuna wants to be remembered but then again, Eiji is held back by his fear of death which is why he can’t defeat Kirito simply because Eiji lacks the resolve to conquer his fears. But speaking of Yuuna, I’m surprised that she was very significant in the role as a bard in Sword Art Online that there’s no need for her soul to be preserved in a mechanical shell, for as long as Yuuna Shigemura’s dream of singing in front of a large crowd is enough for her that everyone will remember Yuuna in their hearts.

One last thing, I feel that while Asuna may have lost her memories throughout the movie, Kirito will continue to support her as long as they love each other. While she’ll regain those memories at the end of the movie, what’s important is that her adventures in Sword Art Online will be remembered in her heart and in her diary. Heck, Kirito will remind her about it countless times. Maybe the theme for this movie is that those memories will forever be etched in someone’s heart regardless of whether he/she loses it or not.

Other than that, everything looks great and jam-packed that there’s nothing more than I could say about SAO: Ordinal Scale. Well everyone, I’m pretty much done with the movie as it’s time to tackle the next story arc of Sword Art Online. And oh boy, I have to catch up with the latest episodes of the Alicization arc.

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