To Aru Majutsu no Index III Episodes #13 & #14

Here’s Floris as she’s panicking over Touma Kamijou’s daring jump from the previous episode. Well, at least she and Touma are alive.

Also, they stumbled upon Princess Villian as she’s heading towards a safe place. Then again, she’ll plan to stop Princess Carissa from turning Great Britain into a wasteland.

As for Floris and the rest of New Light, they went AWOL afterwards. I guess they don’t want to get involved further in regards to the ongoing crisis within the British royal family.

Anyways, let’s finish this story arc starting with Acqua of the Back launching an attack towards the Knight Leader.

Unfortunately for his former colleague, the Knight Leader has an ability to cancel any attack called Zero Out. Well, seems that William Orwell will have a hard time beating him!

Anyways, the Knight Leader asked Acqua on why he left the country and why he’s clinging on protecting Princess Villian even though he skipped his knighthood.

But you know what, I think the reason why William- or Acqua of the Back left the United Kingdom is because he doesn’t to be a knight to protect not only his country, but also the royal family without any constraints especially Princess Villian.

Also, Acqua of the Back has another ace up his sleeve as it turns out that he can pull a small blade from his Ascalon sword…

…and stabs the Knight Leader that he can’t use his Zero Out technique. That’s gotta hurt!

Oh and not just that, but his sword can pull many tricks like tying his blade to a string and drop it towards the Knight Leader, all while Acqua transforms his sword into a club and clobber his sides.

Gotta say that he can’t cancel Acqua’s attacks at the same time!

In any case, looks like it’s checkmate for the Knight Leader as Acqua of the Back puts his blade to his throat.

Well, the pommel part of his blade as the Knight Leader just smirks as he was bested by his former colleague.

And with that, he goes down as the battle between knights is over. Now the only thing left to do is to stop Princess Carissa and her tyrannical rule over the British Isles.

On the other hand, seems that Acqua of the Back saw Touma Kamijou as he witnessed the aftermath of his battle against the knights.

Gotta say that Touma was shocked to see this carnage but more importantly, he needs to save Index first.

However for both Touma and Acqua, Princess Carissa and the remaining knights are here to spoil the rescue party as she’ll use Curtana Original’s hidden power…

…like blowing them away with a tornado as she thrusts the sword to the ground.

Fortunately, Acqua of the Back managed to grab both Index and Touma Kamijou, although they’re gonna die anyway unless he got a parachute.

But you know what, Acqua can use his Ascalon sword to soften their fall. I’m surprised on how his sword has multiple uses.

In any case, both Index and Touma Kamijou are safe thanks to Acqua making a safe landing for them.

Of course, Acqua of the Back warned Touma that his colleague Fiamma of the Right will hunt him down and possibly take Index away from him. Nice advice there Acqua!

Now then, it’s time for Touma and Index to join up with Princess Villian as they’re heading towards Buckingham Palace.

And by the way, the city of London is being bombarded by the Coven Compass, which the witches of Necessarius used it against Princess Carissa and the knights.

But you know what, I think the witches are going overboard with their bombardment, just to quell Princess Carissa’s coup d’etat.

Speaking of Princess Carissa, she’s at the Buckingham Palace as she awaits her enemies so she can personally kill them off with her sword.

Of course, Princess Carissa wants to take Princess Villian’s head simply because she’s weak.

By the way, Princess Villian went to the Buckingham Palace by herself, but she’s gonna get sliced off by her sister.

Not until Touma Kamijou appeared in which he rescued Princess Villian from being killed off. Well, if she wants to stop Princess Carissa, she needs to have allies in order to protect her.

Also, Touma was joined by Kaori Kanzaki as she stops Princess Carissa and her tyranny. Oh, and she’s not alone…

…as Kaori brought the Amakusa-Style Church sect, plus Sherry Cromwell and Orsola Aquinas. Then again, Princess Carissa underestimate them as she can defeat everyone by herself.

Now then, it’s time for Touma to stop Princess Carissa by punching her Curtana Original with his right hand!

Then again, Princess Carissa’s sword didn’t break as throws Touma Kamijou away from her like a ragdoll.

Sure that Carissa is treating Touma as cannon fodder, but this tyrannical princess will be in for a surprise…

You see, Princess Villian has a crossbow in which she won’t hesitate on shooting Princess Carissa’s head.

Unfortunately for Princess Villian, she missed her target but you know what, her shot was just a distraction.

That’s because the tyrannical princess will have a taste of beam spam from the Coven Compass.

Gotta say that Princess Carissa won’t have time to dodge that beam attack!

In any case, the witches have successfully bombarded the palace, taking the tyrannical princess with it thanks to the immense power of the Coven Compass.

Unfortunately, seems that Princess Carissa is so damn tough that she can survive a beam bombardment from the Coven Compass. Someone please nerf Princess Carissa and her Curtana Original sword!

Meanwhile, looks like the knights are waking up as they’re receiving orders from someone other than Princess Carissa.

That’s right, it’s Princess Riméa and I’m glad that she’s alive as Princess Riméa is ordering the knights to stop her sister from doing more harm to her country.

Oh, and it’s not just the knights who are now listening to Princess Riméa’s orders. In fact, a certain high-ranking knight is joining Princess Riméa’s cause.

That’s right, it’s the Knight Leader as he became a turncoat in order to save Princess Carissa from becoming a monstrous head of state. I mean c’mon, who wants to be ruled by a tyrant?

Also joining the Knight Leader is Acqua of the Back as they joined forces to stop the tyrannical princess.

I love how they cast away their difference and work together just like old times.

And one last thing, Queen Elizard is here to punish Princess Carissa for her misbehavior and her attempts to kill her own family…

…but throwing her Curtana Second sword right at her own daughter. Obviously, Princess Carissa’s Curtana Original won’t be beaten by a replica but it’s just a distraction.

That’s because Queen Elizard brought the national flag of the United Kingdom: The Union Jack!

Oh, and she’s not gonna wave the flag just to be cool as Queen Elizard used the Union Jack’s hidden magic…

…which to rally the entire British people to her cause. At this point, it’s basically Princess Carissa versus the entire mob!

Of course, she doesn’t care how many people she can take at as long as Princess Carissa has the Curtana Original sword, she’s unstoppable.

Unfortunately for her, it’s time to end her tyranny as Acqua of the Back and Touma Kamijou worked together to defeat Princess Carissa once and for all.

Using Acqua’s sword as a giant makeshift cricket bat, he launched Touma towards the princess to deliver his signature move.

That’s right, his Imagine Breaker in which Touma not only shatters the Curtana Original sword after his failed first attempt, but delivered a devastating punch that’ll make Saitama proud. ONE PUNCH!!!

With that said, the coup d’etat is finally over, although Queen Elizard will be busy cleaning up Princess Carissa’s mess. But hey, she rallied the entire population thanks to the power of the Union Jack flag.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without Touma Kamijou’s help as Queen Elizard is searching for him. Um Your Majesty, shouldn’t be worry about your second daughter Princess Carissa?

Speaking of Princess Carissa, I’m surprised that she didn’t die after getting a Imagine Breaker from Touma Kamijou which sends her flying until she landed to some alleyway.

However, it appears that Princess Carissa won’t survive soon enough…

…as she’s greeted by Fiamma of the Right, where he’s here to get something during his short visit to the United Kingdom. But first, time for Fiamma to kill the princess off.

That’s until Touma Kamijou intervened in which he doesn’t want Princess Carissa getting killed off.

Even though she did bad things to her mother and her two sisters, the British royal family will be saddened if Princess Carissa died at the hands of Fiamma.

Then again, Fiamma of the Right won’t waste his time murdering the princess as he got what he need.

What he’s holding is a magical item that has all the grimoires. And do you know how he got it?

Well, Fiamma of the Right got the magical item from Index Librorum Prohibitorum’s body. Gotta say that Index is not her usual self after her grimoire was stolen by the most dangerous person from God’s Right Seat!

In any case, Fiamma of the Right will be leaving to Russia as he’ll use the grimoire to defeat an angel and possibly achieve godhood.

Still, Touma Kamijou won’t let Fiamma have his way as he’ll chase the leader of God’s Right Seat and take Index’s grimoires back from him. Anyways, we’re done in Great Britain as I’ll see you next time for the next story arc!

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