Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #02 – #04

Well look what we have here, seems that Kirito is transported to the Underworld after being attacked by a member of the Laughing Coffin.

Come to think of it, is he in the afterlife or he’s just playing a virtual game?

Regardless, Kirito still think that he’s inside the Underworld as he tries to contact Seijirou Kikuoka or any Rath personnel to log him out, but it’s no use.

In any case, he’s stuck inside the Underworld for the time being. Oh yes, Kirito is about to meet a familiar person…

This is Eugeo, who is now a young man but he’s still laments over Alice’s disappearance 6 years prior.

Wait, 6 years have passed? The last time Kirito saw Alice was back in the first episode. On the other hand, Eugeo doesn’t remember Kirito much even though they met in Episode 1.

In any case, looks like Kirito will have no choice but to live in the Underworld for the time being until he found a way to get back. C’mon, he doesn’t want to leave Asuna behind.

Of course, seems that Kirito’s perception of this world is so realistic that he can’t discern if it’s virtual or real-life, like eating a hard bread for example.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Eugeo is doing his Calling, which he’s chopping this demon tree down.

Also, did I mention that he’s doing it for over 7 years? Yeah, I’m surprised that Eugeo stick to his guns but I wish there’s a way to chop this tree until it falls.

Now then, Eugeo invited Kirito to his town because he doesn’t have a place to stay. Also, he’s being confronted by this jerkass who wants to pick on him for looking so scrawny.

Um excuse me mister, you’re dealing with a man who’ve seen it all, from surviving Aincrad to stopping an evil scientist from manipulating memories.

You know what, let’s show this guy who’s boss as Kirito grabs his short sword…

…and proceeds to cut this piece of log into two with all of his might. Um Kirito, you don’t need to have that face. You have to act cool towards that bully!

With a single swing of his sword, Kirito managed to cut this log into two. Gotta say that his experience in playing VRMMOs has carried over in the Underworld.

For the random bully, he was stunned to see it. But for Eugeo however, he was freakin’ impressed! And so, Kirito stayed at an orphanage where Eugeo lived throughout his life.

Of course, Kirito won’t be treated as a special guest as he’ll have to follow the rules within the orphanage, like waking up early to do the chores.

This is Selka Schuberg, Alice’s little sister who is a nun at the orphanage and also an aspiring practitioner of Sacred Arts, although Selka felt unhappy when being compared to her elder sister.

Now let’s go back to the forest where Eugeo will continue to chop down the demon tree. Also, he gave something for Kirito to check it out.

Anyways, this is the Blue Rose Sword where it is said that Bercouli wield it upon encountering a white dragon.

Also, Eugeo said that he picked the sword at the End Mountains together with Alice, but he regretted of stopping her from crossing the Dark Territory. In any case, the Blue Rose Sword reminds him of those regretful days.

But for Kirito however, it appears that he can use this sword to cut this demon tree down. And really, there’s no violation of the Taboo Index when using something other than an axe.

Anyways, Kirito swings the Blue Rose Sword to cut the demon tree down in one go.

Unfortunately, Kirito was knocked back simply because there’s another element in the Underworld called Object Control Authority where a player must have equal or higher authority when using items. Otherwise, Kirito couldn’t lift a sword at all, especially the Blue Rose Sword.

And by the way, he only dealt one durability point against the demon tree as it turns out that it has high durability of over a hundred thousand. No wonder Eugeo couldn’t finish chopping the tree down.

Afterwards, it’s time for Kirito to talk to Selka about Alice and her relationship with Eugeo. Selka told Kirito that Eugeo became distraught after Alice went to the End Mountains, crossed the Dark Territory, and was taken away by the Integrity Knights.

Also, Selka told Kirito that Alice studied Sacred Arts the whole time that she found it frustrating on being compared to her big sister. You know what, I think Selka Schuberg shouldn’t compare herself to her sister Alice as she has her own quirks.

The next day, Sister Azariya asked Kirito on Selka’s whereabouts as she didn’t come to her morning service.

Come to think of it, Selka Schuberg mentioned about the End Mountains. Wait, don’t tell me that she went there just like her sister Alice?

In any case, seems that Kirito’s hunch is correct as Selka went to the End Mountains by herself.

Now, he and Eugeo must get her back before Selka Schuberg crossed the Dark Territory. With only a flower that’s being illuminated using a simple Sacred Art, both of them went deeper to the End Mountains…

…until they reached this frigid place where they found the Blue Rose Sword. But this time, Kirito and Eugeo stumbled upon something dangerous.

Turns out, this place is littered with goblins where they’re just hanging out and sometimes searching for hidden treasure because this place was once guarded by a white dragon.

Also, both Kirito and Eugeo saw Selka as she’s tied up, ready to be sold as a sex slave or something depriving.

Man, ever since the premiere of Goblin Slayer, my perception of goblins have mostly changed because they’re really, really scary!

But now, it’s time for Kirito to take Selka back as he swiftly grabs two swords. One for himself…

…the other for Eugeo as it’s his first time wielding a sword in actual combat.

Oh and as for these goblin? They’re not afraid of Eugeo, but rather his illuminating flower in which they’re scared by it. Wait, could it be that the goblins have a weakness against light?

Anyways, it’s time for Kirito to rescue Selka Schuberg by defeating the head honcho of the goblins first.

If the entire horde realized that their boss is dead, they’ll sure run away and come back with a vengeance if they plan to!

Unfortunately for Kirito, it appears that fighting against a boss goblin would be proven difficult as left arm got slashed, which is extremely painful for Kirito to experience it…

…and then got kicked in the gut which sends him towards the rocks. Looks like Kirito is knocked out of battle, but the boss goblin won’t forgive him for slashing his arm.

Not on Eugeo’s watch as he went into the fray to save his friend, using his illuminating flower against the head honcho.

And as you can see, this goblin doesn’t like light. In fact, he’s blinded by it!

Not only that, it’s annoying so the boss goblins swings his sword towards Eugeo’s gut…

…which sends him flying towards the rocks. And really, it’s really painful to see Eugeo having a deep cut in his belly.

But as for Eugeo, it appears that he finally remembered Kirito, especially the time where they went to the End Mountains together with Alice.

Um dude, I don’t want you to die just yet ’cause you might not see Alice again if you remained dead in the mountains!

This sends Kirito into a frenzy as he goes all out and take the goblins’s head, using a hidden sword skill that he got in this crucial moment.

I’m surprised that the Underworld have sword skills much like Sword Art Online. Don’t tell me that Rath used SAO as a framework for this game?

But anyways, looks like this head honcho of the goblin horde will get his head cleanly chopped off by Kirito. Loved how A-1 Pictures goes all-out with this stunning visual!

In any case, the boss goblin is finally dead after Kirito cleanly cuts his head off! Gotta say that his skills didn’t get rusty after being trapped in the Underworld.

And as for the entire horde? They ran away as expected. If they’re planning to come back though, Kirito might have a field day taking care of those critters once he became a swordsman.

But for now, it’s time for Kirito to rescue Selka Schuberg and bring her to Eugeo as they try to save him from certain death.

And the only way to do that is to transfer their life energy to Eugeo using this risky Sacred Art.

As you can see, Eugeo’s wounds is starting to heal but it won’t be enough as both Kirito and Selka might die if their life energy ran out.

That’s until Kirito encountered what appears to be Alice’s soul as she’s waiting for him and Eugeo at the Central City.

In any case, it appears that Alice’s divine intervention has saved Eugeo’s life without siphoning Kirito or Selka’s life points to zero.

But then again, it appears that Eugeo didn’t hear nor saw Alice when his life is in danger. Well, it’s sucks that he didn’t get the chance to see Alice again.

With that said, Eugeo is okay as he continues his Calling by cutting this demon tree, although it’ll take a lifetime to chop it down and by the time Eugeo managed to cut it down, he might be too little too late.

On the other hand, seems that Kirito can finally wield the Blue Rose Sword as it’s become lighter to handle. Turns out that Kirito achieved a higher authority than the sword.

Now that he can hold the sword firmly without his hands weighing it down, it’s time for Kirito to put the Blue Rose Sword into good use…

…by cutting the demon tree down. And as you can see, Kirito dealt a hefty amount of damage towards the demon tree that it’s now possible to chop it down in a few days.

As for Eugeo, he was impressed by Kirito’s sword skill that he wants to learn from him in order to finish his Calling quickly and do other things like reuniting with Alice Schuberg.

And while Kirito will gladly teach him on how to use a sword effectively, it won’t be easy for Eugeo as he’ll learn Kirito’s own brand of swordsmanship.

Known as Aincrad-style of Swordsmanship, it takes a lot of dexterity to wield a one-handed sword effectively and strike multiple hits towards the enemy.

With that said, Eugeo trained day and night in order to master Kirito’s sword skills while cutting the demon tree as part of his Calling.

Eventually, Eugeo mastered the Aincrad-style of Swordsmanship as he swings the Blue Rose Sword towards the demon tree…

…until it cuts all the way. Well, looks like he doesn’t need to swing his trusty axe anymore as he finally finished his Calling.

And here’s the result after 7 years of chopping this demon tree away. You may thank Kirito for training Eugeo to swing a sword until he can cut the tree with minimal effort!

In any case, the whole town celebrated Eugeo’s accomplishments of chopping down the demon tree.

Of course, Eugeo wants to aim higher as his next Calling will be treading the path of a swordsman. Gotta say that Eugeo was inspired by Kirito to take up arms in order to see Alice again.

And speaking of Kirito, he told Selka to aim higher by developing her own skills. I have to say that Kirito sees Selka’s potential to do greater things like her sister.

And so, both Kirito and Eugeo decided to leave town and head towards the Central City in order to become swordsmen and eventually meet up with Alice. Don’t know if she remembers them.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time but you know what, I wanna know if Kirito is still alive or not.

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