Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Episode #03

This is Shirou Tanaka, a 1st year student at Shinyo Academy who is not only a member of the archery club…

…but also happens to be the boyfriend of Naoko Kamikishiro. Then again, Shirou is worried that he’ll not see Naoko-san again.

On the other hand, Tanaka encountered Boogiepop where this mysterious figure commented on how beautiful archery is.

Of course, Boogiepop won’t comment on what happened to Naoko Kamikishiro. Maybe Boogiepop doesn’t want to tell Shirou about Naoko’s fate as this mysterious entity wants him to figure it out by himself.

In any case, Shirou Tanaka asked Kei Niitoki for help on finding Kamikishiro. Even then, it’s not enough for them to find Naoko-san, so they asked Masami Saotome for help in which he told both Tanaka and Niitoki that Nagi Kirima knows where Kamikishiro is.

However, there’s one problem when asking Saotome for assistance. You see, Masami is in cahoots with the Manticore in which both Shirou and Kei will be in danger.

Speaking of danger, looks like all 3 students will be getting pounced by someone else in the dark!

Someone like… Nagi Kirima? Okay, it appears that Nagi pounced everyone and interrogate them if they’re the Manticore or not. Of course, Echoes pointed out that all 3 are not the Manticore.

Then again, I think Nagi should suspect Masami since he’s acting strange as if he’s hiding something.

And speaking of Masami Saotome, he’s very glad that he didn’t date Nagi Kirima because Masami doesn’t need to get scolded for doing something bad…

…like stabbing Echoes with a pen for example. Well, seems that Saotome has shown his true colors at this crucial moment and nobody suspect him until now.

Worst of all, Masami Saotome slashed Nagi Kirima’s throat in which Shirou Tanaka and Kei Niitoki were shocked that Masaki would do something like this.

Come to think of it, I think the girl who died on the first episode happened to be Nagi Kirima.

Anyways, Echoes took Nagi Kirima to the rooftop but unfortunately for him, Echoes couldn’t revive Nagi in time as she’s already dead.

And it gets worse from here as Echoes got kicked by none other than Manticore…

…which sends him flying towards the ground. Any normal person would die if they fall from the rooftop, but Echoes is an alien so he survived the fall… but not for long.

In any case, looks like it’s game over for Echoes as Manticore is about to kill him, take over Nagi Kirima’s body, and turn Kei Niitoki into a zombie so she can invite girls to become food for Manticore.

Yeah, this is getting worse and the only thing that Niitoki can do now is to pray that someone would save her and Echoes.

But for Echoes however, it appears that he’s pointing his hand towards the sky, saying that he’ll transform his body into information and transmit himself back to its source.

Basically, Echoes is going back to space as he’s done observing humans for a short time.

However, his method of going back to space is very dangerous, even fatal if you get caught of it.

With that said, Masami Saotome sensed danger and pushed Manticore aside…

…once Echoes fires its laser which goes back to his homeworld.

As for Masami though, he might not survive after getting caught in that beam of light. But hey, at lease Saotome saved Manticore from getting killed!

Of course, Manticore is now angry as she didn’t get to kill her original. Therefore she decides to kill everybody out of frustration!

Unfortunately for Manticore, it appears that her left arm got sliced off which saved Kei Niitoki from being strangled to death. Man, I wonder who sliced Manticore’s arm off?

Oh, it’s Boogiepop as this mysterious grim reaper appeared to show everyone that this person is not the one who’s hunting girls for blood.

Of course, Boogiepop won’t deliver the coup de grâce…

Someone will do it as Shirou Tanaka takes his bow and aims at Manticore’s head. Seems that he realized that Manticore is the one who killed Naoko Kamikishiro.

And so, Tanaka fires his arrow towards Manticore’s head, thus ending her reign of terror within Shinyo Academy.

For the girls in Shinyo Academy, they’ll no longer fear for their lives when going home at dusk. But for Shirou Tanaka however, he delivered some poetic justice over his girlfriend’s death as Tanaka found some closure.

Then again, what’s gonna happen to Nagi Kirima since we don’t want her corpse remained at the rooftop forever?

Oh, it appears that Nagi miraculously came back to life. It turns out that Echoes shared his lifeforce to Kirima as he saw her as a nice person compared to the scientists who experimented him and made a clone that is the Manticore.

But you know what, another reason why Echoes came to Earth is to enact judgement on whether humanity should be eradicated or let them live.

Fortunately, Nagi Kirima told Kei Niitoki that humanity is safe as Echoes determined that they should live because there are some people who are kind instead of being assholes like Masami Saotome. Glad that Echoes met some kind people such as Naoko Kamikishiro and Nagi Kirima.

One last thing, here’s Touka Miyashita as she’s going home together with Keiji Takeda. While many of them didn’t know about Boogiepop, only a few of them who has hints of its secret identity…

…including Kirima as she greets Miyashita by offering a handshake. I guess this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between these two!

But that’s about it for this episode and damn, I finally understand what’s going on after the first 2 episodes. Now, let’s hope that Madhouse will surprise us next time as we move onto the next story arc!

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