Girly Air Force Episode #02

Here’s Song Minghua as she’s reunited with Kei Narutani after an hour of interrogation. Good thing Minghua is okay ’cause it’ll be bad if the JASDF would torture her.

On the other hand, here’s Haruka Yashiodori as the director apologized for mistreating them. Well, at least they’re safe!

By the way, this will be the last time where Song Minghua will be seen as she’ll move to Kanazawa and live peacefully there. But as for Kei Narutani, he’ll be joining the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force…

…where he’ll take care of Gripen as she wants to know the outside world so she can fly longer. Despite being a weapon of destruction, Gripen wants to know what it feels to be like a human being.

With that said, Kei treats Gripen by serving her a cup of barley tea. On the other hand, Gripen is fixated on something atop the cabinet.

As you can see, Gripen saw a photo of a young Kei Narutani and his mother who happened to be a stunt pilot.

Anyways, Kei told Gripen that he learned to fly an airplane from his mother by taking over the controls briefly.

Now, it’s not advisable to fly an airplane if you don’t know what you’re doing, but Narutani has some fond memories of it. And speaking of Gripen, she wants to learn from Kei’s mother so that she can fly flawlessly.

Sadly, Gripen won’t see Kei’s mother as she was killed by the Xi during an air show in China. Because of this, Kei Narutani has a bitter grudge towards the Xi for taking his mother away.

While it’s unfortunate that Gripen won’t see Kei’s mother, I think the reason why she can’t fly is because Gripen has some doubts about herself or she wants someone to lean on.

Anyways, it appears that Kei Narutani goes on a short date with Gripen as they traveled to various places such as malls and restaurants.

And afterwards, they went to the beach where Kei offered a yogurt drink to Gripen.

For Gripen, it’s her first time drinking some yogurt as she heard that it can develop breast growth. Um, would it be better if she drink full-cream milk plus massaging her own tits?

But after drinking some yogurt, Gripen passed out. Wait, is she has lactose intolerance? Then again, I doubt that Gripen has one.

Also, seems that Gripen is being carried away by scientists from the Komatsu Base.

Although Kei could let her sleep at his place, Gripen is a property of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force and therefore they’re responsible for doing maintenance towards her.

And here’s Director Yashiodori as he was surprised that Gripen can stay awake for more than 3 hours, which is a typical duration for most Anima according to the director. Also, Director Yashiodori explained to Narutani that Gripen is destined to be scrapped if she can’t show some good results because even though she’s the one who took out the Xi in the East China Sea, Gripen’s instability is detrimental when it comes to defeating the Xi.

In any case, Haruka Yashiodori told Kei Narutani that he has one week to fix Gripen’s instability issues because if she failed the test flight, Gripen will be scrapped and the JASDF can’t afford to maintain a defective Anima. Oh, and did I mention that it’s expensive to develop both the daughter and Anima. Yeah, they can’t break the bank when fighting against the Xi.

With that said, I’ll see you next time as Kei Narutani will have to figure it out on how to make Gripen fly instead of crashing it down.

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