Domestic Girlfriend Episode #02

Oh, looks like Rui Tachibana didn’t accuse Natsuo Fujii of raping her elder sister Hina while she’s drunk and sleepy.

Also, Rui is dragging Hina-nee to her room, which is completely normal for her since Hina couldn’t get up after a night of drinking booze. Anyways, seems that the night has ended without any incident.

On the other hand, looks like Rui transferred to the nearby high school where Natsuo attended, which is a surprise for him since they’re now half-sibling. Of course, Natsuo couldn’t tell his classmates about it because it’ll be very awkward.

Also, turns out that Rui is not very sociable towards other classmates during her first day. However, Natsuo helped her gained some friends because it’ll be bad if she became isolated with the rest.

Now then, it’s time to move onto the next scene where Rui invited him to get inside the bathroom.

And really, it’s pretty much normal, especially after Natsuo had sex with Rui so it’s not like he’s embarrassed on looking at Rui’s naked body.

Anyways, Rui asked Natsuo on why he wants to kiss Hina last night. Then again, he didn’t answer her question because Natsuo can’t tell Rui about his true feelings towards Hina-nee.

However, Rui gave him a hint in regards to her sister Hina as it has to do with her boyfriend.

Speaking of Hina Tachibana, she’s doing fine as she drink her problems away with some whiskey, albeit moderately because Hina doesn’t want to get wasted at the couch.

However, seems that she got an urgent call from Shuu Hagiwara and it appears that she’s not happy about.

And so, Hina-nee is going outside in front of the door to pick up a call from her boyfriend.

Oh, and Hina told Natsuo that there’s nothing to worry about, although Natsuo is still worried towards Hina-nee.

Few minutes have passed and it seems that Natsuo Fujii went outside to check on Hina Tachibana.

And unfortunately for Natsuo, he saw a distraught Hina-nee as she’s very upset towards her boyfriend Shuu Hagiwara.

Seems that she wants to break-up with him, but Shuu persisted and therefore Hina lashed out towards her boyfriend on the phone.

Fortunately, Natsuo is here to comfort Hina-nee and even though he didn’t say that he loves Hina, Natsuo shows that he really cares for elder sister even though his love will not be reciprocated.

Oh and here’s Rui as she looks at both Hina-nee and Natsuo at a distance. It appears that she somewhat knows about Natsuo’s true feelings towards Hina-nee, although Rui felt jealous that the person she had sex with is in love with her elder sister.

But that’s about it for this episode of Domestic Girlfriend and it’s gonna be complicated from here on out as the 3 main characters will have a difficult life as step-siblings and they can’t afford to destroy their parents’ happiness if someone crosses the line. Well then, I’ll see you next time!

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