Winter 2018: The rest of the field…

This episode is brought you by Hand Shakers as I present you with Episode 0. This is how the story began where Hand Shakers fight and lose their place of settling the score against a mysterious god. Not only it shows how the Akutagawa twins are no match against rival Hand Shakers, but also shows how Tazuna Takatsuki became Koyori’s partner as it turns out that the organs from his dead sister Musubu were transplanted into Koyori Akutagawa’s body.

Sadly, we’re not gonna have another season because of how terrible Hand Shakers is despite its stunning visual. We’re never gonna see the battle between Team Gear and the god of Ziggurat… or is it?

01. W’z

That’s because in 2019, two years since Hand Shakers was released, GoHands created a sequel that takes place 10 years after Hand Shakers. This is W’z and I must say that GoHands are still at it when it comes to stunning visuals. However, my concern is the story and how it improves over the disaster that is Hand Shakers.

Anyways, here’s Yukiya Araki who is an aspiring DJ, but tries to stay away from going into Ziggurat as Yukiya hates fighting. Of course, going to the Ziggurat to play music is a bad idea, even worse is that Yukiya brought Haruka into another world in which she’s vulnerable against rival Hand Shakers. With that said, I hope that W’z would answer some unanswered questions from Hand Shakers, especially what happened to Tazuna Takatsuki and Koyori Akutagawa after encountering the god of Ziggurat.

02. Mob Psycho 100

Moving onto another series that has a sequel as Mob Psycho 100 is back. While Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama and his master Arataka Reigen have returned to deal with supernatural beings and hostile espers, it appears that Season 2 will have some changes as Mob has a girlfriend named Emi. Then again, I feel that she’ll not appear in the next episode afterwards.

But anyways, it’s nice that BONES have returned for the second season and man, it’s amazing that they’re still at it with their stunning animation. Of course, I’m curious to see how the story will continue from there as Mob and Reigen will have to deal with the Claw organization other than ghosts.

03. Egao no Daika

Let’s move onto a new series that I’ve picked up in Winter 2018. This is Egao no Daika, Tatsunoko Production’s mecha anime series which is part of the studio’s 55th anniversary celebration and the story goes when two nations fought for resources or chrars as they called. On the Kingdom of Soleil, you have Princess Yuki Soleil who’s leading the kingdom in prosperity and happiness amidst the growing threat of the Grandiga Empire. And speaking of Grandiga, they’ll have a story to tell in future episodes.

I must say that Tatsunoko Production sure wants to make their anime special as they want to convey stories from both sides and why they’re fighting just for resources alone. Apart from that, I love the mecha battles, especially the first mock battle despite being animated in CGI but still, I wanna see more from both Soleil and Grandiga as I feel that waging war is not the solution. And really, I think Princess Yuki might bring the war to an end unless she found someone who has the same mindset as her.

04. Hinomaru Zumou

And finally, let’s end this post with Hinomaru Zumou as the second half begins with Hinomaru Ushio getting a special training from one of the former yokozuna named Shunkai. As you can see, Shunkai’s training has paid off as Hinomaru managed to topple one large sumo wrestler named Tenma Hikage, who happened to be a competitor for the upcoming national high school sumo tournament.

While Hinomaru can overcome obstacles, especially dealing with larger foes, he needs to become stronger if Ushio has a chance to become a professional sumo wrestler by winning the tournament outright. Oh and it’s not just him, but Hinomaru’s teammates as tougher foes are waiting for them, so I can’t wait for them to make preparates as the nationals will begin soon.

And that’s about it for the rest of the anime series aired in Winter 2018. I’ll see you next month for the halfway point!

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