Domestic Girlfriend Episode #05

On this episode, Rui Tachibana will meet someone who wants to be her friend, apart from Natsuo Fujii of course.

This is Momo Kashiwabara, just a normal high school student who has a penchant for making stuffed key chains and other fashionable accesories.

And you know what, they became fast friends as Rui is hanging out with Momo both during and after school. Glad that she made another friend.

Of course, Momo Kashiwabara got love-struck on Natsuo Fujii at first sight. Hmm, could it be that the reason why Momo wants to befriend Rui so she can get closer to Natsuo?

By the way, it turns out that there’s more to Kashiwabara than meets the eye…

You see, Natsuo’s male friends told him that Momo is very infamous when it comes to dating various guys and have sex with them. Hell, even one of his friends told Fujii that he had sex with Kashiwabara at one point.

Basically, Momo Kashiwabara is one notorious slut and everyone doesn’t want to hang out with her.

But regardless of what they said, Natsuo went in anyway as he got invited by Momo at her apartment… to have some casual sex of course. C’mon, he had sex with Rui Tachibana once so he’s okay with it.

Heck, even Momo is ready to get it on but then again, it appears that there’s some slight cuts on her left wrist.

Even Natsuo noticed it too as stays away for a bit. I have a feeling that Kashiwabara’s notorious six-way dating with men got her into trouble where some asshole decided to become abusive towards Momo.

While Momo is okay having sex with Natsuo since it’s a casual thing to do, he has to think twice when jamming it in.

And after carefully think it through, Natsuo decides not to do it simply because Momo is a fragile girl.

Despite claiming that she’s okay having sex with Natsuo Fujii, Momo Kashiwabara has some insecurities that she has some suicidal thoughts. Even her parents couldn’t help Momo as they fought each other most of the time.

In any case, Momo had a rough life but Natsuo has something for her that’s better than sex…

So, he decides to make some yakiudon for Kashiwabara as Fujii is good at cooking up meals. I’m impressed that Natsuo knows how to cook.

But as for the taste? Looks like Momo loves eating Natsuo’s yakiudon that she wants to marry him. Then again, Natsuo has to pass her offer simply because he has someone who’s in love with. Sorry Kashiwabara…

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Domestic Girlfriend. While it’s unfortunate that Momo can’t make Natsuo as her boyfriend, let’s just say that they should remain on good terms. Then again, I wonder if she remained friends with Rui Tachibana though? I guess I’ll find that out next time!

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  1. pxahxj says:

    My fiance just finished this one and he enjoyed it, I think lol! It definitely sounds interesting!

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