Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #07 – #10

Today, I’m gonna tackle Kirito and Eugeo’s first few days at Imperial Swordcraft Academy. This will cover Episodes 7 to 10 and yes, I’m lagging behind in this 3rd season due to real-life commitments.

But anyways, Kirito and Eugeo were enrolled at Imperial Swordcraft Academy at Northern Centoria after making a good impression when they participated at a local sword-fighting tournament.

Now, they have become apprentices to senior swordsmen who are about to graduate at the academy.

Anyways, this is Sortiliena Serlut who is Kirito’s mentor that utilizes a whip in addition to her sword. Liena calls it Serlut-style as she cannot use the High-Norkian style due to her ancenstor defying the emperor.

However, Sortiliena Serlut was impressed about Kirito’s Aincrad-style of Swordsmanship as she wants to see more of it before graduating. It had the potential to be one the best sword styles in the Underworld.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Eugeo has a mentor named Golgorosso Balto. Then again, we’re talking about Kirito here as he’s the main character, but we’ll get back to Eugeo later on.

Now then, Kirito has a new black-colored sword named Night Sky Sword, which is somewhat similar to his old Elucidator. And as you can see, he’s testing it out during his rest day, which the Imperial Swordcraft Academy forbid students to train their skills.

Unfortunately, Kirito couldn’t master his new Night Sky Sword due to not having the higher authority to wield it. So much that he tumbled to the ground and accidentally throw mud at someone else.

Someone like the First Seat Volo Levantein who doesn’t like having his uniform tainted by a careless student practicing his sword on his rest day. Yeah, looks like Kirito is in trouble!

And thus, he was challenged by Volo Levantein to a duel, using real swords instead of fake ones because it’s exciting for the crowd to see it.

Of course, that puts Kirito into danger because not only he get caught in a freaking accident, but Volo might steal his Aincrad-style as the Levantein has the tradition of becoming stronger by inheriting the swordsmanship of his opponents.

Ultimately, Kirito defied Volo Levantein’s immerse strength and skills as he overwhelmed the first seat…

…by just cutting his uniform. Sure that Volo didn’t get hurt, but a slight cut to his uniform is significant.

But just as Volo and Kirito are about to exchange blows again, Ms. Azurica stepped in to halt the fight as they violated the rules of practicing swordsmanship during their rest day. Then again, both swordsman will get a light punishment over this impromptu duel.

However, Sortiliena Serlut felt a sigh of relief as she not only saw her apprentice surviving Volo’s relentless attacks, but Sortiliena saw the full extent of his Aincrad-style of Swordsmanship. Still, it’s not over because he’ll encounter some troublesome people…

Especially nobles like Raios Antonious and Humbert Zizek who sees Kirito with comptempt due to being a commoner and an outsider of the Underworld.

Oh yeah, and Lord Raios gave a present to Kirito by putting something in his pocket. Oh boy, what is he planning to do towards Kirito?

Wait, did Lord Raios gave Kirito a broken bud of a rare zephilia flower that he raised as a graduation gift to Sortiliena? Don’t tell me that he and Humbert wrecked his flowers!?

Oh shoot, looks like both nobles did wreck Kirito’s flowers that it’s so rare, it’s hard to find one and raise it well. Those assholes are gonna pay for this!

But, it appears that various flowers are lending its life force to revive the zephilia flower. Well, looks like there might be a miracle on the eve of graduation!

With that said, the flowers transferred its life to the zephilia flower until it blooms back to health. Kirito is relieved that someone revived this rare flower thanks to his prayers.

And now, it’s time for the graduation rites starting with a mini tournament to determine who will earned the top student from the graduating class.

As you can see, it appears that Sortiliena Serlut came on top, defeating Volo Levantein to claim the First Seat. It’s all thanks to Kirito’s determination that Sortiliena managed to land a decisive blow.

Afterwards, it’s time to say farewell to their seniors with Eugeo gaving Golgorosso Balto a bottle of fine wine, while Kirito has something special to give towards his mentor…

This is a bouquet of the rare zephilia flower that he raised until the day Kirito can gave it to Sortiliena Serlut. All I can say that she was thrilled by Kirito’s parting gift.

Still, both Sortiliena and Golgorosso will return someday. For now, it’s time for Kirito and Eugeo to move up a year as elite disciples…

…where they have their own apprentices or pages, starting with Eugeo’s page Tiese Schtrinen who is sixth-ranked noble.

Even though she’s an aristocrat, Tiese and her family don’t have authority compared to those who are higher than her. Basically, I can compare this to a middle-class family, but I feel bad that Tiese is being treated like some commoner despite being a noble herself.

Also, I would like to introduce you to Kirito’s page, Ronye Arabel.

She’s also a sixth-ranked noble and much like Tiese Schtrinen, Ronye is being treated poorly by high ranking nobles, even as far as being sexually-harassed by the likes of Raios Antonious and Humbert Zizek.

Oh yeah, and speaking of sexual harassment, one of their classmates named Frenica Cesky is being harassed by high ranking nobles, specifically Humbert Zizek who vents his frustration on Frenica whenever he’s in a bad mood.

But let’s go back to Tiese Schtrinen as she’s scared that any high ranking noble might do terrible things towards her. I hope that she and Ronye will be safe from harm.

By the way, here’s Frenica Cesky who is having some problems in regards to Humbert Zizek and his outrageous orders that she found it uncomfortable.

Also, Frenica told Eugeo that both Tiese Schtrinen and Ronye Arabel went missing, which I have a feeling that something bad will happen to them.

So, remember both Raios Antonious and Humbert Zizek? Sure that they’re scumbag nobles because they have the authority to do whatever they want, but the thing is that both Raios and Humbert will do something despicable that I’m hesistant to watch Episode 10 until now.

You see, they captured and tied both Tiese and Ronye up, accussing them of slander against a high ranking noble like Raios and Humbert. And what will these high-ranking nobles do to punish those who make bad remarks at them?

Why simple, they’ll just rape those girls because Lord Raios and Humbert has the authority to do it. Dammit, I spoke too soon!

You know what, this Taboo Index thing is weird because even though they forbid anyone commiting murder and crossing the Dark Territory, it appears that the Axiom Church forgot to put laws forbidding sexual harrassment and rape. Not only that but the lawmakers couldn’t defy the nobles since they might have higher authority than the Axiom Church.

In any case, this is very offputting to see this scene and it reminds me of Season 1 Episode 24 where Nobuyuki Sugou (as Oberon) attempts to rape Asuna before Kirito kills that bastard in Alfheim Online, which then proceeds to outpower Sugou at the parking lot and the police arrests him for committing heinous experiments. Yeah, I have bad memories of that episode, but this one takes the cake of how notorious this scene is!

But what you’re seeing here is slightly uncensored as it was aired in Japan compared to official streaming sites like Crunchyroll where they censored this scene, althought the Blu-ray version will fix that up.

Still, Eugeo finds it disgusting as he tries to save both Tiese and Ronye, but the problem is that he can’t defy the Taboo Index as he was frozen like some unknown force is preventing him from commiting heroic deeds. Remember the time where Eugeo was frozen as he was forced to watch Alice get taken away by the Integrity Knights? Yeah, it was a bad experience!

However, thanks to Kirito’s encouragement to find the true path as a heroic swordsman, Eugeo defies the unknown force that weighs him down as he proceeds to kill nobles. Oh, and by the way, Eugeo lost his right eye due to his defiance against the Taboo Index.

As you can see, Eugeo cut Humbert’s right arm cleanly which he screams in pain. For Lord Raios, this is the last straw!

And so, Lord Raios decides to kill Eugeo and call it as an act of self-defense, even though Raios Antonious and Humbert Zizek are in the wrong.

Fortunately, Kirito arrived in the nick of time to save Eugeo, but he’s in a bind right now because Lord Raios is eminating his dark aura, which it transferred into his sword and overpower Kirito.

But, Kirito will prove to Lord Raios that he has lots of experience fighting against tougher opponents as Kirito cuts both of his arms…

…which leaves the lord agonizing in extreme pain. No sacred arts will save his life because for one, Humbert wants to save himself as he can’t transfer his life energy to Lord Raios given that he lost his right arm.

But speaking of Lord Raios, something strange is happening to him as Raios Antonious is glitching out. Could it be that there’s an anomaly when it comes to the Alicization project?

Unfortunately, Raios Antonious died from blood loss which means that Kirito didn’t have the chance to find out the anomaly that exists within the Underworld.

On the other hand, here’s Humbert Zizek where he calls Kirito a monstrous murderer. Um Humbert, you’re a monster too where you not only sexually-harrased Frenica Cesky, but attempted to rape Kirito’s page Ronye Arabel.

In the end, Humbert Zizek ran away like a bitch but you know what, I think Eugeo should have cut both of his arms so that Humbert can experience the same pain as Lord Raios. We might see him again, but I doubt that!

With that said, both Tiese Schtrinen and Ronye Arabel are rescued, although Tiese told Eugeo that it’s her fault to defy a high ranking noble.

What are you talking about, Tiese Schtrinen? You did nothing wrong because you called them out for harrassing a female student. Both Lord Raios and Humbert should be punished for that!

Then again, I doubt that the Axiom Church will punish the nobles because both Kirito and Eugeo commited the biggest sin, which is commiting murder. I’m sure that they’ll get captured by the Integrity Knights soon enough.

However, Azurica told them that they’re being summoned by the Axiom Church instead as she heals Eugeo’s right eye. Well, at least they’re not gonna get apprehended by the Integrity Knights and get executed by their crimes.

In any case, I’ll leave this post right here as both Kirito and Eugeo will meet a certain Integrity Knight wearing blue and gold. And really, she’s very familiar to them as both boys remember her two years ago.

But hey, that was a tremendous story that happened in Episodes 7 to 10. Sure that both Kirito and Eugeo became exemplary students at Imperial Swordcraft Academy, but Episode 10 proved to be the turning point where Seijirou Kikuoka’s theory of having a Fluctlight that can commit crimes like murder did happen, only for Kirito and Eugeo to punish Lord Raios for his attempted rape in death. While Humbert got away with only a missing right arm, it seems that there will be others like him who are rotten from the core.

Still, what Kirito and Eugeo got was reuniting with Alice Schuberg but it seems that she might not remember them after being taken away by the Integrity Knights. With that said, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that I can catch this series up before the 1st half of Season 3 will be over.

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  1. ValentinoxSenpai says:

    That was an odd 3 episode span if I’m being honest. They cover about 2 years and really missed out on chances to develop some characters and explain how the world and Taboo Index work. Just taking a few extra episodes would’ve made some scenes (like the attempted rape scene) make a little more sense instead of having things come out of left field.

    • benigmatica says:

      Here’s the thing about the 2 year time skip as the Underworld moves time faster than in the real world. So when Kirito returns to the Underworld in Episode 2 after being attacked by a Laughing Coffin member in the previous episode, 2 years have already passed that point.

      • ValentinoxSenpai says:

        I get that but even in the Underworld it would seem like a longer period of time to Kirito. I feel like they could’ve better utilized the time spent at the academy to develop the world and characters a bit more, especially Eugeo. They never really told us why someone of Eugeo’s lack of experience and training managed to be the page of one of the elite upperclassman.

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