Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #11 – #13

This is Asuna Yuuki, or just Asuna as she’s still waiting for Kirito’s revival. However, I feel that’ll be a long way for him to return to the real world.

Unless the people at Rath managed to create a working Soul Translator, Asuna and her friends are out of luck to rescue Kirito from the Underworld.

In any case, time to begin Episodes 11 to 13 as Asuna encountered something unusual as she went up the stairs.

You see, Asuna saw a robot that walked past her. Okay, what’s going on here as this project is supposed to be creating a highly-adaptive artificial intelligence for the military?

Well, here’s Takeru Higa as he explained to Asuna that was she was a robot named Ichiemon, made from transplanting a Fluctlight into a machine.

Of course, Ichiemon is a testbed for future application from Project Alicization as Rinko Koujiro explained that this robot needs better hardware in order to replicate human-like reflexes.

You know, I think Prof. Tetsuhiro Shigemura should help the team on creating human-like robots instead of hiding somewhere inside Ocean Turtle. I mean, Prof. Shigemura has some expertise when it comes to robotics.

On the other hand, I have a bad feeling that even though Ocean Turtle is supposed to have maximum security, some suspicious people have managed to get past a myriad of guards and other military personnel.

See that guy who just went past Asuna and smirk? Ugh, I’m scared that he and his cohorts are here to either steal the technology or kill Kazuto Kirigaya. Seijirou Kikuoka, I think you should beef up security inside Ocean Turtle as there’s a possibility that Laughing Coffin have infiltrated the facility.

Now let’s go back to the Underworld where Kirito and Eugeo reunited with Alice Schuberg or should I say Alice Synthesis Thirty as she doesn’t remember any of her childhood friends.

For Eugeo, he can’t believe that Alice forgot about him after years of yearning to see her again. C’mon, he became a swordsman just to bring Alice back to him, but I think it won’t be possible for now.

Anyways, Alice won’t just take them to the Cathedral Tower and put them behind bars as she let their respective pages to see them.

But here’s both Tiese Schtrinen and Ronye Arabel as they wanna see their masters for one last time. Well, that’ll be temporary later on…

Speaking of Tiese, she blamed herself for causing trouble during the previous episode, that her master Eugeo got captured and will be executed by an Integrity Knight.

You know what, neither you nor Eugeo did nothing wrong as they did the right thing to condemn both nobles who are stepping out of line. In any case, both Kirito and Eugeo are taken to the Cathedral Tower and lock them out there.

Of course, they’re not gonna stay behind bars for much longer as both swordsmen used their wits and strength to yank this chain until they’re broke free.

See, both Kirito and Eugeo are no longer tied to a chain. But with their swords now stored in the tower, they don’t have anything to defend themselves other than flailing their chains towards the Integrity Knights.

Now that they got out from the prison, it’s time for these boys to get out of here. Um guys, what about your swords, are you gonna get it back from the armory?

Unfortunately, both Kirito and Eugeo’s escape route got cut short when they encountered one of the Integrity Knights, Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One.

He’s one of the newest recruits from the Axiom Church where Eldrie was summoned by the pontifex known as the Administrator, and he’s interested on seeing both swordsmen after Alice Synthesis Thirty got her eyes on them. Then again, Eldrie will have to apprehend them first!

Even if it means tying them up again using his whip. Well, looks like Kirito and Eugeo will have their first taste of battle against an Integrity Knight.

Then again, Kirito and Eugeo have many ways to defeat Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One. Unfortunately, both swordsmen are not prepared at Eldrie’s hidden technique…

…or rather his whip’s hidden feature in which it transformed into a snake. What Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One called it as a Perfect Weapon Control Art, specifically his secret skill called Memory Release.

And here’s Eugeo as he being lift up by Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One’s shape-shifting whip. All I can say that both he and Kirito didn’t stand a chance.

And so, Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One asked both of them to surrender or he’ll cut their heads right here. Man, this is a sticky situation for Kirito and Eugeo.

But before Eldrie punish them for escaping the tower, it appears that Eugeo finally remembered who Eldrie is as he’s known to be the winner of the Four-Empire Unification Tournament.

Oh, and Eldrie has a full name instead of being given by the pontifex as Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One. He is known as Eldrie Woolsburg as Eugeo told him about his true identity.

And once Eugeo told his real name, Eldrie is acting strange that a purple-colored pylon is emerging from his head. Hmm, could it be that this pylon is controlling Eldrie?

But just as they’re about to examine it and eventually regained Eldrie’s memory, someone shot Kirito’s foot. At least it’s not in the knee or Kirito’s adventure will be over.

Anyways, another Integrity Knight showed up where he’s here to rescue Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One from falling into sin by the likes of Kirito and Eugeo, as well as punishing the escapees by shooting them in the heart.

Well, seems that both swordsmen will have to get out of this place and hide. Then again, the supporters from the Axiom Church will rat them out from their hiding place.

That’s until someone offered them a place to hide from the Integrity Knights. It’s better than getting arrested and executed for crimes they didn’t commit.

And so, both Kirito and Eugeo went into the door, although the black swordsman fell face first into the floor compared to Eugeo.

But hey, at least they’re safe but more importantly, who is the person that gave them a hiding place?

Well, this girl named Cardinal as she’s fully aware on what’s happening in Centoria, especially the Axiom Church’s recent activities. Good thing that she’s not the enemy because the Cardinal considers the pontifex as her sworn enemy.

Also, seems that she’s aware of Kirito’s existence, especially when Cardinal knows that he came from the real world. However, she can’t contact the Rath employees or even Kikuoka to log Kirito out because the pontifex holds complete control of the Underworld’s system. Basically, the only thing that Kirito needs to do is to find the pontifex, but the Cardinal told him that it’s not gonna be easy to change the system just by confronting the pontifex because he’ll have to deal with the Integrity Knights that’s guarding the church.

For now, it’s time for Kirito and Eugeo to recover from their wounds. Oh and while they’re recuperating, it’s time for Cardinal to tell a story of how the Underworld was formed.

So, remember what Takeru Higa said that Project Alicization started with 4 Fluctlights that were created using the souls of Rath employees? Well, there’s one Fluctlight whose motive is different from the other 3.

You see, this particular Fluctlight (or god as the people from the the Underworld called him as such) is very malicious that he teached the children selfish desires. Hmm, could this Fluctlight be Nobuyuki Sugou? Hah, no way!

Because of this, this god created arrogant people such as high-ranking nobles and ministries from the Axiom Church. Of course, this is just the beginning after the original 4 Fluctlights logged out.

Anyways, this is Quinella who is born from the union of two influential families. His father gave her a Calling to conduct research about sacred arts, but she wants more than learning various arts.

Thanks to her sacred art research, Quinella gained followers as she performed various miracles.

Eventually, Quinella formed the Axiom Church and created the Taboo Index so that her subjects will follow those rules without question, even thought it was created to keep them in line.

However, it appears that Quinella realized that her life is reaching its end. She doesn’t want to die from old age when Quinella wants to control her people for all eternity.

But alas, the time for her passing is upon her and unless she do something such as finding a successor, the Axiom Church will crumble without a leader guiding them.

It wasn’t until she found something that will change her life forever. Whether it was sheer luck or interferance from outside sources, Quinella found the entire command list of the Underworld and exploit it to her own benefit.

Eventually, Quinella reversed her age and made herself immortal, becoming the eternal pontifex of the Axiom Church known as the Administrator. However, she’s not satisfied on becoming immortal as the Administrator wanted more power to herself.

Thus, she attempts to control the Cardinal System where Quinella will take authority over it. But in the end, her Fluctlight was fused into the system which Quinella’s soul is now tied to it.

Soon, the Administrator can do whatever she want towards her subjects, ranging from creating heinous experiments to modifying someone’s memories, something that Nobuyuki Sugou failed the latter during the Fairy Dance arc. Of course, the difference is that while Sugou is modifying memories out of malice and potential profit, especially towards Asuna, the Administrator has limited memory capacity and therfore offloaded her memory onto her subjects.

With that said, Quinella formed the Integrity Knights by capturing them after violating the Taboo Index. This includes Alice Schuberg who became Alice Synthesis Thirty after receiving the piety module. However, the only mistake that the Administrator made is when she put a piety module onto a little girl, which contains the sub program portion of the Cardinal System. Whereas Quinella has the main program that handles balance control, the sub program that the girl has contains error-checking commands.

Thus, the girl is now reborn as Cardinal where she’s going to stop the Administrator and her heinous crimes towards her fellow Fluctlights, even if it means killing her right here.

However, Quinella anticipates Cardinal’s attacks as she deflected it. I guess her surprise attack is not effective against the Administrator.

Therefore, Cardinal went to the Great Library and hid there for 200 years. During that period, the Administrator grew her influence towards her subjects and created a peaceful civilization through deception and the desire to control everyone.

At this point, the Cardinal couldn’t beat the Administrator alone as Quinella has her Integrity Knights to defend the pontifex. Of course, the only solution that she has is the monsters from the Dark Territory where Cardinal wants them to invade Centoria and kill everybody until there’s nothing left. Then again, this is not the solution that she wanted, therefore Cardinal asked Kirito and Eugeo for help to stop Quinella once and for all.

For now, Cardinal wanted something from Kirito… and that’s a warm hug. For a long time, she has no companion as Cardinal lived in solitude. But now, she’s delighted that two boys are here to not only keep her company, but to help her cause.

Afterwards, Cardinal gave some important items to not only rescue Alice and other Integrity Knights from Quinella’s control, but also stop the Administrator and her malicious reign over Centoria.

First of all is this special dagger where whoever is stabbed to it will be linked to the Cardinal. Originally, this dagger is created to subdue the Administrator, but the Cardinal told them that it can be used against the Integrity Knights, including Alice.

And lastly is the scroll that contains instructions of how to use Perfect Weapon Control Art, which the Integrity Knights utilized it from their weapons that has Divine Object properties much like how Eldrie changed his whip into a snake.

Of course, they can’t use Perfect Weapon Control Art at all unless Kirito and Eugeo got their weapons back from the armory. Good thing Ronye and Tiese brought their swords to the Cathedral Tower so that their respective masters can get it back.

And so, I end this post where Kirito and Eugeo leaves the Grand Library and went back to the tower to save Alice from Quinella’s clutches. However, they’ll have to face countless Integrity Knights inside the Cathedral Tower because the Administrator is wary that Kirito and Eugeo might break the system.

Anyways, I’ve finally finished the first half (or the 1st quarter) of the Alicization arc. Tune in next time where I’ll cover Kirito and Eugeo storming the tower and defeat the Administrator.

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