Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #14 – #16

Well everyone, I think it’s time for these two boys to storm the tower and defeat the pontifex of the Axiom Church. But first, Kirito and Eugeo will have to claim their swords back from the armory, which it kept most of the Integrity Knights’ equipment and weapons.

Unfortunately, the thing is that Quinella won’t let her Integrity Knights use those weapons and equipment to defend Centoria from an impending invasion by monsters from the Dark Territory. Or if she’s a tyrant, expand her territory through conquest but I doubt that!

Oh yeah, and both swordsmen need a new set of clothes too because they were tattered after a brief fight against Eldrie Synthesis Thirty.

But anyways, they’re ready to attack an army of Integrity Knights and rescue Alice inside the Cathedral Tower. Unless they’re caught in a trap, they’ll zap into the bottom floor!

But first, they need to defeat this crimson-colored Integrity Knight as he’s back to shoot arrows towards Kirito and Eugeo. He failed to dispose them before, but now this Integrity Knight won’t fail to miss his target.

And as you can see, both Kirito and Eugeo are having a hard time dodging those arrows. You know, I fear that the Integrity Knight might shoot their knee…

…especially when he lights up his arrow for greater effect. Man, this is getting worse for both swordsmen!

However, Kirito has something to counter this flaming arrow as he uses his sacred art…

…which creates ice to block this fire attack. Um Kirito, I think it would be better if you cast water element instead of ice.

Of course, ice is not enough to block this attack, so Kirito uses his sword skill Spinning Shield to stop this flaming arrow from reaching his heart.

Then again, he doesn’t have an opportunity to defeat this Integrity Knight.

Well, there’s Eugeo however as he got an opening to strike this Integrity Knight with his Blue Rose Sword…

…which freezes its armor until this crimson-colored Integrity Knight cannot move. Unless he surrounds himself in fire or has a backup weapon, this knight is done for!

And thus, Eugeo finally defeats this Integrity Knight with a single slash. But then again, here’s a thing that will shock Eugeo as this Integrity Knight happened to be the one who captured Alice Schuberg 6 years ago.

Anyways, this Integrity Knight named Deusolbert Synthesis Seven doesn’t remember the time he took Alice to the church after she crossed the Dark Territory. Heck, Deusolbert doesn’t know after Alice was converted into an Integrity Knight.

In any case, Deusolbert Synthesis Seven told Eugeo to finish him off as he can’t face the pontifex in shame.

But that pisses Eugeo off as he endured 6 years to wait for the day he’ll be reunited by his childhood friend, only to find out that Alice doesn’t remember him nor the people at Rulid Village.

Still, Eugeo was stopped by Kirito as killing Deusolbert results to nothing. After all, all of the Integrity Knights don’t remember their past as their memories were sealed by the Adminstrator.

And speaking of Deusolbert, it’s sad to see him not remembering his past. In fact, he has a family to return to, but the pontifex sealed his memories.

Whatever his fate will be, Deusolbert will receive a punishment from the Administrator and I have a feeling that he’ll met with an unpleasant end. And with that, Kirito and Eugeo move onto the next floor.

However, it appears that they encountered two nuns-in-training, Linel and Fizel. Of course, they’re told that nuns should stay indoors because some intruders have infiltrated the tower.

Come to think of it, Linel and Fizel are nuns and they’re supposed to stay in their rooms, right? If that’s the case, I have a bad feeling about this!

Unfortunately by the time Kirito noticed it, he and Eugeo got stabbed by these nuns who revealed themselves as Integrity Knights, Linel Synthesis Twenty-Eight and Fizel Synthesis Twenty-Nine.

Of course, the reason why they become Integrity Knights instead of nuns is because Linel and Fizel participated in an experiment conducted by the Administrator to find out ways to resurrect a Fluctlight from the dead.

While the experiment somewhat failed since Quinella found it amusing to see people kill each other anyway, she decides to make those twins as part of the Integrity Knights.

Oh, and it turns out that their knives are laced with poison so they can’t move much but anyways, both swordsmen passed out thanks to the poison. However, they’re not gonna get thrown away and left there to die.

Instead, Linel and Fizel took them to the next floor where Kirito and Eugeo will face an Integrity Knight while they’re paralyzed.

Anyways, Fanatio Synthesis Two and the Four Whirling Blades are here to punish both swordsmen for pointing their swords at the pontifex. Then again, it’s unchivalrous to fight against swordsmen who are currently paralyzed.

On the other hand, seems that Linel and Fizel suddenly fell down as if they’re poisoned by someone.

Not only that, but the antidote was stolen from their pockets…

…which is then given to Eugeo so that he’ll be recovered from this poison. And you know who’s that person who poisoned those twins and cured Eugeo’s poison status?

Why it’s none other than Kirito as before he got stabbed by Linel, he already cast a sacred art to dissolve the poison which makes their laced knives less effective.

In any case, time for Kirito to take on Fanatio Synthesis Two. As for the Four Whirling Blades? They’re just cannon fodder because Fanatio has a sword that fires light from the sun.

And as you can see, Kirito is not prepared to this sword’s special properties as his foot got shot again. It would be worse if Kirito got shot in the knee.

But, Kirito managed to reflect this beam of light towards Fanatio…

…which the light destroyed the Integrity Knight’s helmet off. And this is the time when Fanatio’s face is revealed.

Turns out that Fanatio Synthesis Two is actually a woman. Oh, and her Four Whirling Blades? They’re actually female Integrity Knights.

But you know what, there’s nothing wrong with women fighting as Integrity Knights.

But that doesn’t stop Fanatio from killing Kirito as she continues her relentless attacks against the black swordsman, because having her face being seen by men and look down by it is unacceptable.

Unfortunately for Fanatio, she forgot about Eugeo as he used his Perfect Weapon Control Art to freeze everyone on this floor.

This includes the Four Whirling Blades as they can’t move at all. Well, it’s sucks that Fanatio’s bodyguards are treated as cannon fodder.

But for Fanatio however, that doesnt’t stop her from using her Heaven Piercing Sword’s ability to rain down light beams on everybody including herself.

Anyways, Kirito decides to use his own Perfect Weapon Control Art from his Night Sky Sword…

…which shoots a black spear of energy that stopped the Heaven Piercing Sword’s light beams.

Not only that, but Night Sky Sword’s powerful black beam of energy has overwhelm Fanatio Synthesis Two that she was sent flying to the ceiling.

Anyways, Fanatio Synthesis Two and her Four Whirling Blades are finally defeated!

Of course, Kirito is badly injured thanks to those light beams that Eugeo casts his life points to heal Kirito’s wounds. Would it be better if there’s a sacred art that can heal without casting life points.

But now that Kirito is healed thanks to Eugeo, the black swordsman went to Fanatio as he wants to save her life.

Unfortunately, Kirito can’t cast his life points after being healed by Eugeo. After all, he and Eugeo needed strength to climb the Cathedral Tower and stop Quinella.

Not until he decides to use the dagger that the Cardinal gave to him. Originally, Kirito was supposed to use the dagger against Alice, but decided to use it towards Fanatio instead.

In any case, the Cardinal will do something to save Fanatio’s life while these two swordsmen will continue their climb towards the tower.

And now, let’s move onto the 80th floor where Kirito and Eugeo will fight another Integrity Knight.

This time, it’s none other than Alice Schuberg, otherwise known as Alice Synthesis Thirty as she’s about to fight against these two intruders.

Oh and if you think that Alice will just summon her sword out of thin air? I don’t think so. Also, notice this tree standing beside her?

Well, that’s her Fragrant Olive Sword which a Divine Object made from an olive tree. And really, it’s gonna suck for both Eugeo and Kirito as Alice won’t hold back!

Of course, Kirito won’t just stand there and do nothing as he’ll save Alice from Quinella’s control. So while he holds Alice at bay…

…Eugeo proceeds to use the dagger so that the Cardinal will transport Alice to the Great Library. All he needs now is to get closer to Alice and his deed is done.

But suddenly, a hole was created as both Alice and Kirito were sucked away outside the tower. It seems that they’ve created a massive shockwave upon clashing their swords which echoes around the 80th floor.

And as for Eugeo, he can’t do anything but watch as the wall will eventually fix itself, leaving both Kirito and Alice hugging the outside wall for safety.

In any case, I’ll leave this post right here as I’m about to finish catching-up with the third season of Sword Art Online. Of course, my question is whether Eugeo will do anything to save both of his friends, or continue his journey to stop Quinella’s reign. And as for both Kirito and Alice, I think they’ll do something to save themselves because they can’t just die outside the Cathedral Tower.

With that said, I’ll see you next time as we’re reaching closer to the end!

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