Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai Episode #07

On this episode, I would like to introduce you a new character named Allen, a fighter pilot who’s researching the whereabouts of Yufang where it contains technologies and other things not found on that lost country.

Sadly for Allen, his plane got shot down by some random air pirates. Whether if he’s dead or alive remains to be seen…

But now, let’s move onto the next scene as Kirie is having a mock battle with one of her teammates. And as you can see, Kirie is struggling to defeat her teammate…

…who happened to be Kate. Seems that despite being meek, Kate can kick Kirie’s ass much like that mysterious pilot from Episodes 1 and 6.

Oh and the best part? Kate’s plane is running on cheap oil that she bought from Standon Oil Company, a large corporation that has 90% of the oil market.

Even Natsuo was surprised that Kate can outgun Kirie using low-octane fuel on her airplane. Then again, it would be nice if there’s cheap, 100% octane fuel to use but there’s none.

Also, the oil supply is shrinking and I forgot to mention big companies controlling the depots other than potentially raising the prices. So yeah, the Kotobuki Squadron can’t do about it, but what they fear is that they don’t have oil to fuel their plane.

On the other hand, it appears that Allen is alive and not only that, but he’s actually Kate’s sister. Well, what a surprise there!

Still, Allen will continue his research on finding Yufang, although some people wanted to find that country for its military technology.

And lastly, here’s the Nazarene Squadron where both Adolfo Yamada and Fernando Utsumi are still finding members, but it seems that they’re hanging out with the old man at Nanko.

Oh by the way, Nanko is one of those places that has oil reserves.

Of course, this means that Nanko is being targeted by rowdy air pirates who want to plunder that place, or some greedy corporation who wanted to take control of it because of one commodity.

In any case, Adolfo Yamada and Fernando Utsumi asked Madam Lulu for help.

Of course, there’s a price to assist them since it’s not cheap to save one town from burning it down, but Kate told the madam to reconsider on taking this mission.

You see, if they didn’t take this mission, their nearest oil supply will be cut off and their planes will be grounded indefinitely. Worse, some greedy corporation will capture Nanko and sell fuel at exorbitant prices.

Speaking of greedy corporation, I suspect that Standon Oil Company is the one behind that attack and while they’ll selling low-quality oil at cheap prices, they’ll eventually jack the price up while offering low-octane fuel. But yeah, Kate told Madam Lulu to put out the fire at Nanko right away!

Of course, it’s gonna be a long ride towards Nanko where the Kotobuki Squadron has a bomber in place of two fighters. C’mon, Kirie’s plane got damaged during her dogfight against the mysterious pilot.

However, both Adolfo Yamada and Fernando Utsumi are here to help them but I doubt that since they couldn’t hold a candle during a dogfight!

Especially when they’re fighting against an enemy squadron whose airplanes like the Type 4 Hayate are heavily-armored. I have a feeling that this enemy squadron is well-organized, as if they’re mercenaries hired by the Standon Oil Company.

In any case, the Kotobuki Squadron have no chance of defeating them since their weapons are ineffective. All they need to do is to survive until Kirie and Kate drop the bomb in order to extinguish the fire.

On the other hand, it appears that Fernando Utsumi has decided to sacrifice his life to defend Kirie and Kate’s bomber plane from being shot down.

In any case, Fernando Utsumi’s plane has shot down while defending the bomber plane. Gotta say that while someone like Utsumi would do something heroic to save Nanko, it’s sad that this priest-turned-pilot will be missed.

Of course, Adolfo Yamada won’t like it as he’ll end up being the sole member of the Nazarene Squadron. Yeah, it’s gonna be lonely without Fernando!

Then again, seems that Fernando Utsumi survived as he ejects from his airplane.

Well, I say that Adolfo still has a partner, but damn he’s pissed that Adolfo almost lost Fernando during the dogfight.

Meanwhile, here’s Kirie as she’s about to release the bomb in order to extinguish the fire, but there’s a problem.

You see, Kate will have to light up the fuse first and told Kirie to fly at around 200 meters above ground. Once Kirie reached that distance, that’s the time she released the bomb and pull up.

Now you might think that it’s a crazy idea to just fly closer the ground and drop a bomb at the target, but Kate believes that it’s worth a shot because she already calculated the trajectory of the bomb and its fuse time.

And so, it’s time for Kirie and Kate to brace themselves as the latter drops the bomb at Nanko. Sure that it’s crazy that a bomb would extinguish fires, but the ensuing explosion would put it out as long as there’s no flammable materials inside of the bomb.

With that said, the bomb exploded where the explosion will extinguish fires, thus saving Nanko from becoming a wasteland.

Of course, my concern is that Kirie and Kate will be blown away. I hope these girls will survive.

Still, what’s important is that Nanko survived as the old man can drink booze again now that his town and the oil fields are safe.

As for Fernando Utsumi and Adolfo Yamada, they’re still around but they need to gather more members in order for their Nazarene Squadron to become great again… but I doubt that their new recruits will survive though.

And so, the Kotobuki Squadron’s mission was successful as they protected their nearest fuel supply line. Of course, those mercenaries will return to harass Nanko until the town was sold to a greedy corporation.

But speaking of the Kotobuki Squadron, the girls are frustrated on not taking down one Type 4 Hayate airplane. Maybe it’s time for Kirie and the rest to make upgrades for their Hayabusa fighter planes.

One last thing, seems that Kate is now interested on reading story books instead of encyclopedias. For a girl who’s pretty quiet all the time and mostly live her life in a logical manner, I have to say that Kate changed quite a bit after becoming a member of the Kotobuki Squadron. Maybe it’s a good thing that Allen gave his sister to Reona and Zara as they took good care of Kate.

But still, the Kotobuki Squadron will have tough challenges ahead ranging from greedy corporations to certain organizations using weapons from a lost country. Man, it’s gonna be crazy in upcoming episodes so for now, I’ll see you next time!

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  1. A Library Archivist says:

    This show remains strangely appealling. It was clearly made by Flight Sim otaku, because the air combat is plausible and their flight characteristics are pretty believable. They also vary between CGI and cell (flash) animation and switch from scene to scene, depending on need and expense (probably). Its not really jarring, but it isn’t smooth either. Sort of like the CGI in Cowboy Bebop. You notice it. I look forward to this show’s next episode each time I finish one.

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