To Aru Majutsu no Index III Episode #21

Well, we haven’t seen him for a while but the Pope is alive and well. Unfortunately for him, he’s forced to watch from a distance as the world is in chaos thanks to Fiamma of the Right.

Meanwhile, here’s Aiwass as he’s talking to someone that you might be familiar with for those who’ve watched the previous seasons.

That’s right, it’s Hyouka Kazakiri as she was called by Aiwass to stop an archangel named Gabriel. I have a feeling that Fiamma summoned Gabriel in order to make this world war much worse than I imagined.

But now, let’s go back to Russia where Shiage Hamazura thanked Acqua of the Back for dismantlling those mercenaries. However, it seems that this village will be overrun by another army.

This time, it’s from Academy City as they’re here to occupy the village, although I’m dubious that they’ll just sit there and wait for orders to attack the Russian army.

But for Shiage Hamazura, it’s time for him to run away because Academy City wants him and Riko Takitsubo dead. Oh, and anyone who’s against Academy City!

And so, Hamazura and Takitsubo took a car and drive away from Academy City’s military force. C’mon, they’re gonna get killed if they stay at the village for much longer.

However, the Academy City are quick to note of those two dissidents, and so one unmanned soldier went ahead to capture and kill both Hamazura and Takitsubo.

Of course, it’s not like Shiage will get captured immediately as he stepped on the gas as much as he can.

However, this unmanned soldier is so relentless that it managed to catch both Shiage and Rikou. Basically, it’s game over for both of them!

Fortunately, someone managed to knock this unmanned soldier out, which saves both Hamazura and Takitsubo from being killed.

Then again, they didn’t expect someone from Academy City on saving both Shiage and Rikou, especially a certain Level 5 esper who acts like a villain.

Yes, I’m talking about Accelerator as he just passed by. Just kidding, he’s finding Elizalina as Accelerator wants her to find a way to heal Last Order, as well as deciphering the parchment that he found on Episode 18.

But since both of them are heading towards the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations, both Shiage Hamazura and Rikou Takitsubo joined Accelerator as they went to Elizalina’s hiding place.

Speaking of Elizalina, she can manage to heal Rikou Takitsubo, but not Last Order as the problem is that the toxins inside her body can regenerate. This means that Elizalina can’t do anything to save Last Order’s life.

However, Accelerator told Elizalina to decipher this parchment instead since he doesn’t know how to read magic symbols. And even if he did, Accelerator will have excruciating pain since magic and science don’t mix.

So while Elizalina will gladly decipher the parchment, it’ll take some time to decode it. For now, the only thing that Accelerator needs to worry about is how to save Last Order’s life.

But first, time for Accelerator to strike an alliance with Misaka Worst.

Sure that they’re out for blood back in Episode 19 since Misaka Worst was sent to dispose both Accelerator and Last Order, but this is the time to work together to stop Academy City.

Of course, Misaka Worse found it absurb to work with a Level 5 esper who almost wiped out the MISAKA sisters before Touma Kamijou punched him in the face!

In any case, Misaka Worst agreed to work with Accelerator now that they have a common enemy to fight with. Then again, I doubt that their alliance would last.

Speaking of Touma Kamijou, he’s still with Lessar as they’re currently searching for Fiamma of the Right.

However, both Touma and Lessar are caught in a crossfire between Russia and Academy City, so there’s a chance that they’ll get hit by shrapnel or some explosion.

But not to worry though as Lessar will give an opening for Touma to sneak into the base and take down Fiamma. Then again, I have a feeling that Fiamma will capture them in one fell swoop.

Well actually, Touma played right into Fiamma’s trap where he got separated from Lessar as the ground started to lift up towards the sky.

And here’s the thing though as Fiamma of the Right will do anything to isolate Touma Kamijou so that no one will interfere.

Heck, even as far as creating a flying fortress called the Star of Bethlehem.

So yeah, Fiamma won’t go to the holy land for a final battle against Touma, but rather take the fight in Russian skies!

Also, here’s Mikoto Misaka where she, along with her pilot, are baffled to see a flying fortress up-close. Looks like they can’t explain it with science alone.

Suddenly, an archangel appeared in front of Mikoto where it turned out to be Gabriel. Seems that Fiamma used Sasha Kruezhev to summon this archangel.

In any case, Gabriel won’t forgive anyone as the archangel cuts this bomber in half. It’s no wonder why Aiwass wants Hyouka Kazakiri to stop Gabriel from wrecking Mother Russia!

Fortunately, both the pilot and Misaka survived but the latter doesn’t have a parachute to save herself.

Nah don’t worry, her electric powers can cushion her landing. Sadly, she didn’t land on the flying fortress as Mikoto wants to help Touma.

Instead, she met one of the MISAKA sisters numbered 10777. I guess Mikoto Misaka will be stuck with this MISAKA sister for the time being.

Of course, my concern is that Touma Kamijou is a sitting duck up there, so I’m hoping that someone will help him out. Otherwise, Fiamma of the Right will yank his right hand unopposed.

For now, the only thing that they need to worry about is the archangel Gabriel as I’ll see you next time!

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