Girly Air Force Episodes #07 & #08

Well, seems that Haruka Yashiodori is surprised that Kei Narutani would challenge Phantom in a mock battle during a crucial mission.

So while normally, Director Yashiodori would court-martial Narutani for insubordination, but the director decides to go ahead with the mock battle because dealing with Phantom is a pain in the ass to begin with.

Of course, the problem is that Gripen can’t beat a veteran Anima like Phantom so if she loses, her partner will be gone to another Anima. Well, looks like Gripen is in a major crisis.

But you know what, the only person who’s worried about Kei Narutani is Song Minghua as she tries to call him…

…but end up dropping the call because Minghua is mad that someone is flirting Kei, like Eagle for example where she hugged Narutani and begged him to play a game.

Anyways, it’s time for the mock battle but before Kei and Gripen throw their gauntlet at Phantom, he asked Funato-san to change some parameters in order to gain a slight advantage.

But even then, those cheats will be ineffective when Phantom crushes it. And so, the mock battle will begin shortly!

And unfortunately for both Narutani and Gripen, Phantom is too overpowered that she’s now on their tail.

Even worse is that Phantom is keeping the pressure towards Gripen, overloading the radar system until it rendered useless in combat.

Because is this, Kei Narutani has no options left but to fly the daughter plane by himself. However, he’s up against an Anima whose combat experience is far greater than him.

But then again, he learned how to fly as a kid and so Kei used his instinct to find Phanton until he locked onto her daugher plane.

And speaking of Phantom, she’s dumb-founded that a human pilot would find her. Of course, Phantom will need to dodge the plane’s missiles in order to stand a chance.

But in the end, Kei Narutani and Gripen prevailed as they managed to win a mock battle over Phantom. Well, looks like Phantom and her vast experience couldn’t match the teamwork of both pilots.

Of course, the reason why they won because Kei and Gripen work together to mitigate their weaknesses. Then again, Phantom won’t give up on taking Kei as her partner.

For now, it’s time to focus on the crucial mission ahead!

And this time, they’re not bickering compared to their previous outing. Sadly, Eagle won’t be joining them as she’s busy defending the fleet.

However, there’s another daughter who wants to assist both Gripen and Phantom on this bombing raid.

This purple-colored daughter plane is based on the F-16 Fighting Falcom, but Gripen shunned it due to its extensive upgrades.

This plane is called Viper Zero, but sadly we won’t see its Anima since Viper Zero only communicates through text messages.

But thanks to Viper Zero’s assistance, looks like it’s time for Phantom to guide those missiles onto the enemy base.

And really, all she needs is to trust her teammates in order to make this mission a success, especially towards Kei Narutani and Gripen. But for Eagle however, Phantom still treats her as a kid.

In any case, the enemy base is destroyed thanks to the combined efforts of Independent Mixed Test Unit and the various fleets that protected the East China Sea.

And now, it’s time to celebrate their successful mission by hitting the beach… in bikinis! Then again, Gripen’s chest can’t compare to either Eagle’s or Phantom’s pair of knockers.

Of course, there’s Phantom where she wants to seduce Kei Narutani with her sexy figure until he decides to ditch Gripen in favor of Phantom.

Then again, Kei is not interested in a romantic relationship with an Anima. More importantly, he should be worried about Song Minghua since she’s still angry towards him.

But speaking of Minghua, it seems that Kei saw someone that looked like his childhood friend. Not to mention that this person is wearing cute clothes.

And also, this person is talking through text messages, something that the real Minghua can’t do since she can talk. Yeah, this girl is not Song Minghua, but who is she anyway?

Well, Director Yashiodori explained to Kei Narutani that the girl he saw is actually Viper Zero’s Anima form.

Actually, Viper Zero doesn’t have a definitve appearance outside of her daughter form as she can change appearance based on what they perceives. For example, Viper Zero can take the form of Song Minghua since Kei Narutani thinks about her most of the time.

So yeah, Viper Zero is so mysterious that it often reserved as a trump card should things get awry against the Xi.

But speaking of Song Minghua, it seems that she’s in a good mood today as Minghua welcomed back Kei Narutani after a long part-time job at Komatsu Air Base, even thouugh he went as far as Okinawa to help Gripen on completing the mission.

But let’s talk about Minghua as she tries to cook some food for Kei, but she’s getting flustered that the miso soup is spilling out after boiling it for a long time.

Don’t worry Song Minghua, you’ll become a great wife someday!

However, Kei mocks Minghua for not being a good wife material, not to mention that she doesn’t look cute in frilly clothes. Um Narutani, you sure have a death wish!

And as you can see, Song Minghua got even more angry about Kei Narutani’s tactless rambling.

Anyways, looks like Kei won’t have dinner because he flipped Minghua out. He shouldn’t make Minghua angry since they’re childhood friends!

One last thing, it appears that there’s a new daughter arrived in town.

Don’t know if this one is a rival or an ally, but it’s nice that there are more daughters arriving to take on the Xi.

Oh, and here’s the Anima where I’ll meet her soon enough on the next episode. Still, I’m worried that if those Animas can’t work together, the Xi will wipe the entire human race.

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