Girly Air Force Episode #09

Well, seems that Kei Narutani is currently in a dream where he’s only him…

…and Gripen as she told the truth about the Xi’s existence. Unfortunately, Kei couldn’t grasp it and by the time he wakes up, Narutani forgets about it.

But now, it’s time for Kei Narutani to spend this free time with Song Minghua because he’s tired after his part time job… at Okinawa.

However, Director Haruka Yashiodori and Gripen told Kei Narutani that he’s being called up for an emergency meeting. Sorry Minghua, but the JASDF wants to borrow your childhood friend again!

Anyways, Kei Narutani went to Atsugi Air Base at Kanagawa Prefecture where he, Director Yashiodori, and Gripen will meet this guy from DARPA.

This is William Shankle, Haruka Yashiodori’s colleague where this director specializes in artificial intelligence.

And joining William Shankle is this Anima named F/A-18E-ANM Rhino, based on the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet which is an upgraded version of the original F/A-18 Hornet.

Well, I have to say that she’s not a rival to the JASDF Animas stationed in Komatsu Air Base, but the thing is that Rhino is the only American Anima created as the country is lagging behind when it comes to Xi technology. Oh, and let’s not forget that Russia has some Animas, but I haven’t seen them yet.

With that said, let’s move onto the main topic where both countries will launch an attack against the Xi on Chinese soil. Unfortunately, they only have 4 Animas and they can’t fight a large Xi force.

However, Director Shankle has a solution to that as he shows a secret weapon for the United States Air Force.

This is an unmanned fighter called FQ-150A Brawler where William Shankle developed it after analyzing the combat data of both Xi and the JASDF’s daughter planes.

However, Director Yashiodori doubted that the Brawler unmanned fighter could be a match against the Xi. So much that they’re just cannon fodder at this point because unmanned fighters doesn’t have the complexity compared to an Anima, meaning that the likes of Brawler can’t analyze the current situation on the fly against the Xi.

But let’s move onto something different as Rhino asked Kei on what it feels to pilot a daughter together with an Anima, as well as whether Animas like her will have the same treatment as that of a human.

Now, the last question is somewhat important because even though the likes of Rhino and Gripen are created from Xi technology, they’re technically humans as they show various emotions and capable of thinking when situation arises. Of course, Director Shankle thinks of them as programs.

Speaking of Director William Shankle, he asked Gripen to test out his simulator to see if humanity can survive or face extinction at the hands of Xi.

While Kei Narutani tried it out and end up failing because the Xi are relentless, let’s see how Gripen fares as she starts the simulator.

And as you can see, Gripen maneuvers the green-colored civilians away from the red-colored Xi, while the blue-colored allied forces are holding the enemy away from the civilians until they’re wiped out.

Eventually, the simulator ends where the Xi controlled the entire planet while pockets of civilians remained in the cities’ outskirts. So while it’s a grim reminder that the Xi will win no matter what, at least humanity survived in the mountains instead of cities.

Also, seems that Satelight got somewhat right when it comes to comprehensible English sentences, although it appears that the Xi are shown as “Zai”. Wait, is Zai the official word for the enemies?

Anyways, Director Shankle was surprised on how Gripen managed to rescue humanity from being wiped out as he asked her how humanity is saved.

Well, Gripen acted according to her intuition, but that makes Director William Shankle even more curious as he wants to check out her brain.

But before the director does that to Gripen, Director Haruka Yashiodori took Gripen and leave the base. However, William Shankle has something to tell towards Yashiodori before returning to Komatsu Air Base.

You see, humanity needs information in regards to Xi and if they can’t extract the hidden technologies behind it, humanity can’t move forward when facing the Xi. However, Haruka Yashiodori told him that he doesn’t get it when it comes to Anima, meaning that there’s more to them than just being treated as artificial intelligence.

In any case, I have a feeling that both directors are somewhat in bad terms when it comes to dealing with the Xi, but they can’t afford to bicker at each other as the enemy might destroy them in one fell swoop. On the other hand, it’s interesting that Rhino has some deep thoughts when it comes to humanity, but still I’m curious to see what that Anima is capable of.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and while Kei Narutani and Gripen will return to Komatsu Air Base, they need to think of a strategy to destroy the Xi in China first.

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