Girly Air Force Episode #10

Well, seems that Kei Narutani got another dream. This time, Gripen told him that Xi’s true intention is not to wipe out humanity. In fact, the mysterious enemy has another goal in mind, but Kei didn’t get the message in the end.

You know, I’m speculating that the Xi wanted to eliminate every weapon that humanity have at their disposal, in order to stop their senseless battles and destruction among themselves. Then again, humans won’t even get it at all since they’ll go back to fighting each other after the war against the Xi is over.

For now, Kei Narutani is training his body as he prepares his mission on liberating China from the Xi. Then again, jogging in the middle of the night is dangerous…

…especially when someone pushed Kei towards the road. See, this is why he can’t jog at night.

Oh, and he’s gonna get hit by this truck, which means that Kei’s journey to defeat the Xi will be over in an instant!

Fortunately, Narutani survived as he goes over the road. But man, who would do such a dangerous thing as pushing him?

Thus, Kei catch that person who pushed him and ask questions on why that person do such a dangerous thing. Unfortunately, both Narutani and the perpetrator fell down to the river bank.

And this is where Kei found out that it was actually Phantom who pushed him towards the road. Of course, the reason why she pushed him so that Narutani won’t have to participate in the upcoming mission, which Phantom claimed that there’s 95% chance of failure.

Still, pushing Kei towards a moving truck is basically attempted murder by Phantom. Seriously, Phantom should just make him catch a cold or something instead of letting him die. I mean, Kei Narutani has Song Minghua waiting for him!

Speaking of Minghua, Kei wants to talk about something important that it could be his last. I mean, liberating China has great risks that Narutani might not survive.

In any case, Kei told Minghua that she’s the most important person in his life. Um Narutani, why don’t you just tell her that you really love her!

Of course, Song Minghua was surprised by Kei Narutani’s declaration that she slapped him in the face. Of course in the end, he didn’t tell Minghua the whole truth about his real job at the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force.

Anyways, it’s time for the biggest mission yet as the entire Independent Mixed Test Unit will board the CVN-78 USS Gerald R. Ford.

This aircraft carrier will not only carry the daughters and their respective Animas, but also the Brawler unmanned planes.

With that said, here’s Rhino as she greeted her fellow Animas once they’re inside the USS Gerald R. Ford. Sadly for Eagle, she’s largely ignored simply because Eagle is an idiot.

Just kidding, Anima should be treated fairly regardless of whether they’re dunces or not!

Oh, and it’s not just Rhino who greeted the Independent Mixed Test Unit, but so is the entire crew of the CVN-78 aircraft carrier as they throw a party before they set sail towards China.

C’mon, they need to be have fun first because once this party ends, it’s time to get serious on liberating China!

For now, everyone are partying hard inside the USS Gerald R. Ford. Then again, I hope Eagle and Phantom won’t have a nasty headache after drinking lots of booze. As for Gripen, she’s eating pizza off-screen because she doesn’t like drinking beer.

But still, Rhino told Kei Narutani that she wants this party to last forever. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever because the Xi will spoil the fun afterwards. Maybe it be better if there are no more wars to be fought, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as the aircraft carrier will arrive in China to liberate the country from the Xi menace. Then again, there’s a chance that it’ll be a one-way mission where no one will survive.

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