Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #20 – #22

We’re getting closer to the finale and it seems that Alice’s right eye is now patched-up thanks to Kirito…

Oh, and he’s the one who carried her to safety. I have to say that all those years of carrying Asuna has finally paid off for Kirito. Now, the only thing left is to find Eugeo!

Sadly, Kirito nor Alice didn’t find Eugeo on the 90th floor as it has turned into a frigid place thanks to his swords’s Perfect Weapon Control Art.

However, what they find was Bercouli Synthesis One who is still alive after being turned to stone by Prime Senator Chudelkin.

Anyways, Bercouli was surprised that his student Alice managed to break the seal from her right eye, something that he failed to do in the past 300 years. Yes, he’s lived a long life thanks to Quinella modifying his life force.

Still, Alice is happy that Bercouli but then again, someone needs to free him from his petrification. Otherwise, Bercouli will remain a stone statue… forever.

On the other hand, Kirito got Eugeo’s Blue Rose Sword lying on the frozen ground. Unfortunately, both he and Alice have no time to rescue Bercouli as they move onto the next floor.

Anyways, they entered the senate where the Integrity Knights are forbidden to enter because that place shows one of Quinella’s horrible machinations.

As you can see, the senate is full of senators who ramble about the Taboo Index day and night.

In fact, these people are the ones who appeared when someone broke the Taboo Index, and I have to say that it’s truly horrifying to see them treated as mindless machines who hand out punishment to every Fluctlight.

On the other hand, Alice and Kirito found Chudelkin who is basically acting like a manchild, getting jealous over the pontifex’s intimate treatment on one of the Integrity Knights that the prime senator wants to get into action.

Unfortunately for Chudelkin, what he got was a Punished Alice as she asked the prime senator of the Administrator’s whereabouts as well as the reason why she and the rest of the Integrity Knights are being brought as puppets in the first place.

While the prime senator ordered Alice to punish the intruder, she won’t listen to Chudelkin’s words anymore!

But you know what, Chudelkin will force Alice to turn her sword at Kirito as he’ll break her down by talking.

Oh, and the worst part? Chudelkin did that when Alice was captured 6 years ago, breaking her spirit until the safely lock to her consciousness was released which enabled Quinella to put a Piety Module onto her skull. Yeah, what a despicable prime senator he is!

Therefore, Alice had enough of Chudelkin’s rambling as she stabbed the prime senator with her Fragrant Olive Sword. Well, that takes care of Chudelkin…

…except that the prime senator is actually a balloon as he explodes into a puff of smoke. Dammit, Alice and Kirito got fooled by that rascal of a senator!

But no matter, they’ll deal with Chudelkin later as Kirito and Alice climbed to the 100th floor where they’ll meet the pontifex.

However, it appears that they’ll have to deal with another Integrity Knight as the Blue Rose Sword suddenly got taken away like a freakin Jedi. I wonder if Reki Kawahara got inspired by Star Wars upon creating the Integrity Knights?

In any case, Kirito and Alice will have to face Eugeo, now known as Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-One as he’ll punish those who opposes the pontifex. Well, seems that Kirito might be too late!

However, it’s not the end of the world as Kirito will do anything to save his student from Quinella’s control. All I can say is that the collision is inevitable!

In any case, this is the time where a master and a student clash swords at each other to see who’s the best. But this time, Kirito wants to save Eugeo as he told about the days they spent at Swordcraft Academy. Let’s hope that Kirito can managed to rescue Eugeo…

…as the black swordsman overpowers Eugeo. While I have to admit that Eugeo can hold himself against his master, Kirito is far more experienced that he defeats his student.

However, Eugeo won’t go down easily as he’ll use his last trump card, the Perfect Weapon Control Art of his Blue Rose Sword, to turn his situation around.

This not only freezes Kirito, but also Alice Schuberg as well. Basically, they’re getting the same treatment as Bercouli Synthesis One.

In any case, Kirito lost the battle over Eugeo as he returns to the top of the Cathedral Tower to meet up with the Administrator for his reward.

Of course in order to give him lots of love, Quinella will have to complete Eugeo’s synsthesis so that she’ll have complete control over him.

So, the Administrator took out Eugeo’s Piety Module from his skull. Unfortunately for Quinella, she made another mistake!

That’s because when she finally removed the module, Eugeo springs into action as he’s now free from her control.

And with no time to waste, he pulled the dagger and proceeds to stab the pontifex until Cardinal takes control of Quinella. Man, sneaky move there by Eugeo!

Unfortunately for him, he failed to stab Quinella using Cardinal’s special dagger as Eugeo was sent flying. Man, he almost stabbed Quinella if it wasn’t for the Administrator’s quick reactions.

But speaking of Quinella, she went naked again as the pontifex told Eugeo that her body is inpenetrable. No metal object of any kind can damage her silky-smooth skin!

You know, it’s ridiculous that Quinella modified herself to not only looked young and beautiful, but also tough as well even if she’s wearing nothing!

Of course, Quinella won’t just kill Eugeo on the spot as she still wants him to join her side. Then again, being controlled by the pontifex for the promise of receiving love by her is downright deceiving, therefore Eugeo refused Quinella’s offer.

On the other hand, here’s Prime Senator Chudelkin as he’s crying for help because someone attacked him.

Said attacker turned out to be the black swordsman himself, Kirito. Seems that he got out from his frozen prison using the thermal element.

Also, Alice Schuberg is here too, but she’s not here for a reunion with Eugeo as she wants to ask a few questions towards the Administrator, such as the reason why the Integrity Knights forbid them to engage in combat against the enemies from the Dark Territory and her unethical actions as the Axiom Church’s pontifex.

Unfortunately, Quinella won’t answer Alice’s questions simply because she treat her and the rest of the knights as puppets for her enjoyment.

Instead, she ordered Chudelkin to eliminate them. As a reward, the pontifex will offer her lustrous body to the prime senator, something that Chudelkin will gladly take it because the truth is that he’s a sleazy bastard!

In any case, looks like Prime Senator Chudelkin took Quinella’s offer as he’ll redeem himself in front of the pontifex…

…by turning himself into a fire titan. Um, more like a giant fire-clad clown rather than a giant.

Also, it turns out that Chudelkin just projects his soul onto this titan, so his small body remains intact.

Still, Chudelkin transforming himself into a giant is no joke as the prime senator overwhelms the likes of Alice and Eugeo.

But you know what, since Chudelkin still has his small body, Kirito had an idea of channeling his glorious days of playing Sword Art Online as he temporarily dons his Coat of Midnight…

…and used his Perfect Weapon Control Art to kill the prime senator in a single shot. Well, that was an easy victory.

Now that Chudelkin is dead, the fire titan disappeared. You know what, I don’t pity this manchild because he deserved being killed due to his mistreatment of Alice.

Oh and to further rub salt on his wounds, Quinella don’t even care about the prime senator. In fact, the Administrator sees Chudelkin as an eyesore rather than her right-hand man.

Of course, the Administrator won’t give up just yet as she’ll send another minion to do her bidding and punish those who oppose her.

Originally, her minion will be the replacement for the Integrity Knights since abducting them is a pain in the ass.

And also, Quinella found a new discovery of turning inanimate objects into automatons. In any case, looks like she’s ready to unleash her latest creation.

She calls this thing as the Sword Golem, an automaton littered with weapons that has divine object properties, making it dangerous especially when the Sword Golem unleashes its Perfect Control Weapon Art.

Of course, the likes of Kirito and Alice Schuberg will take this golem down. However, it won’t be easy to destory Quinella’s automaton.

In fact, this Sword Golem impaled Alice to the gut. Looks like the Administrator won’t show any mercy towards her Integrity Knights.

Oh, and this includes Kirito which Quinella hates him for being the biggest outlier that destroys her control in the Underworld. After all, he came from the real world after one of the Laughing Coffin members put him to sleep.

But just as Kirito is about to get killed, a spider named Charlotte appeared to lend him a hand. This spider was sent by Cardinal to check on him, but this is the first time I saw one of Cardinal’s pets getting into action.

And the only way for Charlotte to fight against the Sword Golem is to get larger. That’s how the Cardinal’s spider got into action.

But not for long as Charlotte got killed by the Sword Golem in an instant. It’s sad that Cardinal’s spider was used as a sacrificial pawn to bide some time until there’s an opening for a counter-attack.

But thanks to Charlotte’s sacrifice, Eugeo got the opportunity to use the dagger against the automaton, although he used it differently by stabbing the ground.

There, he summoned a pillar of light which instantly destroys the Sword Golem. Well, glad that Cardinal’s daggers was put into good use apart from saving Fanatio.

Speaking of the Cardinal, looks like she’s here as the Cardinal emerged from the pillar that Eugeo created earlier.

Of course, the Cardinal saw both Kirito and Alice gravely injured thanks to the Sword Golem.

Thus the Cardinal healed their wounds until they’re back to normal, starting with Alice Schuberg as the Cardinal stopped the bleeding.

And as you can see, the Cardinal repaired Alice’s body until there’s no more gaping hole from her chest.

Same goes for Kirito as he got the same treatment from the Cardinal. Looks like both Kirito and Alice escaped death thanks to the Cardinal.

And really, it was great timing to appear at this crucial moment as Alice thanked the Cardinal for saving her life. Then again, it won’t even be possible without Eugeo’s help…

…and also Charlotte as the Cardinal mourns her spider’s death. Sure that it’s just a spider who happened to be the one guiding Kirito, but the Cardinal is very fond towards Charlotte that she shows genuine emphathy.

Then again, the Administrator will just shrug it off because she doesn’t care at everything but herself.

Speaking of the Administrator, looks like Quinella has no other choice but to kill everyone, including her arch-nemesis Cardinal in one fell swoop. Also, it’s nice to see Quinella having asymmetrical wings on the background, which is a nice touch by the way as she’s gonna get real serious towards Kirito and the rest.

But anyways, tune in next time for the final battle against Quinella. Then again, she should put some clothes on because it’s not like the Administrator is gonna punish those dissidents in the nude!

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