Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Episodes #12 & #13

Well everyone, I would like you to meet Nagi’s father named Seiichi Kirima, an author of various novels which delve into humanity’s psyche.

Because of his works, most of them praised Seiichi Kirima that one of his fans sent him a letter on how that person’s life was changed upon reading his works.

You see, that person has become a great influencer thanks to Seiichi’s novels. However, there’s a dark side to being an avid reader of Seiichi’s novel, as he/she is being targeted by someone who saw him/her as a threat of breaking the society’s status quo.

Soon, that person disappeared without a trace, thus the status quo in the society remained.

Of course, this means that Seiichi Kirima will be targeted soon. But before he met his demise, Seiichi-san met a certain person as he asked about birds and how he was branded as public enemy number one.

Said person happened to be the Imaginator herself, Suiko Minahoshi. Now I don’t know if she was inspired by Seiichi’s novels, but it’s nice to see the Imaginator meeting with the novelist that inspired the likes of Kazuko Suema.

Sadly for Seiichi Kirima, the inevitable happeened as he met his end when someone killed Seiichi-san in cold blood.

Said murderer happened to be the Mo Murder himself from Towa Organization, Masanori Sasaki.

Of course, he was supposed to kill Nagi Kirima as well since she was injected by the drug, but Seiichi told Masanori to spare his only daughter.

In any case, Mo Murder let Nagi Kirima live as he left the scene of the crime, but she’s devastated that her father was killed even though he’s just a simple man who writes novels.

But let’s move onto the current timeline as Pigeon asked Sasaki to find the murderer who’s sucking the victim’s brains and leave their corpses behind.

Of course, little did Pigeon know is that Mo Murder is responsible for Scarecrow’s death. Then again, she might already know who’s the murderer, but Pigeon will have to confirm first.

On the other hand, Masanori Sasaki met a familiar person who was supposed to kill but Seiichi insists of letting that person lived.

That’s right, it’s Nagi Kirima as she finally met Masanori-san, although she doesn’t know that he’s the one who murdered her father.

Anyways, Sasaki is here to find the murderer who preys on young girls and suck their brains out. Then again, said murderer is already on the move at the moment.

In fact, that murderer is looking at both Nagi Kirima and Masanori Sasaki right now. Could it be that Makiko Kisugi is the murderer? Most likely.

Of course, it seems that Nagi Kirima found the perpetrator already, as one of the witnesses named Rika told her and Masanori Sasaki that she saw a suspicious person who mumbled about why fear exists.

Said person might be Dr. Kisugi as she was born as a coward. Gotta say that Dr. Kisugi being the murderer is now a possibility, but the problem is how to stop her?

For the time being, Nagi is making preparations to take the perpetrator down before this murder case turns ugly. Of course, she won’t go alone.

In fact, Mo Murder is hunting Dr. Kisugi down as he suspects her of getting the drug from Scarecrow, which she used it for her personal gains.

As a Towa Organization operative, Masanori Sasaki don’t want a monster like Dr. Kisugi roaming around the city.

However, he should be worry about Nagi Kirima’s life as she’s being targeted by Dr. Kisugi, which she brought a suitcase that contains a tranquilizer gun.

You see, after Nagi was tranquilized, Dr. Kisugi will inject a fatal dose of a dangerous medicine that will instantly kill her.

Thus, Mo Murder decides to kill Dr. Makiko Kisugi on the spot. Looks like Nagi won’t need to get her hands dirty.

However, Mo Murder was surprised that his target was not the real Dr. Kisugi…

…but rather Scarecrow’s companion named Pigeon as she finally found out the perpetrator behind Shinpei Kuroda’s death. Sadly, Pigeon will die right here.

Instead, the real Dr. Kisugi will stab Sasaki using her bare hands. That’s so brutal!

But you know what, Dr. Kisugi suspects that someone from the Towa Organization will come here to get her. Alas, Masanori Sasaki will die at the hands of Dr. Makiko Kisugi as she’ll frame him for her crimes.

Also, Dr. Kisugi throw Mo Murder towards the pavement in order to make sure that he’ll remain dead.

Now that Sasaki is no longer a hindrance, Dr. Kisugi will savor the fear inside Nagi Kirima because she loves to prey on people who are scared of losing their lives.

But for Nagi however, she doesn’t want to die because Nagi Kirima will be a major character in the future. Also, she can’t fight Dr. Kisugi head-on.

So therefore, Nagi Kirima runs away from Makiko Kisugi because she’s at a disadvantage. I mean, Dr. Kisugi’s body is heavily-modified that she can regenerate her limbs.

Eventually, Dr. Makiko Kisugi managed to grab Nagi Kirima, telling Nagi to fear her much like the others. However, she’s not gonna give into Dr. Kisugi’s demands.

You see, she’s wielding a shock baton that stuns Dr. Kisugi. However, Nagi won’t just whack the perpetrator with only her shock baton.

In fact, Nagi is gonna use it to electrocute Dr. Kisugi until her baton is no longer usable. By the way, Nagi won’t get electrocuted as she’s wearing an insulated suit.

And if the baton wasn’t enough to defeat Dr. Kisugi, Nagi grabbed one of her arms and tries to snap it away from her body. Then again, Dr. Kisugi can still regenerate her limbs so it’s pointless for Nagi to break her arm.

But surprisingly though, that’s not the case as Dr. Kisugi didn’t regain her lost limb as she’s running away from Nagi Kirima. Seems that the drug is losing its effect thanks to the electric shock.

Now, the hunter has become the hunted as Makiko Kisugi is scared of dying while her other arm is falling off. At this point, she’ll meet its inevitable end.

Of course, the only person who will end Dr. Kisugi’s life is Boogiepop as the grim reaper tied Makiko Kisugi with its garrote wires.

And speaking of Boogiepop, the grim reaper has arrived to see Makiko Kisugi for one last time, now calling herself as Fear Ghoul as she’s the one who consumed fear.

Then again, those fears has finally consumed Dr. Kisugi in which her head is being decapitated by Boogiepop. I must say that Dr. Kisugi should have killed Touka Miyashita right away before Boogiepop took over Touka’s body. But alas, it’s already too late!

Of course, society as a whole needed someone to pin the blame for these heinous crimes commited by Dr. Kisugi, as having a psychiatrist becoming a murderer will give bad reputation to anyone who wanted to take up that profession as well as the hospital she’s working on.

Thus, everyone will turn Masanori Sasaki into a scapegoat for Makiko Kisugi’s murders, despite the fact that he killed those who opposed Towa Organization’s plans for humanity. Then again, he already stained his hands with blood so having him as the perpetrator is the only solution.

As for Nagi Kirima, she’ll continue her normal life and possibly meet Boogiepop (and Touka Miyashita) in the future, as the grim reaper will return for as long as someone who wants to disrupt the world’s balance. In any case, we’ve finally reached the conclusion on how Boogiepop came to be!

Afterwards, Echoes will go on a journey to watch over the world from far away. Of course, he’s doing it for Naoko Kamikishiro’s sake as Echoes has some fond memories of her before Manticore slaughtered Kamikishiro in cold blood.

But still, the Towa Organization remained a threat even if Boogiepop appeared to ruin their party. After all, they’ll silence anyone who disrupts the status quo as the organization will continue to experiment on humans in secret until the day they’ll rule the world. Then again, they need to find Kyouichiro Teratsuki first and stop his increasing influence.

But speaking of Kyouichiro Teratsuki, maybe we’ll see him on the next story arc as I don’t know whether he’s good or evil. For now, Boogiepop will return to Earth now that the grim reaper is done telling its backstory.

Gotta say that this story arc is interesting on how Boogiepop came to be and why Nagi Kirima survived thanks to both Shinpei Kuroda and Masanori Sasaki’s intervention, which is ironic as both of them are assassins sent from the Towa Organization. Sadly though, the Towa Organization wants to stifle everything because they don’t want others to break the monotony of society.

On the other hand, I have to say that although Makiko Kisugi is very dangerous who wants to prey on anyone who has a fear of dying, she became a target of those fears which is why Dr. Kisugi or Fear Ghoul got killed off. An ironic end to one of the most dangerous character in this series.

With that said, I’ll be back for a new story arc as this series is not yet over. And really, I can’t wait for it!

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