The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode #11

Well look what we have here, looks like Naofumi Iwatani gave something to Raphtalia that the Blacksmith was impressed. It’s a mana-regenerating bracelet which the Shield Hero crafted it during his spare time.

Oh and it’s not just Raphtalia, but Filo too as she got a hair pin which increases her agility. Gotta say that Naofumi’s crafting skills has leveled-up that he can create accessories.

Now that the Shield Hero is done giving his party members some gifts, it’s time for the 2nd Wave of Catastrophe! Let’s hope that they’ll survive for another day once this Wave is over.

Anyways, let’s begin the 2nd Wave with this old lady from Episode 6 kicking ass. Man, how did she managed to feel young again?

Even Naofumi and Raphtalia are surprised that someone can take on those monsters despite their old age. Turns out, the Shield Hero managed to cure the old lady’s illness on that episode.

And heck, she’s thankful towards the Shield Hero as she continues to kick those monsters. Let’s hope that Naofumi’s party will help this old lady ’cause she can’t beat those monsters along.

Then again, this 2nd Wave won’t stop until someone finds the boss and kill it.

Fortunately, looks like the Shield Hero won’t have to search high and low to find the boss as it resides on a flying ghost ship.

Also, here’s the Bow Hero as Itsuki Kawasumi and his party are raining down arrows to little effect. But wait, what about Ren Amagi and Motoyasu Kitamura?

Well, both the Spear and the Sword Hero are bickering on who will deal the final blow as well accusing each other of not being strong enough to defeat the enemy.

Um Motoyasu and Ren, why don’t you cooperate instead of fighting each other ’cause it’s not helping much!

In any case, Naofumi intervenes this battle but the problem is that these enemies are so tough that the heroes might tire out and die.

That’s until the Shield Hero find something odd as these enemies have strange shadows behind them. Could it be that this shadow is controlling those mooks?

Anyways, Naofumi told Raphtalia to casts some light magic to illuminate the battlefield so that the true enemy would show up.

And lo and behold, looks like Naofumi’s hunch is right as these monsters are being controlled by this shadow. My god, this shadow has a malicious face!

Fortunately, Raphtalia thrusted this shadow with her sword. However, killing a shadow does not mean an instant victory.

That’s because a swarm of shadows combined themselves into the most powerful boss that the heroes encountered. This is the Dimensional Soul Eater and it looks menacing!

But you know what, I think those heroes will take care of it. Or rather, have Filo cast Fast Tornado against the boss of the 2nd Wave!

However, it appears that the Dimensional Soul Eater is also tough, making it one of the hardest boss that they encountered. You know what, there’s a solution to that!

And that’s by having Naofumi activate Rage Shield where it got some upgrades thanks to the zombie dragon’s crystal.

Despite having auto-repair functionalities, it appears that the zombie dragon’s wrath is so strong that the Shield Hero gave into his darkest desire to destroy everything.

Or should I say burn everything to the ground as Naofumi’s Shield ignites the Dimensional Soul Eater with fire. However, it has little effect on this boss!

Oh yeah, turns out that Naofumi activating his Rage Shield has affected Filo-chan, turning her into a berserker as she kicks the Soul Eater, but to no avail.

On the other hand, here’s Bitch Princess Malty as she still mocks the Shield Hero, despite doing his best to defeat the enemy even as far as becoming a berserker.

Really Malty, why don’t you do something to kill that soul eater instead of barking like a bitch!

Also, these hereos are receiving some scolding from Raphtalia because of their inaction. Man, they’re such an embarrassment for being heroes that why they are selected is beyond me!

But eventually. they decided to attack the Dimensional Soul Eater because doing nothing is the most embarrasing thing that these heroes can do! On the other hand, what happened to Naofumi since he’s doing most of the grunt work?

Well fortunately for him, the spirit of Raphtalia calms the spirit of the zombie dragon, therefore snapping the Shield Hero back to his senses.

Come to think of it, Raphtalia has some strange powers to calm Naofumi down. Maybe it’s just me.

But thanks to Raphtalia, the Shield Hero has managed to tame the zombie dragon’s spirit and in turn, taking full control of the Rage Shield without losing himself.

And since Naofumi can finally use his Rage Shield to his fullest, he can cast powerful spells like the Shield Prison which traps this Soul Eater.

Of course, binding this monster is not enough to kill it!

Therefore, Naofumi brought a new spell into the mix: Iron Maiden! Man, his spells are somewhat modeled after torture devices.

For the rest of the heroes and Malty, they’re stunned to see Naofumi’s new powers although that bitch princess will just scoff it off.

But for Naofumi, let’s just say that he’s useful one during the 2nd Wave of Catastrophe as he’s going to skewer the Dimensional Soul Eater until it can no longer move.

And with that, the boss of the 2nd Wave of Catastrophe has finally come to an end as the Dimensional Soul Eater is finally defeated… or is it?

Turns out, the Dimensional Soul Eater is not completely dead as this monster has some of its remains intact. Also, this remnant is gonna kill the heroes in a last-ditch effort!

Unfortunately for this monster, it got decimated before getting its chance to kill the heroes. Man, I wonder who murdered this remnant?

Turns out, this fellow from the previous episode has arrived to make a formal appearance… with gusto of course seeing that she managed to kill the remains of the Dimensional Soul Eater.

This is Glass and she’s here to fight against the Four Cardinal Heroes after seeing them fight against the monsters.

And while many of them are stunned by Glass’ appearance, seems that she saw everyone as weak and incompetent.

Well, except for Naofumi and his party in which Glass was impressed by their bravery, as well as Naofumi destroying the Dimensional Soul Eater using his new Iron Maiden magic.

In any case, looks like the heroes will have to fight a bonus boss in order to stop the 2nd Wave of Catastrophe, although Glass will fight Naofumi Iwatani because she sees him as a worthy opponent compared to the other heroes who don’t work together and basically operate under video game logic, which is not applied most of the time.

With that said, I’m glad that Naofumi got some upgrades, albeit destructive due to the zombie dragon’s rage that overtook him briefly. But still, let’s hope that the Shield Hero can use his new powers against Glass on the next episode, although he might do it too much!

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