BanG Dream! Season 2 Episode #12

Well, we’ve arrived at the penultimate episode where Poppin’ Party are busy preparing for their self-sponsored concert.

Also, they’re not gonna do it alone as PoPiPa invited other girl bands to their concert, including Roselia as Kasumi Toyama was inspired by their self-sponsored concert that she and the rest of Poppin’ Party wanted to emulate them… but with their twist because it’s open for every genre, ranging from hard rock to idol-inspired rock.

With that said, let’s move onto Live House Galaxy where they’ll hold their self-sponsored concert. Of course, Kasumi Toyama and the rest will need to make fine adjustments so that their concert won’t have any technical difficulties.

And here’s Rokka Asahi, still acting like a fangirl towards PoPiPa although when Kasumi asked her if she wants to join Poppin’ Party, Rokka declined because having 6 members felt awkward.

You know what, it would be nice if RAISE A SUILEN would see the concert and bump onto Rokka-chan, where Chu2 will recruit her as the new guitarist.

Speaking of RAS, both Chu2 and Pareo are here to give some words of encouragement, but Chu2 still insists that Tae Hanazono is a perfect fit for her band. Really Chu2, you don’t seem to give up on taking Hanazono huh?

But still, she’s looking forward for PoPiPa’s self-sponsored concert as Chu2 and Pareo take their leave. Also, Pareo gave Kasumi and the rest some macarons to eat.

Just as Chu2 and Pareo are about to leave, Tae Hanazono told them that being a guitarist at RAISE A SUILEN was a great experience and she won’t forget that.

However, O-Tae still insists that she’ll remain with Poppin’ Party because she belongs to that band.

As for Chu2’s response? Well, she just told Hanazono to go with her merry band. I guess she can’t contain her frustration now that O-Tae won’t join RAISE A SUILEN.

Also, I’m hoping that Chu2 and the rest will go to Live House Galaxy for Poppin’ Party’s self-sponsored concert.

Speaking of Poppin’ Party, seems that Kasumi Toyama created a new song for the upcoming concert in addition to “Returns” that O-Tae composed on the previous episode.

However, Kasumi’s new song needs some work as Arisa Ichigaya needs to translate her words in order to make the lyrics for her song understandable.

Looks like Kasumi will need some help from her fellow bandmates to make her new song a masterpiece.

Meanwhile, here’s Natsuki Umino where she wants to give a gift to her former bandmate Saya Yamabuki. Sure that Saya joined Poppin’ Party, but Natsuki and the rest of CHiSPA will continue to support her.

And now, it’s time for the dress rehearsal where Poppin’ Party performed “Returns” in front of various girl bands present at Live House Galaxy. Gotta say that it was an amazing song after hearing it!

Oh yeah, seems that we have a rare footage of Yukina Minato smiling after seeing PoPiPa’s performance. Looks like Yukina and the rest of Roselia gave them a seal of their approval.

But that’s about it for their dress rehearsal as Poppin’ Party gave the staff the OK signal that their self-sponsored concert is ready to go!

And as for the rest? They’re also ready for the upcoming concert where not only Roselia will come to Live House Galaxy because they’re the hypest band ever, but other bands are coming like Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, and even Hello, Happy World!

In any case, I can’t wait for the next episode as Kasumi Toyama and the rest will show how girl bands are amazing, amidst the rise of RAISE A SUILEN and their claim that the era of girl bands is over.

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