High Score Girl Episode #14

This is Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers’ Revenge (or Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge) is the sequel to Vampire where it not only adds new characters like Donovan and Lei Lei (or Hsien-ko), but adds gameplay elements such as stocking-up more than one special bar which the player can use super moves during the match.

Of course, that would be superseeded by Vampire Savior 3 years later, but for now it’s time for Episode 14 where this game will be important later on.

Anyways, let’s start with Koharu Hidaka in which she lost a match against a Felicia player. Sure that her skills of playing Phobos is quite good, but not good enough to win a match.

That’s until the Felicia player named Futako-Tamagawa Felicia (or Nikotama) approached Koharu and she was impressed by her skills that Nikotama invited Hidaka to train at Game Shop Iguana, where strong players play fighting games and train until midnight.

Well, I must say that Koharu Hidaka got stronger because she trained there at Nikotama’s place. Good thing her parents are not worried that she’s staying up all night there.

But now, it’s time for Koharu Hidaka to settle the score against Haruo Yaguchi. It’s a best-of-3 match where they’ll play 3 different games and who ever scored 2 games is declared the winner.

Anyways, let’s start the match with Shin Samurai Spirits (or Samurai Shodown 2) where Haruo uses Gen’an Shiranui, while Koharu uses Ukyo Tachibana which is fitting since her selected character has some parallels to her life (minus Ukyo’s uncurable disease).

However, the 1st game ends in Koharu Hidaka’s favor as she destroyed Haruo’s Gen’an with Ukyo’s hidden super move.

For the regulars at Game Shop Iguana, seeing Hidaka taking that first win was impressive since she trained hard to beat Yaguchi at his own game.

Next up, The King of Fighters ’95 where Koharu Hidaka unlocks two hidden characters, Saisyu Kusanagi and Rugal Bernstein, and selected them along with Commander Heidern.

For Haruo Yaguchi, he was surprised that Koharu would select hidden characters in order to take a landslide victory…

…especially Rugal Bernstein where his boss status is legendary among the fighting game community, although The General from Kaiser Knuckle is the hardest boss ever during its heydey.

In any case, looks like Haruo is driven to a corner as he lost both Robert Garcia and Takuma Sakazaki over the godlike character that is Rugal.

Sadly for Koharu however, using boss characters won’t grant her an easy victory as Haruo used his remaining character, Ryo Sakazaki, to not only destroy Rugal Bernstein, but proceeds to make a reverse one-character victory as he dismantles both Saisyu Kusanagi and Commander Heidern.

With that said, they’re now tied-up with one game a-piece.

Also, here’s Miyao as he’s here to cheer at Haruo Yaguchi. Then again, he’s not aware that it’s gonna be an intense match.

Over at Koharu Hidaka side, Nikotama reminds her of the lessons that she learned during those night gaming sessions at the Game Shop Iguana. Of course, Hidaka needs to learn how to relax, but she can’t since it’s basically do-or-die.

And so, we’re now at the final game where they’ll play Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers’ Revenge as Yaguchi picked Bishamon while Hidaka picked Phobos.

While Bishamon is a strong character when played at the right hands, Phobos (or Huitzil) is no slouch as Koharu used advancing guard to keep Haruo’s Bishamon away from her.

For both players, they’re pretty much serious on winning this decisive game, although Haruo is in the zone as he’s enjoying it compared to Koharu.

Suddenly, the tide of battle has turned when Haruo performed a guard cancel, which makes his character glow brightly.

In fact, it’s so bright that Miyao and Nikotama are blinded by it. The only thing that they need to know is whether Haruo Yaguchi can clinch a victory, or get pummeled by Koharu Hidaka and her Phobos.

However, it appears that someone clinched the 3rd game as Haruo performed Bishamon’s devastating ES Special Move called Kirisute Gomen towards Koharu’s Phobos.

Thus, Yaguchi’s victory against Hidaka is finally sealed in a blink of an eye!

And everyone felt silent that this match is finally over. The regulars at Game Shop Iguana wanted Koharu Hidaka to win, but now they can’t say a word now that she lost.

Of course, there’s Haruo Yaguchi as he boasts his impressive victory, although he praised Koharu Hidaka and her relentless skills when it comes to fighting games.

Um Haruo, the reason why Koharu challenged you is because she wants you to be her boyfriend!

Then again, he’s so freaking dense that Yaguchi is getting a beating from Hidaka. But you know what, I think she’ll continue to play video games, especially fighting games, in order to get closer to Haruo Yaguchi.

The next day, Haruo Yaguchi plays DonPachi for kicks, but fails miserably at the end. I guess he’s not cut into playing bullet hell shoot ’em ups.

On the other hand, seems that Haruo Yaguchi found what appears to be Akira Ono, playing strip mahjong no less. Wait, she’s too young to play that!

However, turns out that Haruo met Akira’s older sister named Makoto Ono. Phew, I thought Akira became a perverted woman upon playing those adult arcade games.

In any case, that was an intense episode and while I’m impressed with both Haruo and Koharu’s fighting game skills, I feel that Yaguchi should take hints when it comes to women’s feelings. Maybe in the next episode, he’ll learn how to treat a woman!

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