The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode #12

Oh look, here are the three heroes in which Glass told them that they’re weak and acting like servants for the Shield Hero.

Of course, the likes of Itsuki Kawasumi, Motoyasu Kitamura, and Ren Amagi won’t take that insult very lightly as they proceed to attack the true boss of the 2nd Wave of Catastrophe.

However, Glass will show them that she’s stronger than everyone and so she blow them away with her Reverse Four Seasons spell.

And as you can see, the three heroes and their companions are no match against Glass. Well, looks like they don’t stand a damn chance against the true final boss.

Well, except for Naofumi Iwatani and his companions as they didn’t engage with Glass haphazardly.

Oh by the way, Princess Malty ran away because she doesn’t want to get herself killed by Glass. Not surprising consider that this bitch princess is saving her own skin, even as far as abandoning the Spear Hero and his allies. Hm, I have a bad feeling that Malty will eventually ditch Motoyasu much like she toss Naofumi away.

Anyways, now that Glass have eliminated those weaklings, it’s time for the final boss to fight against Naofumi and his companions starting with Raphtalia.

Unfortunately for Raphtalia, her attack got parried by Glass using her trusty old iron fan.

Even worse is that Raphtalia’s sword got broken into half. Well, looks like she’ll have to repair it to the Blacksmith once the 2nd Wave is over.

Also, seems that Glass stops Filo’s attacks even if this filolial is empowered thanks to Naofumi’s Rage Shield. Gotta say, that she’s worthy of a final boss, but there’s one way to stop Glass.

And that’s by using the powerful Iron Maiden magic spell as Naofumi traps Glass using Shield Prison.

Then raise her up so that Naofumi can crush her using the Iron Maiden spell. As he grasp his right hand tightly, the Shield Hero is certain that his enemy is defeated.

But nope, turns out that Glass is too strong that the Iron Maiden was destroyed.

At this point, Naofumi Iwatani and his companions couldn’t defeat the final boss, but Glass said that they haven’t reached the true battle of the Wave. Of course, she’s not gonna let them win and reach that true battle.

Not on Naofumi’s watch as he told Raphtalia to cast Fast Light to blind Glass and make a run for it.

Well, looks like Raphtalia’s light magic is very handy to get out of this sticky situation, and Glass doesn’t look happy from it.

Anyways, Filo took both Naofumi and Raphtalia out from the ghost ship as they run away to safety.

As for Glass however, it looks like she didn’t manage to beat the Shield Hero and his companions. Well, there would be next time for this powerful enemy.

But for now, the 2nd Wave of Catastrophe has finally ended. Of course, the reason why the Wave is finished, despite the heroes failed to defeat Glass, is because they have a time limit.

This means that even if they didn’t find the boss and kill it to stop the Wave, they could just hold the enemy out until the timer runs out. Then again, only Naofumi managed to notice the time limit while the rest are knocked-out cold to realize it.

But hey, what’s important is that the villagers and those who fought against the monsters are safe and sound, including the old lady and Naofumi’s new recruits.

Despite his heroic efforts, King Aultcray won’t even give Naofumi a hefty reward because he still treats the Shield Hero as shit.

Likewise, Naofumi Iwatani won’t even give a damn about the King anyway as he refused to tell him how he beat the Dimensional Soul Eater and survived the 2nd Wave. So yeah, mutual disrespect!

In any case, the King of Melromarc dimissed the Shield Hero. You know King Aultcray, you’ll fell off from your throne once the Queen returns to Melromarc.

On the other hand, there are some who are impressed by Naofumi’s actions, but Naofumi shouldn’t lower his guard and get carried away.

While I have to say that this woman was impressed by the Shield Hero, I don’t think that she’s an ally to him because who knows, she might either kill Naofumi or create a terrible plot that’ll turn the Melromarc Kingdom upside-down.

Meawnhile, here’s Princess Melty as she arrived at the palace unscathed. Yes, I said unscathed because Melty didn’t get caught by some assassins along the way.

In any case, Princess Melty convinces her father to stop treating the Shield Hero like dirt, otherwise the entire kingdom will be at peril. However, the King refused to do so, saying that he won’t let him or the demi-humans do as they pleases!

Come to think of it, I wonder if King Aultcray has some bad experience towards the demi-humans? Regardless of what happened in the past, there’s no denying that he and Malty destroyed Naofumi’s reputation because the Shield Hero is associated with demi-humans.

But speaking of Princess Malty, she arrived at the palace after leaving the battlefield unscathed, telling Melty that she shouldn’t stick to someone’s business.

However, what Princess Melty is doing is for the sake of the entire kingdom, not for personal gain like her older sister.

Well, looks like this bitch princess couldn’t say a word against the crown princess. But you know what, Princess Malty should die at the battlefield instead of chickening out.

Then again, I’m still worried towards Princess Melty as her life is in danger. Hell, even Princess Malty is planning to kill Melty off and become the crown princess!

You see that guy hiding at that pillar? He’s plotting to assassinate the crown princess. You know, Princess Melty shouldn’t go to the palace when her life is in danger.

Now let’s go back to Naofumi Iwatani where he’ll travel to Shieldfreeden to get those class upgrades for him and Raphtalia, after he postponed it when the 2nd Wave of Catastrophe arrived.

Of course, he and his companions won’t go there empty-handed as the Blacksmith gave them new equipment, including a mana sword that can be used against astral or non-physical enemies. Hmm, I wonder if Raphtalia can emit energy from the hilt?

Also, Filo got some gloves which has a strength of a hundred men. Basically, she can bulldoze everybody while pulling tons of goods under her back.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene as Princess Melty has arrived to talk to the Shield Hero.

But no matter what she say, Naofumi refused to talk to the king. C’mon, King Aultcray and Princess Malty destroyed Naofumi from the first episode, which is why he has a massive distrust towards the Melromarc Kingdom.

In any case, Princess Melty is frustrated that Naofumi Iwatani is a hard man to convince.

Unfortunately for Princess Melty, someone from the royal guards have decided to carry out the assassination. Is it one person who’s carrying out the murder, or even the entire group?

Still, Naofumi Iwatani managed to guard Princess Melty against this assailant. However, he and his party will have to stop this assassin (and his allies) from murdering the crown princess.

In any case, I’ll see you next time where the Shield Hero and his allies will have to protect Melty at all costs.

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