Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Episodes #14 & #15

We have finally arrived at the last story arc for Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh and really, it’s gonna be the most mind-blowing story arc that I’ve ever seen as it involves around Kyouichiro Teratsuki.

But first, time to introduce some characters on this story arc as we have Shizuka Hashizaka and her son Makoto. They’re here to visit the Moon Temple, Kyouichiro Teratsuki’s pet project where he created it on a whim. Sadly, Teratsuki mysteriously died at the age of 56 after the Moon Temple is created.

Anyways, Makoto Hashizaka went to the bathroom briefly when he saw this old guy in blue-colored suit.

This guy claimed that he was born today, although Makoto will just shrug it off since he’s saying silly things. Then again, this guy in the blue suit said that the world is twisted and distorted.

Come to think of it, this guy looks like Kyouichiro Teratsuki, the man who supposedly dead at the age of 56? Could it be that Makoto saw happened to be Kyouichiro’s ghost?

Now then, let’s move onto a familiar character named Kei Niitoki as we last saw her on the first story arc. Anyways, she’s currently finding a prep school as Kei wants to get admitted to a prestigious college.

That’s until Niitoki saw Touka Miyashita. But just as Kei is about to approach her classmate, Touka disappears in the blink of an eye…

…and instead felt the presence of Boogiepop as the grim reaper went past Niitoki. I wonder if Boogiepop felt something odd in this world?

Regardless, the grim reaper went to the Moon Temple to find out. Of course, Kei Niitoki chased Boogiepop as she went to the Moon Temple too.

But speaking of the Moon Temple, seems that everyone went inside to check the interior of this weird structure.

Of course, most of the attendees will go to the top of the temple to see the panoramic view of Tokyo.

Also, more characters introduced as I present you Sakiko Michimoto as she’s joined by her male companion. Unfortunately, Sakiko decides to explore the Moon Temple by herself.

And lastly, here’s Kentarou Habara as he’s joined by Shirou Tanaka, although Kentarou is mocking Sakiko for making an argument over her companion, while Shirou still laments over the loss of Naoko Kamikishiro.

With that said, I hope that there’s nothing bad will happen inside the Moon Temple.

Unfortunately, I’ve spoke too soon as Kentarou Habara and Shirou Tanaka heard a disturbing sound that everyone went dazed and confused.

Not only that but the doors have suddenly closed. Even one of the staff members are perplexed in regards to the current situation.

Meanwhile, here’s Kei Niitoki as she went to a mysterious place as her ears are being drowned with this cacophony.

And before she knew it, Niitoki was transferred to Shinyou Academy. I wonder if Kei passed-out thanks to that disturbing sound?

In any case, Kei Niitoki saw Masami Saotome who was supposed be dead at the end of the first story arc. However, this person is not Masami as he calls himself as the King of Distorsion.

Anyways, the reason why the King of Distorsion exists is because he saw people who have lingering feelings of regret, and he’ll alleviate their feelings by putting them into an eternal dream and turning them into gold. Why he wants to turn them into gold? I have no idea.

By the way, it turns out that Kei Niitoki has some feelings for Keiji Takeda. Of course, let’s not forget that Keiji already has Touka as his girlfriend.

But just as she’s about to get taken by the King of Distortion, Boogiepop appears where the grim reaper snapped Kei Niitoki out from her dream. Well, glad that Kei was saved yet again, but there won’t be another.

That’s because Kei is still inside the Moon Temple and let’s just say that the King of Distortion won’t let Boogiepop interfere with his experiment.

Although Niitoki is rescued from being trapped into her own dream, there are still who are affected by the King of Distortion’s experiments.

Heck, even one of the staff members is affected by it. It goes to show that the King of Distortion is the most powerful being that Boogiepop has ever faced.

Still, I wonder who is the King of Distortion and why he appeared on the day the Moon Temple is opened to the public? Then again, is there a link between his appearance and Kyouichiro Teratsuki’s mysterious death?

But anyways, seems that the King of Distortion has appeared to various characters in the story, including Shizuka Hashizaka who previously met Kyouichiro Teratsuki in the past. Of course, her only regret is that she didn’t marry Teratsuki.

Come to think of it, I have a feeling that Kyouichiro Teratsuki and the King of Distortion are one and the same.

Meanwhile, here’s Sakiko Michimoto where she met someone she used to know.

This is Hinako, Sakiko’s best friend since grade school. Unfortunately for Sakiko, what she saw is the King of Distortion, posing as Hinako as her best friend died many years ago.

But here’s the thing though as Sakiko Michimoto has some regrets on not apologizing to Hinako after saying bad things to her. Too bad that she’ll be stuck in this eternal dream forever.

And lastly, let’s talk about Kentarou Habara where it turns out that he’s actually a hacker. Well, I bet that the reason why he attended a prestigious high school is because Kentarou stole financial assets from various corporations.

Too bad that Habara is about to get arrested by the police as this officer is getting suspicious towards him and his belongings.

Fortunately, Kentarou was saved by a familiar character. You probably know her as the other main character of this series.

That’s right, it’s Nagi Kirima as Kentarou Habara is saved by her appearance. Then again, Nagi knows about Kentarou’s hacking exploits that she told him to stop.

Of course, Kentarou knows that he already gave up on being a hacker, as well as being under the King of Distortion’s influence which is why Habara won’t get swayed by this illusion.

And speaking of the King of Distortion, looks like he changed his appearance from Nagi Kirima to Masami Saotome as he congratulates Kentarou Habara for figuring it out.

And while Kentarou reverted to his current appearance, the King of Distortion asked Habara if he could get out of this illusion before he’s succumb to it forever. But you know what, if there’s a will, there’s a way!

Anyways, Kentarou Habara went outside but he’ll be greeted by something big…

This is Zooragi and this tyrannosaurus is gonna crush Kentarou, meaning that he won’t wake up from his eternal dream. Looks like it’s time for him to run away for his life!

Along the way, Kentarou Habara found Makoto Hashizaka who is also stuck inside this illusion. By the way, Makoto knows Zooragi and I have a feeling that he has some bad memories towards that tyrannosaurus.

But anyway, time for Kentarou and Makoto to get out of this illusion and return to their respective bodies ’cause getting stuck in this dream is a pain.

Fortunately, Kentarou managed to wake up from his dream, although I wish Makoto woke up too. But now, it’s time to do important things…

…like waking Shirou Tanaka up. I bet that he’s dreaming about Naoko Kamikishiro that he wants to stay in his dream forever.

Still, Tanaka has finally wake up thanks to Habara’s intervention. While he managed to save his friend, it appears that Kentarou will have a bigger problem at hand.

You see, all of the attendees inside the Moon Temple have fallen asleep thanks to the King of Distortion. While Boogiepop will eventually stop the King of Distortion, there’s still a question in regards to the connection between the Moon Temple, the King of Distortion’s appearance, and Kyouichiro Teratsuki’s sudden death.

Now, if these elements are connected, could it be that Kyouichiro Teratsuki wants to create an ambitious experiment, using the Moon Temple and it’s attendees to dig deeper into their psyche and make them sleep for eternity? If so, I bet that the Towa Organization won’t like it but alas, they can’t stop him because Teratsuki is already dead… or is it?

In any case, I’ll see you next time for the conclusion of this story arc!

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