Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode #24

This is it, the true final battle between the Administrator that is Quinella, who is still naked as ever…

…versus the black swordsman himself, Kirito, who now wears the famous Coat of Midnight. Let’s hope that he can defeat Quinella and get out of the Underworld!

But despite losing her right arm, that doesn’t mean that the Administrator is weak as Quinella is still strong that she can still parry Kirito’s attacks…

…until the Administrator managed to bring him down to the floor. Well, I must say that despite his experience, Kirito can’t beat Quinella.

However, it appears that Kirito will have a glimmer of hope as Eugeo, whose body got cut in half in the previous episode, stretches his hand towards Kirito.

With that said, Eugeo wants to give something that will help Kirito on defeating Quinella. And sure that Kirito helped Eugeo when he needed the most, it’s his turn to help the black swordsman.

Suddenly, red light flashes across the hall which blinds the Administrator. But what Kirito got was something useful…

That’s right, it’s Eugeo’s Blue Rose Sword, now fully-repaired and having red as its primary color instead of blue.

Coupled with his Night Sky Sword, Kirito has returned to wield two swords much like his days at Sword Art Online.

However, Quinella won’t let him make a comeback as she proceeds to cut one of Kirito’s limbs.

And while the Administrator managed to stab his right shoulder, it appears that Kirito will get a last laugh.

You see, he managed to cut Quinella’s remaining arm. And since her left arm is holding the Silvery Eternity sword, it appears that she can no longer defend herself.

Looks like Quinella is about to lose now that she lost both arms, while Kirito may still have a chance to win since his left arm remains intact.

However, the Administrator is still persistent as she’ll use her prehensile hair to strangle Kirito until he’s dead. Man, Quinella is getting annoying as she can’t seem to give up!

But you know what, Kirito will end Quinella’s misery as he’s about to stab his sword towards the Administrator’s heart.

And as you can see, Kirito managed to stab Quinella’s heart that her body is starting to break down. Looks like her tough and beautiful body is about to be destroyed.

Of course, his stabbing has created a big explosion which sends Kirito towards the wall. But what about Quinella?

Well, she decides to rage quit as Quinella opens the console and types the command to transport her soul to the real world. Which means that the Administrator will continue to do heinous crimes outside the Underworld.

Of course, the problem is that which body she’ll use. Could it be that Quinella use one of the completed robots, or even Kirito’s body? Then again, I don’t want Quinella taking over the latter!

Also, would it be nice if Kirito makes his move instead of just standing there like an idiot?

But just as she’s about to leave the Underworld, it appears the Prime Senator Chudelkin is somewhat alive as he approaches Quinella…

…and hugs the Administrator because c’mon, the Prime Senator is a pervert towards Quinella. However, Quinella totally hates Chudelkin for being a scumbag, especially when his fiery body is burning her to death.

But you know what, it seems that it’s fitting for the Administrator to be killed by her number one supporter by burning her to death.

With that said, Quinella’s reign as the pontifex is finally over… not with a whimper, but with a fiery bang!

Afterwards, Kirito approached Eugeo as he tries to save his best friend’s life.

Um Kirito, would it be nice if you rescue Alice as well as she got knocked-out? Speaking of Alice, I was disappointed that she didn’t do anything on this episode.

Anyways, Eugeo told Kirito about their childhood days and how Alice has some feelings for him. Of course, Eugeo admits that he’s envious towards Kirito, but he doesn’t want to hate him because Eugeo learned that love is something that you give rather than seek.

In any case, all 3 had a great time as Kirito and Alice gave a wooden sword to Eugeo as a birthday gift. Well, at least he’s happy with it!

Alas, Eugeo can only relive those memories as he’s about to fade away into a glimmer of light. Kirito tried to save him, but it’s already too late.

And so, Eugeo dies as he finally disappears. Now, the only thing that Kirito needs to do is to take Alice and return to the real world.

However, it appears that Kirito can’t go back to the real world yet as there’s a commotion going on inside the Ocean Turtle.

You see, Seijirou Kikuoka told Kirito that there’s a group of mercenaries who managed to infiltrate to building and now they’re trying to steal everything related to Rath.

Now, remember the time where Asuna noticed some shady people back in Episode 11? Well, these guys are the ones who got inside the Ocean Turtle undetected.

Of course, they decided to ditch their lab coats and put on their body armor as they storm the facility with no survivors.

Oh, and these two people are the ones leading the charge. I wonder if they’re part of Laughing Coffin since they’re here to kill Kirito while he’s unconscious?

Unfortunately, we’re gonna end this episode right here as while I want Sword Art Online: Alicization to continue, we’ll have to wait for October for the 2nd half of the Alicization arc. Until then, let’s hope that Kirito and Alice are safe!

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