Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Episodes #16 & #17

Here’s Kei Niitoki where she asked Kazuko Suema in regards to dissociative identity disorder, specifically Touka Miyashita where she becomes Boogiepop.

However, Suema told Niitoki that there’s no scientific proof of someone having dissociative identity disorder. She also added that most of them have mulitiple desires that they lie about having an alter ego, and sometimes blame their alter ego for their mistakes and crimes.

Oh yeah and regarding Miyashita becoming Boogiepop? Let’s say that they she was possessed by the grim reaper. But you know what, it would be interesting if Boogiepop possessed someone, but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.

But let’s go back to the present where Kei Niitoki is still stuck inside the Moon Temple and although she was saved by Boogiepop, Kei will be shocked to see another horrible scene.

For you see, the attendees inside the Moon Temple are still sleeping as of this moment. Maybe the King of Distortion wants to keep them dreaming for all eternity so that their feelings turn to gold.

Then again, Boogiepop doesn’t consider the King of Distortion as a threat yet, even though it’s clear that the attendees are in danger.

But for the time being, Boogiepop gave Niitoki something to eat since she’s somewhat hungry during the crisis. By the way, that lunch box belonged to Touka Miyashita just to let you know.

And so, Boogiepop went away to observe the current situation further until the grim reaper makes a conclusion.

Of course, this means that Kei Niitoki will be left alone. But worst of all is that she’s gonna meet the King of Distortion again.

Even though she’s no longer trapped in her dream, Kei still sees the King of Distortion where he wants continue their conversation with her.

However, she had enough of it as Niitoki knows who the King of Distortion is. You see, her lingering feelings is not the reason why he exists, but rather her alternate personality.

And it’s not just Kei, but everyone inside the Moon Temple as their alternate personalities created their own Kings of Distortion. Nice deduction there Niitoki, but you still not yet close to the real truth of his existence.

Outside of the Moon Temple, here’s Keiji Takeda where he went there to see if Touka Miyashita is inside the building. Of course, Miyashita is currently inside the Moon Temple as Boogiepop, but would it be better if Takeda would run away from the Moon Temple…

…especially when the building is on the brink of collapse due to its strange vibrations as well as earthquakes. At this point, it’s dangerous to go inside.

However, it appears that Keiji can’t get out of this place right now as there’s a mysterious entity that’s causing havoc outside the Moon Temple. Let’s hope that Takeda will be okay, otherwise Miyashita will be sad if he dies.

But let’s go back inside the Moon Temple where we focus around Makoto Hashizaka. Now while he doesn’t have a father, Makoto created something that resembled his unknown dad.

Or rather, Makoto’s imaginary father named Zooragi. And here’s the thing though as Zooragi has materialized itself thanks to the King of Distortion. I guess the reason why Zooragi is created because Makoto lived his life with only his mother Shizuka.

But now, Makoto is worried that his life is in danger as he’s about to meet his own creation up-close. Then again, it’s unwise for Makoto to get closer to Zooragi as he might get eaten by that tyrannosaurus.

Fortunately, Makoto was saved by Boogiepop, although the grim reaper cannot see Zooragi as Boogiepop’s wavelength doesn’t match with Makoto’s creation.

But it wasn’t until Zooragi materialize itself which Boogiepop can finally see it, although it would be best to run away because it’s dangerous to fight this monster head-on.

Thus, Boogiepop took Makoto and ran away to the top of the Moon Temple. Of course, Zooragi will catch-up to them as it stretches its head until both Boogiepop and Makoto are cornered.

However, Boogiepop decided to get out of the Moon Temple by breaking one of the walls once the grim reaper and Makoto Hashizaka reached the top of the temple.

Then again, it’s impossible to jump at this kind of height as both Boogiepop and Makoto might die if they fell down to the pavement.

What’s worse is that Zooragi decides to burn the Moon Temple down with its fire breath.

Coupled with the constant earthquakes happening outside the Moon Temple, it appears that the building might crumble at any minute.

Of course, we’re talk about how to escape from the Moon Temple so what will the grim reaper do?

Simple, Boogiepop will use its wires to bungee-jump together with Makoto Hashizaka in order to get out from the Moon Temple.

And not only that, but the grim reaper managed to cut Zooragi’s head at the same time. Although Makoto’s creation won’t be defeated easily, at least Zooragi will run away from the Moon Temple.

Anyways, Boogiepop has safely landed together with Makoto Hashizaka. Of course, Keiji Takeda will be angry if he found out that Touka Miyashita is injured thanks to Boogiepop’s crazy stunts.

But as for Makoto however, he’s safe although Makoto passed out as he’s scared of falling to his death. Now, the only thing left to do for Boogiepop is to investigate further inside the Moon Temple and then rescue some people there.

But let’s go back to the Moon Temple where Sakiko Michimoto has finally awake from her dream.

And she’s now greeted by both Shirou Tanaka and Kentarou Habara, although Sakiko’s vision is somewhat blurry as she’s stuck in an eternal dream for a long time.

Meanwhile, Shirou Tanaka found a hatch that would lead them to the exit. Then again, the problem is that the ground floor is completely sealed-off.

Still, that doesn’t stop Kentarou and Shirou from going down, but now they can’t get up as the hatch has sealed-off by Sakiko…

…where she proceeds to go up to the top of the Moon Temple. Then again, it would be better if she didn’t close the hatch. However, it gets worse from there as Kyouichiro Teratsuki announced that the air ducts will be closed, meaning that Kentarou and Shirou will die from asphyxiation.

Of course, they can’t just panic around until their oxygen runs, so Kentarou Habara and Shirou Tanaka will have to think of another way to get out of the Moon Temple. But you know what, it would be wise if Kentarou and Shirou climb towards the top of the temple.

Outside of the Moon Temple, it appears that Keiji Takeda saw Touka Miyashita. Of course, it’s not the real Touka as she’s currently inside the Moon Temple as Boogiepop.

Furthermore, this Miyashita happened to be the King of Distortion. Could it be that Keiji has some lingering feelings nor desires that the King of Distortion manifests himself into a form of his girlfriend?

Regardless, the King of Distortion urges Keiji Takeda to follow him inside the Moon Temple. But of course, it’s dangerous to go inside since the building is about to collapse at any minute.

Meanwhile, here’s Sakiko Michimoto as she’s about to get crushed by the falling debris. While her instincts tells her to run away as fast as possible, it appears that Sakiko wants to die like this since she blames herself for Hinako’s death.

However, it was not meant to be as she Sakiko was saved as the debris was cut into small pieces by a familiar garrote wire. Looks like Boogiepop has arrived.

Of course, since the grim reaper has arrived since Boogiepop can sense someone who’s about to die, Michimoto told Boogiepop to kill her as she committed a sin for letting Hinako die at a young age.

Unfortunately for Sakiko, Boogiepop decides not to kill her since it’s not worth it. Also, the grim reaper told Michimoto to live first before her time in Earth is up.

So yeah, Sakiko Michimoto’s life is spared thanks to Boogiepop, but of course Sakiko needs to make amends for her mistakes while she’s alive.

Now let’s go back to Kentarou Habara and Shirou Tanaka where they finally made it to the top floor. Also, seems that they saw a table with a keyboard, which means that Kentarou can use his hacking skills to get out of the Moon Temple.

With that said, both Kentarou and Shirou are greeted by Kyouichiro Teratsuki as he congratulate them for making it to the top of the Moon Temple.

Of course, Kyouichiro wants to tell them about everything he knows from the Towa Organization, ranging from their existence to humanity’s evolution which Teratsuki made contributions to grow them without the watchful eye of the organization. Then again, Teratsuki wants humanity to have the possibility of evolving without him nor the organization’s interference.

Also, Teratsuki provived a password that will not only open the security doors at the ground floor, but also open the air ducts which is crucial since Tanaka and Habara might die if they lose their breath.

Anyways, its password is “Stairway to Heaven” and it’s a shout-out to Led Zeppelin’s famous song of the same name. Man, I must say that the author loves to insert rock music references much like a certain Hirohiko Araki.

Unfortunately, Kyouichiro Teratsuki has said too much and thus he’s about to get killed by a grim reaper sent from the Towa Organization. And really, it’s not pleasant to look at!

Anyways, it’s confirmed that what Kentarou Habara and Shirou Tanaka saw was the last recording of Kyouichiro Teratsuki before his head was cut-off by Eugene.

For the Towa Organization, they finally killed one of their dissidents. But alas, it appears that what Kyouichiro did was beyond their control and thus decided to distance away from the Moon Temple incident.

Of course, the question still remained unsolved in regards to the King of Distortion, like how did he exists when the Moon Temple was created.

And while some took hints of the King of Distortion’s true identity and its intentions, it appears that Kentarou Habara is still puzzled about it. More importantly, it appears that his companion is acting weird.

In fact, Shirou Tanaka is somewhat possessed. Hmm, could it be that the King of Distortion decided to take control of Shirou’s body?

Unfortunately, I’m going to end this post right here as there’s so much stuff going on that covering the last 3 episodes would take this post far longer. Anyways, tune in next time for the “real” conclusion of this story arc and I promise you that you’ll be blown away!

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