To Aru Majutsu no Index III Episode #26

Well, seems that Accelerator was greeted by a familiar character…

That’s right, it’s Last Order as she’s finally recovered from the brink of death. All I can say is that miracles do come true!

But the most surprising part is that not only Accelerator sprouted angel wings, but also an angel halo on his head. This means that Accelerator transforms into an angel much like Aiwass, athough he’s still foul-mouthed as ever!

Anyways, he told Misaka Worst to take care of Last Order as Accelerator went to the Star of Bethlehem, although he’ll push the fortress away rather than helping Touma Kamijou on defeating Fiamma of the Right.

But speaking of Fiamma, it appears that his grimoires has finally tampered thanks to the Anglican Church, especially Stiyl Magnus where he puts a seal towards Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Of course, Fiamma of the Right will just take control of the grimoires by force, but he should be worry about what comes next!

You see, Touma Kamijou is about to shatter Fiamma’s illusions with his right hand of justice.

And here’s Fiamma of the Right, getting the full brunt of Touma’s Imagine Breaker. Well, that was a quick way to end this final battle.

Oh, and Fiamma drops the grimoires from his hand. With that said, it’s finally over, but Kamijou will have to get the grimoires back to Index.

However, he needs to save Fiamma first because despite being a scumbag, Touma Kamijou doesn’t want anyone left to die. And so, Touma puts Fiamma into one of the escape pods in order for him to live.

As for Touma however, he has something to do before he saves himself like retrieving Index’s grimoires and dismantling the Star of Bethlehem.

Anyways, Fiamma of the Right has escaped, joining both Lessar and Sasha Kruezhev as they finally got out from the crumbling fortress. Of course, this leaves Touma getting stuck inside the Star of Bethlehem.

However, it seems that Kamijou will be saved after all when Mikoto Misaka and MISAKA No. 10777 are here to rescue Touma.

And here’s Mikoto where she reaches Touma’s hand. Isn’t it nice that there’s someone helping him?

But, Touma Kamijou rejected Mikoto’s offer as he still have unfinished business to attend to. Why Touma, why?

Sure that you want to stop this fortress from crashing into a city, as well as getting Index’s grimoires, but we don’t want you to die!

Unfortunately for Misaka however, it appears that her attempts to rescue Kamijou has cut short when MISAKA No. 10777 pulled the VTOL airplane back from the Star of Bethlehem.

Well, that’s sucks! However, it would be bad if Mikoto Misaka and MISAKA No. 10777 stayed a bit longer as their plane might crash towards the fortress.

Now then, let’s go back to Touma Kamijou where he’s about to get Index’s grimoires when her spirit appears in front of him.

This gives Touma some time to tell the truth that he got amnesia after saving Index from having her memories reset every time. Of course, Index will forgive Touma for as long as he returned to his usual self after a major crisis.

So yeah, he’ll remain as Touma Kamijou regardless of whether he lost his memories or regain it. And besides, he’s still the Level 0 punk with an unusual right hand that can cancel magic and psychic powers.

Now then, it’s time for Touma Kamijou to bring Index’s grimoires back to her as he touched it using his right hand. Then again, I’m concerned that his Imagine Breaker would destroy those 103,000+ grimoires that were collected throughout history.

But, it appears that it’s not the case as Stiyl Magnus is surprised to see Index regaining consciousness.

However, she’s gonna asked Stiyl in regards to Touma’s whereabouts as he’s currently stopping a crumbling fortress in Russia. Unfortunately for Kamijou however, it appears that someone wants to throw a spanner towards him.

Turns out, it’s Gabriel and while Acqua of the Back managed to seal this archangel in previous episodes, it seems that Acqua lost control of Gabriel and decides to wreck havoc across Russia.

Fortunately, Touma has a plan to stop that archangel as he currently dismantles the fortress which will change its course of impact, sending the Star of Bethlehem away from villages and into the Arctic Ocean.

Of course, he’s not gonna crash the Star of Bethlehem into the ocean as Touma will use the fortress as a battering ram towards Gabriel.

And you know what, it’s actually a genius idea for Kamijou to ram the fortress towards an archangel. But still, Gabriel managed to survive even after getting the full brunt of the fortress.

So, the only solution to stop an archangel is by punching it with Touma’s Imagine Breaker. Then again, it appears that he managed to survive from the crumbling fortress, but now I’m worried that Kamijou might freeze to death.

But that doesn’t stop him from punching Gabriel straight to the face. It’s insane that a Level 0 punk can survive the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean, just to stop this rampaging archangel.

Anyways, Gabriel is finally defeated. But, I’m worried about Touma Kamijou as he might not survive the cold temperature.

So even though Touma managed to save the world, there’s still more stories to tell…

Like Shiage Hamazura for example as he’s finding something as a plea bargain so that he and his friends can safely return to Academy City. Unfortunately for him, Hamazura can’t find something important on this thick layer of snow.

Oh, and it gets worse when Shiage found himself in a rock and a hard place when this person in a motorcycle helmet shows up along with a band of soldiers.

Anyways, this woman happened to be the liaison for ITEM where she revealed that they’re here to capture Rikou Takitsubo as she can potentially become a Level 5 esper thanks to her so-called Parameter List. Of course, this means that she and her soldiers will eliminate every witnesses which includes Hamazura since he’s Level 0.

Unfortunately for this treacherous broker, she and her soldiers will have a rude awakening when Digurv and his fellow villagers arrived to rescue Shiage and his friends.

Also, they gunned down those Academy City soldiers without firing their rifles. Basically, this ITEM liaison is at the mercy from those villagers.

But hey, I’m surprised to see that Digurv and his fellow villagers are safe from being nuked by the Russian army. Not only that, but they managed to rescue Shiage Hamazura and his ITEM allies in the nick of time.

Anyways, looks like the liaison from ITEM will have some explaining to do as Hamazura will have to force her to spill the beans at gunpoint. Heck, he might get something out of her which would grant Shiage and his friends a way to safely return to Academy City, but I’m not gonna see the outcome of it.

Also, here’s Accelerator where after he did something to ruin the Star of Bethlehem, he got captured by Academy City personnel. However, it didn’t last long because Accelerator murdered everyone.

Now, the only thing that he needs to do is to reunite with Last Order and Misaka Worst.

And lastly, here’s Fiamma of the Right where he finally got out of the Star of Bethlehem safe and sound.

However, Fiamma’s right arm got slashed away by someone else. Could it be that Vento of the Front is here for a payback?

Nope, turns out that Aleister Crowley is the one who cut Fiamma’s right arm as he got out from his tank at Academy City. Anyways, Aleister told Fiamma that he failed to realize the true power of Touma’s right arm and paid the price for it.

And really, taking his Imagine Breaker does not simply take its absolute powers to negate everything, which is why Fiamma failed to get what he wants even after summoning the Star of Bethlehem and plunging the world into chaos.

Of course, given that his pride was shattered by Touma, Fiamma got very angry towards Aleister that he summons his holy right arm to attack him.

Unfortunately for Fiamma however, Aleister Crowley proved to be the most powerful magician that he severed Fiamma’s holy right hand completely.

Now while karma has hit on Fiamma of the Right for his failed attempt to reach godhood, it’s very clear that Aleister Crowley is the most dangerous person that various churches labeled him as a greatest threat.

Then again, we’ll never know the full extent of Aleister Crowley as he remains mysterious even after getting out from his tank. But seriously, how did he get here anyway? I guess I’ll never know!

And so, the 3rd World War as finally ended as the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church declared an end to all hostilities. Of course, Krans R. Tsarskiy wants to have a seat on negotiating with Academy City so that both the Magic Side and Science Side won’t fight again. However, that doesn’t stop some people from doing heinous crimes like the Kihara family and Aleister Crowley.

But speaking of Academy City, it appears that life returns to normal now that the war is over.

Also, it appears that Hyouka Kazakiri has returned after her short trip in Russia where she has a short conversation with Aiwass, telling the angel that he should understand humans more or he’ll end up getting killed should Aiwass underestimate them.

After all, there are some people like Touma who can overcome everything regardless of whether they have powers or not. But then again, it’s just the beginning of something far greater than World War III.

But let’s go back to Russia where all hostilities are starting to cease. However, both Mikoto Misaka and MISAKA No. 10777 are busy finding Touma Kamijou from the Arctic Ocean.

That’s until Mikoto found a Gekota phone strap which belongs to Touma. Wait, don’t tell me that Kamijou is killed in action right after he punched Gabriel to the face?

Meanwhile, here’s Fiamma of the Right as he’s left to die in the frozen wasteland after Aleister Crowley cuts both his right arm and his monstrously-divine hand. However, it appears that Fiamma will be saved by these two people.

Sadly, we’re not gonna know who Ollerus and Othinus is for the time being, but they’ll be important later on… unless J.C. Staff decides to put this series into a long hiatus once they’re done with the spin-offs.

But wait, what about Touma Kamijou, the hero of this story who not only defeated Fiamma of the Right, but also stopped World War III? Is he confirmed dead?

Oh, seems that he’s actually alive but Touma is currently passed-out. So yeah, Kamijou is not dead by the way ’cause if he does, there won’t be a sequel. Until someone picks him up, Touma will stay right there.

But that’s about it for the To Aru Majutsu no Index III and man, I’m glad that I’ve finally finished watching this show. Then again, it’s sad that I didn’t see the team-up between Touma Kamijou, Accelerator, and Shiage Hamazura. It’s just that they’re busy dealing with their personal stuff during their trip in Russia. While Touma Kamijou’s journey is fair to say the least, the most interesting thing that happened during the 3rd season is Accelerator and Shiage Hamazura’s story where it’s quite engaging compared to Kamijou. Although there’s a bit of ambiguity when it comes to the fate of Hamazura and his allies since I don’t know if they’ll go back to Academy City safely or not, seeing Accelerator grow from being a foul-mouthed villain into the redeemable anti-hero is quite enjoyable, especially the part where he got angel wings.

Of course, some people would complain that J.C. Staff’s handling of Index III is quite rushed that there’s some spots of bad animation, what’s important is that Touma Kamijou’s journey is finally over… until the New Testament novels that is where his journey will continue there. Then again, we’ll never know when will To Aru Majutsu no Index have a sequel so until we’re anticipating the arrival of To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator, fans will continue to ask “When’s Index Season 4?” ad infinitum until Kadokawa and J.C. Staff made an annoucement.

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