The Promised Neverland Episode #12

So, let’s talk briefly about Emma as she told the truth about the orphanage and the existence of demons…

…to Phil who is 4 years old and might not handle the harsh revelation they’re being raised as food for demons.

Yet to my surprise, Phil actually understands the truth. But the question is why he stayed at Grace Field? Turns out, it was Emma’s decision to let Phil stay at the orphanage so she and the rest of the escapees will come back to the plant and pick him up.

Anyways, time for the final episode of The Promised Neverland where Phil decides to stay with Mother Isabella. Oh, and it’s not just Phil…

…but also the other know who have the same age or younger than him. Then again, I doubt that Phil and the rest will survive since the demons will get them once they reached 6 years old (if they failed the tests of course).

Meanwhile, the rest of the orphans are about to escape from not only Grace Field, but the entire complex where various plants are shipping children everyday as demon food.

Also, Mother Isabella has sounded the alarm which Emma and the rest are in panic mode. Of course, they can’t make mistakes during their escape, so what will Emma and the rest do at this crucial situation, especially on how to get past the cliff?

Well, Emma told Ray that Norman found a spot where it’s closer to the wall, although they need someone who has a strong arm to throw a grappling hook (or an improvised one) in order to snag one of the tree branches and make a stable zip line for those kids to safely cross the other side.

Then again, who can possibly throw an improvised hook at such long distances?

Turns out, it’s Don who’ll throw a rock being tied to a rope towards the other side since he’s the strongest of the orphans.

And you know what, he succeeds as Don managed to snag one of the branches and safely zip across the deep ditch.

Not to be outdone by Don, Thoma and Lani will use bottle rockets to send these ropes to the other side.

And it turns out, these water rockets do work as the ropes went across the ditch, which Don grabbed them once the ropes landed to the other side of the cliff.

Now that all three ropes are fully-secured, it’s time for the kids to do the most dangerous part of their escape. It’s the zip line where kids will traverse to the other side using clothes hangers to slide down.

Fortunately, all 14 kids safely crossed to the other side, although some of them got scared due to heights. Now, the only orphan left that’s yet to zip across the ditch is Emma.

Unfortunately, Mother Isabella managed to catch Emma before she escapes the facility.

However, it appears that Isabella didn’t took some drastic actions to stop those kids from escaping as she just stand there, panting heavily after climbing and running across the wall in order to catch-up with the escapees.

But as for Emma, she said farewell to her foster mother as Emma zips down to the other side.

And man, seems that all 15 orphans managed to escape the facility. It was a major setback for the demons now that Emma and Ray have escaped along with 13 children.

But for Mother Isabella, it was a complete loss to her as she failed to capture them alive. But you know what, it appears that Isabella has a past surprisingly enough.

Turns out that Isabella is similar to Emma where she’s friendly towards her fellow orphans, including Leslie where he performed a song just for her.

Unfortunately, Isabella learned the harsh truth when Leslie was shipped out to become a feast for high-class demons, and she’ll be the next one to be shipped out.

However, it turns out that Grandmother picked Isabella up to become a foster mother since she’s very exceptional among the orphans.

Also, Isabella got pregnant during her grueling training. Not sure who knocked Isabella up though but here’s the shocking truth about this mother…

It was revealed that Ray is actually Isabella’s biological mother. And here’s the thing though as Ray learned Leslie’s song through Isabella when she sing it during times of distress.

For Isabella, it was a shocker that she managed to find her lost son, although Isabella will eventually ship Ray out before he got out along with Emma.

With that said, Emma and the rest of the orphans have finally escape the facility after many months of planning.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without Norman as his knowledge saved them from their unfortunate fate as fodder. If only Norman was not killed by demons..

Of course, the question lies towards Isabella’s fate as she failed to stop the escapees. I fear that the demons will end her life while the rest of the children will be shuffled across other plants.

Honestly though, it’s sucks that Isabella went through hell that she tried to escape when she was a kid, only to end up become a foster mother at Grace Field. And really, despite her cruel intention to ship them out once the children reach a certain age, Isabella still cares for them regardless.

As for Phil and the rest of the orphans, I’m hoping that he could make preparations for their escape once they grow up. But it’s too early to tell…

And thus, we’ve reached the end of The Promised Neverland as the orphans tasted freedom upon seeing the rising sun. Man, it was a good anime series to watch!

I would never guess that Cloverworks managed to make a stunning adaptation of Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s manga from Weekly Shonen Jump. Seriously, the suspense from every episode is pulling me to watch this series till the end as The Promised Neverland has an interesting premise of survival and the loss of innocence once the kids learned their horrible fate.

Now that this series is over, it appears that we’ll have to wait for the sequel. Not sure if Season 2 will surpass the first one in 2020, but let’s hope that Cloverworks will deliver it!

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