Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja nai Episodes #01 & #02

On this special occassion, I’m going to briefly blog this notorious anime adaptation of a Fujimi Fantasia Bunko light novel written by Seiji Ebisu to see if there’s some good story beneath the horrible animation. And please take note that I’m using the AT-X version rather than the TV version.

Anyways, it’s the story of Suzuka Nagami, the quintessential heroine where she excels at everything!

And here’s Yuu Nagami, your typical loser protagonist of this anime where he anxiously waits for the light novel contest, because he’s actually a novelist believe it or not.

Sadly, his entry failed to garner any good reviews from various judges… because it turns out that Yuu’s novel is full of cliches that they’re bored to death upon reading it.

So yeah, Yuu Nagami sucks as a novelist, but it’s not like he has given up on writing anyway because his loss serves as a lesson for him to improve.

For now, Yuu went to the bookstore owned by Esaka to find some materials for research… or work as a part-time store merchant.

Then again, most of the light novels being sold at this bookstore are ironically have the same tropes with a few original ideas being added to make it unique. Also, I don’t know if this was enforced but students are barred from taking part-time jobs, yet it doesn’t stop Yuu from taking it.

And one last thing, Esaka-san is actually 20 years old yet her appearance is similar to that of a 12 year-old girl. Wait, Yuu might get arrested for this!

Moving onto the next scene where Yuu was surprised to see his sister Suzuka come to his room. However, seems that Suzuka is holding something behind her back.

Anyways, Suzuka gave Yuu a manuscript which is titled “This is a Tale of a Little Sister Who Loves Her Brother Too Much to Cope”. Wow, that title is a mouthful!

Now then, I wonder why Yuu’s diligent sister wants to give a light novel manuscript from out of the blue? I mean, Suzuka is not interested in writing novels, right?

Turns out that the most diligent girl in the Nagami family is actually the winner of the Sumeragi Fantasy Bunko light novel contest named Towa no Chikai. For Yuu, it’s a shocker to see his little sister actually won the contest, despite the fact that her novel is your typical bro-con romantic comedy story.

Problem is that her parents won’t like that Suzuka won a light novel contest, especially her father who praised Suzuka for being the perfect daughter that he had instead of dabbling into trashy hobbies like watching anime and writing novels. So, Suzuka asked Yuu a favor…

…by making him as a stand-in for Towa no Chikai during the award ceremony. Thus, Yuu Nagami claims the award for best light novel despite the fact that his sister wrote it.

Of course, things are now getting out of hand where Yuu met the editor from Sumeragi Fantasy Bunko, Reika Shinozaki. She’s looking forward for Towa no Chikai’s latest light novel series, even as far as using her body as research in order to make the story more interesting.

Um Reika-san, I think you should act like a decent editor instead of being a depraved woman who wants to have sex with young guys!

Also, Yuu found another fan of Towa no Chikai’s light novel series named Mai Himuro, a popular high school student who’s actually a novelist that wrote an action light novel titled “Sky Magic Guardian” under the pen-name Enryuu Homura.

Of course, the reason why she became a fan of Towa no Chikai’s work is because Mai got salty that her novel didn’t won any awards, so therefore Himuro wants to know how a bro-con novel became a massive hit. Then again, little does Reika nor Mai knows is that Towa no Chikai refers to Suzuka Nagami.

Anyways, Mai Himuro went to the Nagami residence for research. After all, Mai wants to be the best novelist that no one ever was, even as far as finding lewd materials under Yuu’s bed.

That’s until Yuu’s sister Suzuka came barging in where she can’t believe that a girl went inside Yuu’s room.

And not only that, but Mai wants to get raped by Yuu… for research! Um Himuro, I think that’s gone too far so I would suggest to improve the narrative of your action light novel.

Of course, that doesn’t stop Suzuka from calling the police in which Yuu begs his sister not to call them. But you know what, it’s Suzuka’s loss if her brother goes to jail.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Suzuka and Yuu went to Akihabara for some research on her next volume. By the way, this is not a date, even though Suzuka is somewhat in love with Yuu! Come to think of it, I think she wrote that novel because of her brother.

Anyways, Suzuka noticed the signboard which Yuu told her that the illustration is done by Ahegao Double Peace, who’s also responsible for drawing the characters for her novel.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the signboard is an advertisment of an erotic game as Yuu stumbled upon an eroge shop. And really, it’s not safe for Suzuka to know about eroge because it’s full of lewd scenes.

But that doesn’t stop Suzuka from going inside the eroge shop. Man, I have a feeling that she’ll be in for a shocker upon going inside!

Anyways, this is Ahegao Double Peace where I can’t believe that this woman is the illustration behind Towa no Chikai’s latest light novel series…

…especially when her specialty is lewd ones. Not surprising since Ahegao roughly translates to “fucked-up face” and she loves to draw girls having sex with various men.

Come to think of it, it’s funny that Ahegao Double Peace’s clean illustration is a stark contrast to the bad animation that NAZ and Magia Doraglier created.

And as for Suzuka Nagami, she was shocked to see lewd illustrations that she fainted. I guess Suzuka is not ready to handle such lewd works yet!

Anyways, that’s about it for the first 2 episodes of this anime series. Although I have to admit that it’s very late to pick ImoImo up, but I want to see if this is the worst show that everyone claimed to be.

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