Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja nai Episodes #03 & #04

Hey guys, I’m back with Episodes 3 and 4 of ImoImo where Suzuka Nagami told the most boldest question to Yuu Nagami. What is a panchira?

Of course, Yuu is very confused that he couldn’t explain in detail on what panchira is. Then again, the reason why Suzuka asked that is because she wants to create a new heroine on her light novel series.

But if she wants to know what panchira is, here’s your answer as she showed her striped panties towards Yuu by accident.

Of course, you either get turned on by it or having some regrets right now! But as for Yuu, he tries to look away from Suzuka’s panties but his eyes are still glued to it.

Anyways, it seems that Towa no Chikai needs some help from either Mai Himuro or even Ahegao Double Peace for advice on making a new heroine.

Unfortunately, I doubt that neither Himuro nor Ahegao-sensei will provide some good advice as Mai’s (or Enryuu Homura’s) forte is creating exciting battles, while Ahegao Double Peace is known for creating girls who are basically treated as cum buckets.

So instead, they decided to wear some costumes to see which one looks good at cosplaying. Well, it appears that they lost track on their real agenda as Mai and Ahegao-sensei created an impromptu cosplay contest!

But you know what, the real winner is Suzuka Nagami and really, I feel that Yuu has some bias towards his little sister. Sorry Mai Himuro and Ahegao Double Peace, you may have large tits but Yuu thinks that his sister is the best!

Oh yeah and speaking of the second volume, it appears that Suzu- I mean Towa no Chikai is not aware of the deadline so she’s having a crunch time in order to make a manuscript for the second volume. Then again, adding a new heroine would make the story very sloppy compared to the first volume, which will lead the cancellation of her light novel series.

And so, Yuu Nagami took the first volume of “This is a Tale of a Little Sister Who Loves Her Brother Too Much to Cope” and find out what makes this novel tick that everyone is praising it.

Well, it turns out that there’s nothing fancy about a story of a little sister loving her big brother, but its sincere and honest feelings of the main heroine has struck Yuu Nagami that there’s no point of adding a new heroine.

With that said, Yuu told Suzuka to continue the flirtatious relationship between siblings on her light novel rather than adding a new heroine haphazardly.

And really, Yuu said that the little sister in the novel is the only heroine that the main protagonist needs.

Of course, Suzuka thinks that Yuu loves his sister dearly that she’s very happy about it. But you know what, I think she should rewrite the story for the second volume and ship the manuscript to Reika Shinozaki.

Anyways, the second volume for Towa no Chikai’s latest light novel series is finally published and now the author is now having a book-signing session. C’mon, you want Suzuka signing her novel to various fans, only to find out that she’ll get expelled for having a part-time job as a novelist?

Meanwhile, it seems that Yuu or Towa no Chikai met this girl named Sakura Minazuki, a newcover voice actress who’s a big fan of Towa no Chikai’s work that Sakura wants to voice the heroine someday should the novel got an anime adaptation.

Unfortunately, Minazuki missed the book-signing session due to work as she was looking forward to have her copy signed by the author.

Of course, Yuu will gladly sign Sakura’s copy anyway since he can’t let his fans down. Um Yuu, I think you should focus on writing your own light novel rather than continuing this charade of being Suzuka’s stand-in.

On the other hand, it appears that Mai Himuro is getting suspicious towards Yuu Nagami, especially when she look at his belongings. Oh, and she found a manuscript from Yuu’s bag that’s massively different from Towa no Chikai’s bro-con romance light novel.

Of course, Yuu will profusely deny it that the manuscript belongs to a nameless friend, but it would be nice if he didn’t brought it in the first place. And also, Yuu’s current manuscript is still not good that he might need some advice from another failure artist. I’m talking about Kaoruko Moeta from Comic Girls.

Anyways, Suzuka decides to have a date with Yuu in hopes that Mai won’t pry further into their big secret. I mean, Suzuka is the real writer while Yuu is just her stand-in.

Also, here’s Mai Himuro as she tails the Nagami siblings like some stalker. Um Himuro, you’ll get arrested for stalking y’know! With that said, their date is going smoothly…

…until Ahegao Double Peace showed up where she invites the Nagami siblings to buy something for research. I wonder what Ahegao-sensei will buy? Swimsuits or lewd costumes?

Also, seems that Mai Himuro has showed up where she just met them by coincidence instead of tailing both Suzuka and Yuu. *wink wink*

Well, at least Mai is not suspecting Yuu of being a fraud yet, but she’ll continue to find his secret no matter what!

Lastly, here’s Sakura Minazuki where she’s happy to see Towa no Chikai again that Sakura calls him as her big brother. Um Sakura, Towa no Chikai has a real little sister y’know!

But that doesn’t stop Mai Himuro and Suzuka Nagami from bombarding Yuu with questions on why Suzuka calls him “Onii-chan” in public. Well, looks like this impromptu date is finally ruined. But hey, at least Towa no Chikai’s secret is not exposed.

Anyways, that’s about it for Episodes 3 and 4 of ImoImo as I’ll see you next time. By the way, I won’t bother about the bad animation because I’m watching this show to see if the story is bad or not. Then again, it makes me laugh to see how absurb this anime is!

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