Piano no Mori Episodes #20 & #21

We’re now at Day 2 of the International Chopin Piano Competition’s final stage where one of the finalists named Olesya Yushchenko from Ukraine where she plays the Piano Concerto No. 2.

Even though most of them found the Piano Concerto No. 1 as somewhat flashier, there are some who prefer to play the No. 2 as they found it comfortable to play it like Olesya for example.

Regardless on whether they either play the Piano Concerto No. 1 or No. 2, they must show what they’re capable of during the final stage and Shuhei Amamiya is trembling as the competition is intense.

Meanwhile, it appears that Jean Jacques Serreau is concerned regarding the tabloid article about Pang Wei and his dark past, specifically in regards to Pang Hao’s scathing comments that they’ll never hear Sousuke Ajino’s music again once Wei becomes the winner of the competition.

For Serreau, this article is a violation of privacy laws that he wants to file a lawsuit against the organization and the publication behind it. Of course, Kai Ichinose won’t like anyone badmouthing his mentor. But you know what, the only person who would create that article is no other than Victoria Campbell. Oh, and the funny thing is that her assistant David Smith is there, non-chalantly walking away from Serreau and Ajino-sensei.

Speaking of Victoria Campbell, she won’t stop on getting some big scoops during the International Chopin Piano Competition that Victoria is planning to find some truth in regards to Kai Ichinose, although David Smith begs her not to dig deeper into Ichinose’s past or they’ll get in trouble.

On the other hand, it appears that Victoria bumped into someone taller than her.

Turns out that Victoria Campbell and David Smith stumbled upon the police as they’re here to arrest them for violating privacy laws, including the publication of sensitive information from one of the finalists.

But anyways, looks like karma has hit them hard as Victoria Campbell and David Smith will be sent to jail for publishing a distasteful article about Pang Wei.

Meanwhile, here’s Yoichiro Amamiya where he met both Jean Jacques Serreau and Sousuke Ajino for a casual talk. I mean, they haven’t talk much since they’re rivals during their prime.

Also joining Yoichiro is his son Shuhei where he talks about Kai Ichinose and his time where he earns money by taking various jobs, including the time where he dress up as Maria and plays the piano at a strip club.

Of course, Kai told them not to reveal his embarrassing past out loud or someone might notice it. Then again, Ichinose should be careful that someone might know his secret like this familiar guy behind him.

Unfortunately, this guy has finally learned the harsh truth that his beloved Maria is actually Kai Ichinose in disguise. Wait, isn’t that Takeshi Suga?

Turns out, he’s the real deal as Kai Ichinose is surprised to see Takeshi Saga in Poland, although Saga is shocked upon learning the harsh truth regarding Maria’s true identity.

Now then, it’s time for the final day of the International Chopin Piano Competition’s final stage where not only Kai Ichinose and Lech Szymanowski will perform at the hall, but Pang Wei is expected to compete after missing Day 1.

Oh yeah, here’s Allegra Granados where she shows her baby towards her fans. By the way, she’s already performed in Day 2 so Mrs. Granados and her family will watch the final day of the competition.

Also, here’s the An twins named Chang Woo and Chang Soo who already finished performing during the final stage, although they’re currently making bad remarks on Pang Wei after reading the article.

C’mon you two, it’s bad to mock someone, especially those who have troubled past like Pang Wei.

Heck, even Allegra Granados told the An twins to stop making bad remarks towards Pang Wei and enjoy the show. C’mon, what’s important is that Pang Wei is here to perform!

But speaking of Pang Wei, he’s now at the music hall but Wei is feeling a bit tense because of the article that Victoria Campbell and David Smith published beforehand.

That’s until Pang Wei encountered his idol Sousuke Ajino on his way to the main stage. For Wei, it was a dream come true meeting Ajino-sensei who gave him a reason to live.

Of course, Ajino-sensei wishes him good luck and play the piano without any worries as he’s looking forward to see Wei’s performance.

Oh, and Sousuke Ajino gave Pang Wei a handshake. Even though Ajino-sensei wants his pupil Kai Ichinose to show the world about his talent, he want to see other pianists like Pang Wei to succeed as well.

But speaking of Pang Wei, it appears that getting a handshake from his idol has changed him from being pessimistic into an optimistic person.

And so, it’s time for Pang Wei’s performance where he plays the Piano Concerto No. 1 instead of No. 2 as he originally intended. Unlike his previous performance where he highlights the tragic tale of his struggles to live in a horrible world, it seems that his music is filled with joy and love as Wei plays the piano.

All I can say is that meeting with Sousuke Ajino has helped Pang Wei to not only overcome his tragic past, but also give him the chance to thank his mother for letting him live, as well as Pang Hao who pick him up to play the piano even though Wei hated his step-father for abusing him.

Back in China, Pang Hao is eager to see Wei’s performance because he believes that he’ll win the competition, although the only person that Pang Wei must overcome is Ajino-sensei’s pupil Kai Ichinose.

Unfortunately for Pang Hao, it appears that his fellow compatriots have decided to conspire against him where they plan to kill Hao off.

Come to think of it, are they’re tired of being Pang Hao’s lackey or they see him as a threat to their ulterior plans.

Regardless, it appears that Pang Hao will be thrown off the stairs and call it as an accident. I must say that karma has finally hit Pang Hao after constantly abusing his adoptive son Wei over the years.

In any case, Pang Wei’s performance was a success as the crowd adored Wei for not only returning to the hall, but praise him for bringing a wonderful sound across the hall. You may thank Sousuke Ajino for giving him a piece of advice that elevates him further.

But despite the praises that Pang Wei received, it appears that his success will be overshadowed by Pang Hao’s death at the hands of these goons. In fact, one of the staff noticed a guy telling his subordinates over the phone to make sure that Hao is dead.

Meanwhile, here’s Kai Ichinose where he’s joined by a fellow finalist Satoru Mukai as they finished watching Pang Wei’s piano performance.

Now, it’s their turn to take center stage and although Mukai is one of the best pianists, all eyes will be on Ichinose due to his wonderful performance during the second stage of the competition.

On the other hand, it appears that Kai met one of Satoru’s colleagues named Aoi Doi, who’s a friend to Lech Szymanowski’s sister Emilia Szymanowska.

And here’s the thing though as Emilia Szymanowska is in a coma for the last five years after being caught in an accident. For Kai Ichinose, it was a shocker that Lech Szymanowski is carrying a emotional baggage that he seriously wants to win it all.

Scratch that, it appears that some pianists like Ichinose, Pang, and even Szymanowski have crises of their own that they must personally overcome during the piano competition.

But speaking of Lech Szymanowski, it appears that he doesn’t like someone knowing about Emilia’s current condition. I have a bad feeling that Lech will lash Kai out in regards to his sister.

Still, it would be better if Szymanowski and Ichinose will settle their differences in the music hall. But anyways, we’re getting closer to the finale as I’ll see you next time where both Lech Szymanowski and Kai Ichinose will perform on the final day of the competition.

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