Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja nai Episodes #05 & #06

Here’s Episodes 5 and 6 where Suzuka and Yuu Nagami are heading to the beach together with their friends. After all, it’s summer break and they need to unwind before going back to do mundane tasks like drawing, writing novels, schoolwork, the list goes on…

Oh and by the way, they’re going to a villa that was owned by Mai Himuro. Come to think of it, I wonder if her family has lots of money?

Then again, Mai (or Enryuu Homura) wants to earn money on her own as a novelist, although she’s still pursuing on Towa no Chikai’s secret to success.

But speaking of Towa no Chikai, here’s our stand-in Yuu Nagami where he’s currently lying under the shade because it’s very hot outside!

That’s until Yuu was asked by Ahegao Double Peace to put some sunscreen lotion on her back.

Now, it would be normal for Yuu to put some sunscreen on someone’s back, but this is an ecchi show where everything that he’ll do is hella lewd!

Even Suzuka suspects her brother of doing lewd things to various women, especially big-breasted ones like Ahegao Double Peace.

But you know what, I bet that Suzuka is so jealous that she wants her brother to put some sunscreen lotion too!

And it gets even worse when Sakura Minazuki joins the fray because she wants Yuu to put some sunscreen on her back. Looks like Suzuka is getting angry that her brother is being surrounded by busty girls!

With that said, Yuu has no choice but to put some sunscreen lotion onto Ahegao Double Peace, although he needs to be careful not to slip his hands onto her tits or Yuu might get a lot of trouble!

Afterwards, it’s Sakura Minazuki’s turn where she use her body to put sunscreen onto Yuu Nagami.

Um Sakura, I think it’s not good to use your body or you might not get another seiyuu job in the future.

Finally, here’s Suzuka Nagami where she’s getting some sunscreen from her brother. Well, she really want Yuu to apply lotion on her back.

But then, Ahegao Double Peace dub that scene to make it lewder. Wow Ahegao-sensei, you’re making it worse for both Suzuka and Yuu Nagami!

And speaking of Suzuka Nagami, it appears that Yuu squirt so much lotion that her front and her hair is now covered with sunscreen. Looks like it’s time for her (and Yuu) to hit the showers!

Then again, it seems that Yuu will be in for a surprise where he saw a naked Suzuka Nagami, complete with somewhat petite chest. Looks like Yuu is gonna get sent to jail real soon!

Of course, it was just a misunderstanding where Yuu was searching for the bathroom that’s not occupied by his sister, but Suzuka won’t buy his explanation that she ratted him out!

Well, looks like I’m done with the fanservice part and now it’s time for the serious part…

You see, the reason why Mai Himuro wants to know his secrets (even though Suzuka is the one who wrote it) is because her light novel series “Sky Magic Guardian” is being threatened of cancellation as Mai’s new editor told her that the characters in the story are weak.

That hit Himuro hard that she tries to rectify it, but Mai is having a writer’s block at the moment. Thus, she decides to get desperate and tries to know what makes Towa no Chikai’s novels tick to novel aficionados? Of course, Yuu doesn’t know why Suzuka’s light novel series was a massive hit.

Heck, even Suzuka doesn’t know why her novel was a success. But all she knows is that Suzuka was possessed that she wrote a brother complex story out of a whim, won the Sumeragi Fantasy Bunko light novel contest, and sold tons of copies that her novel will have an anime adaptation soon.

Then again, the truth is that she wrote that novel because of her undying love for Yuu Nagami! So much that Suzuka is becoming the heroine of her own light novel series.

See, Suzuka couldn’t say anything because Yuu is hugging her. But for Yuu, it seems that hugging Suzuka got him the answer that Mai is looking for.

And so, Yuu Nagami told the secrets to Mai Himuro that the only way to make her novel better is to be like that character. Sounds stupid, but I feel that it’ll work on Mai much like how Suzuka turned her novel into a success.

Also, I’m glad that he didn’t tell Mai that Towa no Chikai is actually his sister ’cause that will be bad!

Meanwhile, here’s Esaka-san as she’s here to buy some doujinshi at the annual Comic Stage doujin convention, which is modeled after the Comic Market. Just kidding, it’s basically Comic Market under a different name!

Also, here’s both Suzuka and Yuu Nagami where they’re here to sell doujinshi as part of Suzuka’s research for her upcoming volume of Towa no Chikai’s light novel series.

And lastly, here’s Ahegao Double Peace where she promotes her lewd artwork for those horny fans. Anyways, it seems that everything will go smoothly during Comic Stage.

That’s until they met the Kanzaka sisters, the older Akino and the younger Haruna. Together, they form the doujin circle Ambivalence and they’re an acquaintance to Ahegao Double Peace.

Actually, both Haruna and Akino Kanzaka hated Ahegao Double Peace for making lewd illustrations that makes them sick. But, the most scathing comment that the Kanzaka sisters made is how Towa no Chikai’s light novel is so shitty that they can do better at writing a novel.

That didn’t sit well for Suzuka Nagami as she challenged Ambivalence to a duel to see who can make the best doujinshi.

Oh, and Towa no Chikai’s novelist career on the line too because Suzuka won’t forgive those who mock her brother’s work, although she’s the one who wrote the story.

Anyways, the Nagami siblings asked Ahegao Double Peace for assistance where she’ll gladly help them on providing illustrations. Then again, I doubt that she’ll make some artwork that’s safe to look at.

Still, Ahegao Double Peace wants to try something different, like drawing dominatrix girls who whips boys that are hand-cuffed. And as you can see, seems that Yuu is scared that his body might not survive the whipping from Suzuka.

But that doesn’t stop Ahegao’s hands from drawing this rare event of siblings playing BDSM. Anyways, I hope that the Nagami siblings will find a way to beat Ambivalence because their doujinshi is on another level of excellence.

So, Suzuka decides to invite her brother to Hakuoh Girls’ Middle School as they held their school festival. Oh, and they’re doing it as part of their research.

Then again, the girls are looking at Yuu as some amazing brother, yet the truth is that he’s a loser who haven’t publish a successful light novel.

On the other hand, two girls from the drama club asked Suzuka for help, as the main pair of their stage play got sick and they need a replacement fast.

Of course, they’ll pick Suzuka and her brother Yuu to act on the stage play because they look good together. Then again, Yuu is not suited for playing the protagonist at a stage play.

But what the heck, Suzuka accepted the stage play role along with her brother. Oh and by the way, the story of the stage play is a forbidden love story between siblings.

Anyways, it seems that Suzuka’s acting is top-notch, almost as if she’s declaring her love to her dear brother. In fact, Suzuka is confessing her love to Yuu for real.

And as for Yuu, he just go along with the flow during the stage play, although he’s unaware in regards to Suzuka’s feelings where Yuu is convinced that she’s just acting.

Regardless, the stage play was a success and it appears that the Nagami siblings got some experience during the festival, which is helpful on beating Ambivalence at their own game.

But speaking of Ambivalence, it appears that one of the Kanzaka sisters showed up in front of both Suzuka and Yuu Nagami.

Turns out, it’s Akino Kanzaka and I have a bad feeling about this. Is Akino gonna tell Yuu and Suzuka to just give up the fight?

Anyways, we’ll find that out next time on ImoImo. But seriously, looks like the Nagami siblings got a rival now!

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