Piano no Mori Episodes #22 & #23

Well, we’re getting closer to the finale as we have Lech Szymanowski visiting Kai Ichinose. But instead of telling him to forfeit, Lech asked Kai on what he learned towards his sister Emilia.

Of course, Kai learned about Emilia Szymanowska from one of her colleagues. But you know what, it’s time for Lech Szymanowski to tell the truth about his older sister and have a fair match towards Kai Ichinose.

And as for Kai Ichinose, he wish Lech Szymanowski good luck ’cause there’s no telling on who will win the International Chopin Piano Competition, although I feel that some judges are very bias towards Lech Szymanowski as they want him to be the No. 1 pianist not just in Poland, but the entire world.

But if that happens, I think it’s time for Szymon Hausner to expose the corruption inside the competition. And really, this reporter won’t be fooled again!

Meanwhile, we haven’t seen this character for a while. It’s Takako Maruyama as she’s here at Poland to watch Kai Ichinose’s performance up-close.

She previously watched Ichinose through live-streaming, but this will be the first time that Maruyama will watch him play the piano together with the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra.

In any case, Shuhei Amamiya is surprised to see Takako Maruyama again and it’s been a long time since they’re together back in elementary school.

Of course, I wonder if her left hand is completely healed but you know what, I wish Takako will compete again in the future.

Now then, it’s time for Kai Ichinose to play his upmost best in the final stage as he gave his mentor Sousuke Ajino a handshake.

Also, Kai decides to give the charred piano key back to Ajino-sensei. Seems that Ichinose has finally accepted that he’ll move onto the next stage of his career, graduating from Sousuke’s mentorship as Kai heads to the music hall with his head up high!

And so, Kai Ichinose has finally arrived at the music hall where he’ll perform the Piano Concerto No. 1 together with Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra. Let’s hope that he’ll deliver his music towards everyone.

And you know what, Ichinose delivered it with gusto as he played the piano with grace, yet strong sound that caught everyone’s attention.

Even the judges are speechless that Kai would deliver his brand of music that soothes their aching heart. Then again, some of them will remain bias towards Lech Szymanowski.

On the other hand, seems that Kai’s music has even reached to his hometown in which his mother Reiko watches her son’s dazzling performance. I’m sure that Rei-chan will be proud that Kai has reached even greater heights.

However, it appears that there was a blackout inside the hall, and yet it doesn’t deter Ichinose from playing the piano in complete darkness. It’s impressive for Kai to play the piano as if he goes with the flow.

And of course, Kai’s piano performance has become a beacon of light that leads everyone to the forest, including the orchestra in which they’re guided by his music that they didn’t screw it up.

However, it is time for Kai Ichinose to not only leave his mentor and his hometown behind, but to play the piano without holding it back. And you know what, this is what Sousuke Ajino wanted in the first place.

With that said, Kai Ichinose’s piano performance has finally finished and everyone gave him a standing ovation.

Even Shuhei Amamiya was overwhelmed with emotion that Kai Ichinose’s performance healed his emotional wounds from his heart. I’m glad that Shuhei is supporting Kai during the final stage.

Of course, Kai wants to thank his mentor Sousuke Ajino for bringing him to Poland…

…with a nice warm hug. Remember, Ichinose won’t have the opportunity to compete at the world stage if it wasn’t for Ajino-sensei finding some potential within him.

Afterwards, it’s time for Lech Szymanowski to take center stage in the competition. Of course, his mother told Emilia to listen her brother’s piano performance until the end.

Despite being in a coma, I hope that Emilia Szymanowska will hear Lech’s music. Better yet, I hope that Lech’s music would wake Emilia up from her coma.

And so, the time has finally come for Lech to perform the Piano Concerto No. 1 in front of the audience.

Of course, he blames himself on letting Emilia get caught in an accident and thus he plays the piano for his sister’s sake.

In any case, his piano performance felt somber that some of the audience learned about Lech Szymanowski’s guilt, including his father in which he accuses Lech of being a liar and blames him for putting Emilia into a coma.

But speaking of Lech Szymanowski, it appears that he saw something familiar during his performance…

…which turned out to be Emilia Szymanowska as she urges Lech not to play the piano for her sake, but rather play it for his own.

Well, seems that Emilia is encouraging Lech to build his own legacy instead of being a shadow to his elder sister.

But, seems that Lech got a bit distracted upon seeing Emila again that his performance got slightly-off during the second movement.

This worries Piotr who wants Lech Szymanowski to win it all. C’mon, let’s not forget that he’s overtly bias towards Lech as Piotr wants a Polish national to win the competition.

However, Lech Szymanowski recovered as Emilia Szymanowska gave him a push to not only finish his performance in style, but to move forward on his career as a musician.

Even though she’s currently in a coma, I’m sure that Emilia is supporting her brother emotionally in spirit.

With that said, Lech’s piano performance has finally ended. Even though he got distracted a bit during the second movement, at least Lech Szymanowski finished it without any major hiccups.

And so, the crowd goes wild as they enjoyed both Kai Ichinose and Lech Szymanowski’s piano performance, although most of them agree that the former is the better performer.

Meanwhile, here’s Lech Szymanowski as he rushed to the hospital to see if Emilia is dead or alive. After all, his piano performance won’t be as good without Emilia’s emotional support.

Well it turns out that Emilia Szymanowska is alive, although there’s a possibility that she’ll wake up from her coma.

But for Lech Szymanowski, he felt a sigh of relief that his sister will eventually wake up. Glad that Lech will have a happy ending after all.

Meanwhile, here’s Karol Adamski as he’s joined by Szymon Hausner to discuss about the final stage of the International Chopin Piano Competition.

While they’re impressed on the finalists’ performance, especially Kai Ichinose, Szymon Hausner wants to discuss about fairness in the piano competition that he suggested to Chairman Jasinski that the judges’ scores will be published. However, I’m worried that it might not work.

Anyways, time for the deliberation from the judges and really, this is the most stressful part because most of the judges like Piotr favor Lech Szymanowski as the winner.

But, Chairman Jasinski decided to make it transparent by publishing the judges’ scores to the public. Well, at least Szymon Hausner got what he wanted, although Piotr is worried that he’ll be accused of favoritism should he chose Lech Szymanowski as the outright winner rather than scoring the finalists fairly.

Oh and speaking of Piotr, he’s in cahoots with this guy from Episode 21. This is Mr. Kong and he’s the boss of the Chinese Triad where he’ll do anything to rig the scores just to make Pang Wei as the winner, not Lech Szymanowski.

Well, looks like Piotr is screwed that his favorite pianist Lech won’t win at all because of outside interference. But more importantly, interacting with a Triad boss is one big red flag that Piotr’s career as a musician will be ruined if he got exposed. Of course, Mr. Kong already left the scene but you know what, someone should call the police and arrest him for attempting to rig the competition, as well as murdering Pang Hao back in China.

On the other hand, here’s Andrzej Pavlas where he told Piotr not to leak any information regarding the deliberation. Until they finished scoring them finalists, that’ll be the time for them to post the scores so that the whole world can see it.

But more importantly, Andrzej told Piotr to judge the finalists fairly based on merit, rather than pushing Lech Szymanowski to become the winner. Come to think of it, I wonder if Pavlas is aware that the judges are rigging the competition just to make Lech Szymanowski as the rising star of the piano world by letting him win?

Of course, Piotr will flat-out deny it when it comes to rigging the scores. Still, the only thing that would cost Piotr should he rig the scores in favor of Lech will be his career.

In any case, everyone is awaiting for the final results of the International Chopin Piano Competition.

While Takako Maruyama wants Kai Ichinose to win because he became the people’s champion after his successful performance during the competition, there’s no guarantee that Kai will win it all.

But anyways, I’m done watching Episodes 22 and 23 of Piano no Mori as we await the winner of the competition. All I can say right now is may the best pianist wins as I’ll see you on the final episode!

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