Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja nai Episodes #09 & #10

Well everyone, after spending my free time catching up with ImoImo, it’s time to close it out and give my final thoughts on series that everyone thought it’s terrible.

Now then, let’s start with Sakura Minazuki as she invites Towa no Chikai and his sister for her radio show to talk about his light novel series and what makes it successful. Then again, Yuu is just a stand-in to the real Towa no Chikai, which is actually his sister Suzuka Nagami.

But as you can see, the reason why his light novel is successful is because of his undying love to his little sister. Then again, I saw it as very creepy when Yuu let Suzuka sits on his lap and smell her hair.

Even Sakura got disgusted by it that she reminds Yuu that they’re on air.

But to be fair, Yuu Nagami is just acting so it’s not like he loves his sister because Yuu doesn’t understand Suzuka’s intimate feelings.

Meanwhile, here’s Itsuki Sakurada and while he insists that he’ll rework the story to highlight the true essence of what he calls as little sister moe, I wonder what is he doing here at the radio station?

Still, Yuu Nagami will have a hard battle ahead in order to defend Suzuka’s light novel from being rework just to pander towards the little sister heroine.

Now then, here’s Ahegao Double Peace and Mai Himuro as they’re surprised to see Towa no Chikai bringing not only his little sister, but also Sakura Minazuki.

Well, I guess they don’t know that Sakura stayed at the Nagami residence because of her obnoxious brother.

Of course, Yuu Nagami explained that he didn’t do anything dirty towards Minazuki. Also, he needs some help on making a successful pitch towards the director and the producer, although it’s mostly Director Itsuki Sakurada and his unhealty obsession with little sisters.

But speaking of some needed help, Akino and Haruna Kanzaka are here to assist Towa no Chikai. Of course, what will Suzuka Nagami and the rest of the girls will do to help Yuu out?

Why letting them role-play as little sisters for him where you have Mai Himuro acting as kuudere, Haruna Kanzaka becoming the tsundere sister, and the list goes on.

Then again, Suzuka Nagami is getting jealous that the girls are flocking towards her brother. Um Suzuka, you should try to be aggressive.

Fortunately for Suzuka, she got her chance to be with Yuu-niichan. But you know what, Yuu should try playing Sister Princess in order to appreciate how little sisters are so moe!

Afterwards, it’s time for some quiet time between Yuu Nagami and Sakura Minazuki, with Sakura telling her story on why she hate her obnoxious brother and his unhealthy obsession with little sisters. So much that Minazuki was horrified to see her brother’s room where it’s full of Sakura memorabilia.

But thanks to Towa no Chikai’s novels, she finally understands on why little sisters are appealing and not being treated as objects for potential molesters like Sakura’s brother.

Oh and by the way, Sakura kissed Yuu out of nowhere but then again, she’s just acting as it’s not like Minazuki is in love with him.

But you know what, I’m sure that Sakura Minazuki has some feelings for him. Of course, I’m worried that Suzuka Nagami might see it and-

Oh wait, never mind on what I’ve said earlier. Looks like Suzuka Nagami saw her brother being kissed by Sakura Minazuki.

Even Yuu and Sakura are surprised that Suzuka is there and while he tries to explain to his sister, looks like Suzuka had enough and run away from Yuu.

Unfortunately for Suzuka Nagami, she’s having trouble when it comes to directions that Suzuka got lost on this huge amusement park.

But seriously though, I think Suzuka will need to give her brother a chance to clear up some misunderstanding.

As for Yuu Nagami, looks like he’ll have to find his sister but you know what, I think he’s experiencing this same situation before where Suzuka got lost when she was a little girl.

Eventually, Yuu manged to find his sister but it appears that Suzuka is very upset towards her brother, especially when Yuu is oblivious to Suzuka’s feelings and not having some tact towards his sister.

So, what will Yuu Nagami do to make up with Suzuka?

Well, Yuu confessed to Suzuka that he loves little sisters because they’re not only appealing that everyone wants to protect them, but also cute where they can pull strings of everyone’s hearts. That’s how he defines little sister moe!

And as for Suzuka, she was shocked to hear Yuu’s words as if she’s convinced that her brother loves her.

Then again, what Yuu said was not a love confession because even though he understands little sisters and its appeal, Yuu remained oblivious to Suzuka’s feelings. In any case, they finally made up.

But now, Yuu Nagami will have a tough battle ahead to defend his sister’s work from being ruined by Itsuki Sakurada.

Unfortunately, he’s anxious that Yuu couldn’t get a good night sleep when the meeting will be tomorrow.

Anyways, looks like Yuu will need some hot chocolate but look what we have here, it’s Sakura Minazuki where she couldn’t sleep.

And while he gave a cup of hot chocolate to Sakura, Yuu told her about his meeting with Itsuki Sakurada in which Minazuki reacted upon hearing the director’s name. Hmm, I wonder if Sakura Minazuki is related to the director?

Regardless, it’s decision day for Towa no Chikai as the author and his sister will present their final pitch to the director and producer.

By the way, I wonder if Daigen Mitarai has anything to say in regards to the anime adaptation? I mean, he has to give some feedback instead of Itsuki Sakurada running his mouth most of the time.

But speaking of Itsuki Sakurada, he won’t back down of changing the story in order to show the essence of little sister moe! God, he’s so obnoxious don’t you think?

However, Towa no Chikai retorted that Itsuki Sakurada doesn’t know about little sister moe as he hugged his sister in front of the director (plus Reika Shinozaki and Daigen Mitarai).

Of course, Yuu’s words flinched Director Itsuki but he still insists of making revisions for the anime adaptation. Here’s the thing, a proper anime adaptation will be better than making a hackjob out of it.

On the other hand, it appears that Ahegao Double Peace and Mai Himuro arrived to crash the meeting. However, they brought someone very important.

Turns out, it’s Sakura Minazuki and it turns out that she’s the sister of the director Itsuki Sakurada. Wait a minute, don’t tell me that the reason why she left the house is because of Itsuki’s insane infatuation with little sisters, especially Sakura?

And judging from Itsuki Sakurada’s reaction, it appears that his creepy obsession with little sister moe got called out by Sakura Minazuki. Glad that Sakura has the guts to stop her obnoxious brother for derailing the anime adaptation.

And really, I guess Yuu and Suzuka Nagami got saved by Sakura’s intervention as she currently scolds her brother for his trouble. Still, I wonder if the anime adaptation will be cancelled now that someone crashed the meeting?

Well, Reika Shinozaki will take care of this mess. Then again, I wonder if the anime adaptation will be saved once Shinozaki fixed this derailing meeting? But you know what, this anime will leave it hanging for the time being.

And now, it’s time for the epilogue and many days have passed since the meeting got derailed by outside sources, and yet we never heard about the fate of the anime adaptation of Towa no Chikai’s light novel series.

But as for Yuu Nagami, he’s still working at Esaka’s bookstore but his dream of becoming a novelist is still alive. Of course, Yuu still acts as a stand-in to Suzuka since she doesn’t want her parents to know about her career, but I wish Yuu Nagami should learn and write better stories.

Meanwhile, here’s Suzuka Nagami in which she became a high school student. Well, looks like Yuu Nagami will have to tell Suzuka that she look so cute in her high school uniform as we’re gonna end this series right here!

With that said, I’m done watching Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja nai and yes, the animation is terrible that this show can go toe-to-toe against Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu and Märchen Mädchen when it comes to abysmal production quality. Of course, I’m here for the story and you know what, it’s not bad enough that ImoImo couldn’t hold a candle against Magical Warfare when it comes to bad storytelling.

Sure that Yuu Nagami has some moments that he got his act together like the time he wrote a decent story for a doujinshi, but Yuu didn’t learn enough to achieve his dream as a novelist. On the other hand, there’s Suzuka Nagami in which I want her to be honest in her feelings towards her brother, but Suzuka wanted to express her intimate love with Yuu-oniichan through her novels but that alone won’t convince Yuu from noticing her. As for the rest, there’s nothing special to it but hey, at least the only thing that saves ImoImo from being the worst anime ever is having uncensored tits, especially Reika Shinozaki.

In any case, it’s time to move onto better things now that I’ve finished watching one of the terrible anime shows in 2018 Anime Season. But you know what, I might find something that’s even bad than ImoImo.

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