Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai Episode #12

Oh look what we have here, it’s Gaudreau where he survived from the airship explosion on Episode 11. Then again, he still orders his men to attack relentlessly but it’s not gonna work against Isao and his massive air force in Ikesuka.

But anyways, it’s time for the final episode as the Kotobuki Squadron and its allies have arrived at Ikesuka for a final battle against Isao and the Brotherhood of Freedom Union.

Of course, this final battle won’t be a cakewalk as Isao and his air force will do anything to defend the dimensional hole!

Even as far as employing cutting-edge technology where Kate got shot down by a proximity fuze rocket.

And while Kate is okay, it appears that she saw a glimpse of something far more dangerous.

Turns out, Isao’s engineers managed to create a jet fighter based on the F-86D Sabre, better known as the Sabre Dog where it shoots unguided proximity fuze rockets towards its enemies.

In any case, Kate warned the Kotobuki Squadron to take caution when taking down the Sabre Dog jet plane as it can outfly them at straight line speeds, but Kate told them that the Sabre Dog’s breakneck speed comes at the price of maneuverability.

With that said, looks like Kirie and the rest will have to outmaneuver the jet fighter with big sweeping turns. But of course, they need to watch out for those rockets ’cause it delivers massive damage when exploded mid-air.

And so, Kirie and Chika decided to work together in order to bring that jet fighter down. Of course, it’ll be risky to pull it off since they can’t afford to crash towards those high-rise buildings.

But in the end, they outmaneuver the jet fighter where the Sabre Dog used its rockets to destroy this monument, only for Kirie and Chika to dodge it quickly before their planes got caught in the debris.

But as for the Sabre Dog, it wasn’t lucky as the pilot couldn’t dodge the falling debris just in time. Well, looks like they won’t have to deal with this jet fighter anymore.

However, it seems that Kirie will have to face the most challenging fighter pilot as her wingman Chika got taken out. Could it be that Isao and his butler are here to play?

Well, seems likely as they’re here to take everyone out just to defend the dimensional hole. Looks like Kirie will have to beat Isao at his own game.

Meanwhile, here’s Naomi and while she’s busy fending off enemies, it appears that Adolfo Yamada wants to propose to her in the middle of a battle.

And sure that Naomi thought that Adolfo is joking around, he’s actually serious on marrying her but you know what, I think Adolfo Yamada will have to survive first!

Really Adolfo, what you said towards Naomi could be your last as you’ve just triggered a death flag there!

Let’s go back to the main fight where Emma is fired up on shooting down enemies, which she sees them as air pirates.

And given that she really hates air pirates for ruining her life, Emma won’t back down until she destroys one or two enemy planes.

Unfortunately for Emma, it appears that she got shot down by the Ikesuke Air Force…

…in which her plane crash-landed to the bridge. Well, that does it for Emma!

But hey, Emma felt satisfied that she finally vent out her anger by taking those enemies down.

Moving onto the other side of the battlefield as Torihei and his female companion named Hatokichi are here to teach Hideaki a lesson…

…by hijacking his plane at gunpoint. Let’s see if Hideaki will try to shake this girl off since he’s evil and he won’t have any remorse on hurting children.

Nah just kidding, seems that Hideaki shit his pants as Hatokichi pulls the trigger, although she’s firing a warning shot just to scare this treacherous former HR Chief of Elite Industries.

With that said, Hideaki bails out from his plane but you know what, I think Torihei and Hatokichi should capture him and send this former HR Chief to the slammer!

Let’s go back to Ikesuka where Isao’s butler ordered someone to use their construction machines to destroy one enemy plane down.

Case in point, he ordered one of the workers to swing the crane onto Zara’s Hayabusa plane, clipping its wings until she’ll be forced to land somewhere…

…like a body of water where Zara crash-landed to the sea. Well, at least she’s alive!

But damn, looks like Zara is frustrated that she got wrecked. And because of that, Reona got pissed that her wingman was taken out by Isao’s butler.

Meanwhile, it appears that Ririko and Johnny have decided to abandon their beloved airship as the Hagoromo will be used to ram the hole until it’s completely shut.

Oh, and Captain Saneatsu will steer the airship to its designated target since he’s the only one who can steer it. Poor Saneatsu…

In any case, the Hagoromo will take its final voyage as Natsuo and Emma sees their beloved airship for one last time.

And while he’ll sacrifice himself to seal the hole, Saneatsu’s only regret was not getting a girlfriend. But you know what, at least Captain Dodo will accompany him and I’m sure that Madame Lulu will remember him!

Of course, that alarmed Isao since he wanted to keep that hole open so he and his butler tries to take the airship down.

For Isao’s butler, looks like he won’t get a chance to destroy its rocket engines as the butler took down Reona’s airplane instead.

However, she’s not gonna let Isao’s butler get away on bringing down Zara’s airplane as Reona pulled a daring maneuver that’ll catch him off-guard.

And judging from his reaction, it seems that Isao’s butler couldn’t react and dodge Reona’s Hayabusa fighter place in time.

Thus, Reona’s plane took down the butler’s plane with it. As expected from the Tenacious Reona, she’ll do anything to bring her enemy down.

With that said, the butler’s fighter plane went straight to the ocean, which leaves Isao as the only one who can take out the Kotobuki Squadron.

But for Reona, it looks like she’ll be fine once Reona landed her plane safely. And by the way, looks like Zara felt a sigh of relief that Reona will fly for another day!

But now, it’s time to focus on Kirie where she’s not only pissed for not only losing her teammates in battle (although they’re safe), but also venting her anger towards Isao for killing her mentor Ol’ Sabu.

Unfortunately for Kirie however, Isao will just outmaneuver Kirie and shoot her plane down like it’s Tuesday.

Really, it doesn’t matter if he shoots down something important because Isao will forget them and focus on world domination.

But as for Kirie, it seems that she’s in the afterlife as she looks at her mentor flying at a distance.

However, Ol’ Sabu told her one valuable lesson in which Kirie doesn’t need to fly the plane as it flies itself. All she needs to do is to follow its lead, but how will Kirie will learn that if she’s dead?

Oh, never mind as her Hayabusa fighter plane is still alive and kicking. And so, Kirie fires her machineguns for one last-ditch effort to take Isao down.

And as for this magician turned dictator, he was pissed that Kirie is still alive. But it doesn’t matter for him ’cause Isao will eventually take that stubborn girl down.

Not until Kirie pulled a daring move that not only caught the magician off-guard, but his Shinden plane got filled with bullets that it’ll soon be blown into bits.

But that doesn’t stop Isao from going inside the hole because he wanted to get that sweet Yufang technology for world domination, although I’m not sure if that hole will lead to that elusive country.

In any case, looks like the dimensional hole exploded thanks to Saneatsu steering the explosive-filled airship straight into the hole.

I salute him for his bravery and sacrifice that I’ll miss the captain very much!

Never mind, it appears that Saneatsu and Captain Dodo have survived as they got out of the Hagoromo in the nick of time.

Glad that he’s alive and let’s hope that Saneatsu will marry a wife and live peacefully.

On the other hand, Isao’s butler was saddened that his master lost his life after being caught in that big explosion. Then again, it’s not like Isao is already dead.

I mean look at him, Isao remained defiant as he went towards the dimensional hole as it’s about to be closed. And really, he won’t get anything beyond that hole.

And not only that, but that hole might not send him to wartime Japan where all of the technology came from that period.

In any case, Isao lost the battle and his dreams of conquering all of Ijitsu using Yufang (or Japanese) technology has been crushed upon going to a one-way ticket to nowhere.

And since Isao has disappeared in battle, there’s no point for the Ikesuka Air Force, as well as various air pirates allied to him, to continue fighting as they deserted the battlefield.

For Hideaki, he was utterly pissed that he called them traitors. But you know what, I rather have him arrested for his treachery along with other conspirators under Isao’s wing. In any case, looks like this battle at Ikesuka is finally over.

And as for the victors, they’ll go home merrily now that Isao and his men are finally defeated at their home turf.

Of course, the dimensional holes will remain in Ijitsu and thus Allen will continue his research on those hole for as long as he can. Oh, and Kate will help him since he’s still bound to a wheelchair.

For Madame Lulu, she’ll rebuild her own company from scratch that I believe that she’ll be financially-stable in the future. But for Julia however, she’ll have a tough job fixing Isao’s mess, especially those who joined his Brotherhood of Freedom Union. I think that they’re pretty much screwed when they learned that Isao has disappeared.

But speaking of his disappearance, what’s gonna happen to various corporations at Ikesuka like the Standon Oil Company for example? Are they gonna keep their practice of buying out various oil fields across Ijitsu? Then again, I suspect that they’ll operate as normal without Isao around.

And lastly, here’s the MVP of the entire battle as Kirie and her Hayabusa plane remained alive and kicking. Seriously, I thought that she’s gonna crashlanded to some patch of land after shooting down Isao.

Oh yeah, and here’s Reona where she talks about the word Kotobuki where it means “good fortune” in Japanese.

But, Kirie thought that the word Kotobuki means “congratulations”, while Kate said that it means “longevity”.

But regardless on its true meaning, the word Kotobuki means a lot of great things for the all-female flying squadron and I’m sure hope that they’ll continue to fly for as long as they live.

And so, let’s end this anime series as the Kotobuki Squadron and its allies fly towards the sunset. Isn’t nice that we got a happy ending on Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai where everyone is alive? Well, except for Isao.

And now for my final thoughts on this show as Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai is one interesting anime series where it has quirky characters and an engaging story, not to mention having those amazing fight scenes. Of course, the only thing that bugs me the most is the visuals where I wish the characters and the background are rendered in traditional animation while the dogfights are animated in CGI. I mean, seeing various chaaracters being animated in both 2D and 3D is very jarring to me.

But still, it was an enjoyable experience on watching Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai that it’s considered as one of the hidden gems in Winter 2018. Sadly, I think we’ll not gonna see another season of this anime… unless of course you pick up the smartphone game. Anyways, it was an amazing anime series to watch and man, I’m gonna miss Kirie and her buddies as they head home as heroes! Of course, I really wish Kirie would eat another pancake after surviving the battle at Ikesuka…

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