The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode #17

Hello guys and girls, it’s time for Episode 17 where everything seems normal. Nothing dramatic going on this episode, but Naofumi Iwatani is alarmed on what Fitoria said in the previous episode.

However, the situation has changed when Fitoria unleashed her energy towards everyone including the Shield Hero.

And not only that, but Fitoria took Princess Melty as hostage and encase the crown princess to a barrier made of wind. Touching the barrier would be dangerous as it might cut fingers.

In any case, Fitoria insists on having all 4 Cardinal Heroes to cooperate as their combined power would be essential when dealing with future Waves of Catastrophe.

But for Naofumi however, he won’t back down on his decision to reconcile with the likes of Ren, Itsuki, and Motoyasu as they believe that he’s the bad guy of the bunch.

So, Naofumi propose to Fitoria that she would kill him, but the Shield Hero won’t just stand there and die without a fight.

On second thought, Fitoria wants to challenge Filo instead as she wants the heir apparent to prove herself that she’s worthy of inheriting the crown.

And as for Filo, she looked confused but you know what, I think it’s time for Filo to fight against Fitoria in order to rescue Princess Melty.

Anyways, looks like Filo is ready to fight against Fitoria for the right to be the successor to the throne, as well as Princess Melty’s life.

Now then, here’s Filo where she’ll make her first move with a flying kick towards Fitoria.

Unfortunately for Filo, Fitoria is quite strong that she managed to fling the young heir apparent away from her.

Not only that, but Fitoria delivered a chop to Filo’s back that sends her down to the ground. Gotta say that she’ll have a hard time being the queen of all filolials.

On the other hand, here’s Naofumi Iwatani where he tries to take Melty out from her wind prison. Great idea there, Shield Hero.

However, Fitoria won’t be fooled with such tricks as the queen of all filolials decided to take Naofumi out by launching a barrage of light beams towards him.

And as you can see, Naofumi couldn’t hold off against Fitoria’s attacks that he was send flying towards the wall. Man, that’s gotta hurt!

Anyways, Raphtalia rushed towards Naofumi where she’s worried that her master got serious injuries upon receiving a beam blast from Fitoria. But more importantly though, what happened to Filo?

Oh, she’s still alive but Filo is struggling to land a clean hit against the queen of all filolials. At this point, Filo is gonna lose against Fitoria.

But, Naofumi told Filo to concentrate and find an opportunity to strike against the queen. After all, the Shield Hero wants Filo to win against Fitoria so employing a strategy is a viable option rather than letting Filo blindly attack the queen of all filolials.

And so, Filo listened to Naofumi’s words and concentrate on taking Fitoria down, even as far as charging up her mana in order to perform a powerful attack.

Of course, Fitoria won’t let Filo win as she powers up to deliver a decisive blow against the heir apparent. Man, I’m worried that the queen might accidentally kill Filo with a powerful magic attack.

However, it appears that Filo has unleashed a new power in the form of claws as the heir apparent tries to land a decisive blow against Fitoria.

Then again, Filo will have to destroy this thick barrier that separates her from the queen of all filolials.

Fortunately, Filo managed to destroy the barrier and landed a scratch towards Fitoria’s face. Then again, the queen remained standing since Fitoria has the experience and power to match…

…compared to Filo where she’s exhausted after taking too many hits from Fitoria. Nevertheless, the heir apparent won’t back down without landing a clean hit.

And while she managed to land a punch straight to Fitoria’s chest, it appears that Filo is too tired to fight. So, I guess she lost the battle right?

Actually no, because Fitoria congratulates Filo for proving her worth as the heir to the throne. Glad that the queen didn’t penalize Filo for going all tired after a long day of fighting.

Oh, and Fitoria released Princess Melty from her wind prison as she’s reunited with Filo. Of course, I’m curious on what will be her reward for landing a clean hit towards Fitoria.

Well, the queen offered Filo a crown which will not only symbolize her status as the future queen of all filolials, but also level up her stats.

And so, it’s time for Fitoria to give the crown to Filo where she’ll become the future queen of all filolials. Then again, will the crown remained to her head?

Well yes, in a different way as the crown became a cowlick in which Filo can’t get it off no matter how she tries. Oh, and there’s a possibility that she’ll grow more cowlicks in the future as Filo becomes stronger overtime.

As for Naofumi, he’ll receive something from the queen of all filolials as Fitoria took her cowlick and put it to his shield.

Thanks to Fitoria’s magical cowlick, all of the shield skills are now unlocked including the Filolial Series. Then again, it’ll be a long time for Naofumi to unlock them.

Meanwhile, it appears that Princess Melty is asking Fitoria a favor. What could it be?

Turns out, Princess Melty wants to ride on top of Fitoria’s head because she’s fond of riding filolials, especially Filo.

But, it appears that Melty is very happy to ride on top of the queen as she got a nice view of her surroundings.

Well, at least Princess Melty is satisfied and now it’s time to celebrate the coronation of Filo as the heir to the throne!

Afterwards, it’s time for another quiet talk between Naofumi Iwatani and Fitoria with the queen insisting the Shield Hero of reconciling with the other Cardinal Heroes. Then again, he’s not gonna make up with them, especially that idiot Spear Hero Motoyasu Kitamura in which he accused Naofumi of brainwashing Raphtalia and Filo-chan.

But even so, having all 4 Cardinal Heroes not working together would be very difficult, especially when they’ll have to choose on whether to save the world or its people. Of course, getting to do both of them would take lots of tenacity to pull it off, but some heroes would rather save one thing over the other.

One last thing, it appears that Fitoria gave something to Naofumi that would help him in the future.

Turns out, she upgraded his Barbarian Armor in which it’ll repress the Curse Shield’s corrosion, but not completely remove it as the shield is still powered by the zombie dragon crystal, not to mention his unstoppable rage since Naofumi is still bitter towards that Bitch Princess.

Well then, I guess Naofumi will try not to use it as much as possible because using his Rage Shield might turn him into a berserker or worse.

Afterwards, Fitoria sleeps on Naofumi’s lap where she reminded him of her previous retainer. Hmm, could it be that Fitoria was raised by the previous Shield Hero? Then again, she doesn’t remember much.

In any case, looks like Naofumi Iwatani and his party will have to spend their quiet days at Fitoria’s domain for a while.

One last thing, here’s both Ren Amagi and Itsuki Kawasumi as they finally found the location of the legendary weapons…

…only to find out that the chest containing those weapons is empty. Well, looks like the Sword and Bow Hero are disappointed that they didn’t get anything.

But worst of all, they got nuked! Wait a minute, don’t tell me that Ren and Itsuki fell into a trap? And also, where’s that goddamn Motoyasu Kitamura!?

In any case, I feel that the Cardinal Heroes are being targeted by someone else, although I’m speculating that either Princess Malty or even the Church of Three Heroes are involved on taking both Ren and Itsuki down. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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