Kenja no Mago Episodes #01 & #02

Well, this is one way to start this show as this salary man got hit by a moving van…

…and left to die at the streets. And the thing is that this man didn’t pay attention to the signal lights, therefore leading him to his untimely demise.

But then again, this is just the beginning of this anime series based on a light novel by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka.

That’s because this man is reincarnated as a child to another world named Shin Wolford, thus we begin another isekai anime show. Man, Kadokawa and various publishers wanted to cash into this fad whatever they can, but how long will it last though?

Anyways, Shin learns magic from his adoptive grandfather named Merlin Wolford. And while he’s impressed with Shin’s ability to learn various magic easily, Merlin forgot to tell Shin to put some restraint when casting various spells.

And after 5 years of learning magic and various hand-to-hand combat, Shin Wolford has reached adulthood (Well, he’s still a teen though at the age of 15) where he applied on what he learned from Merlin and his companions…

…with destructive results as Shin created a nuclear explosion that would destroy one country if he unleashes it.

I guess this is what happens when Shin didn’t learn any common sense from his grandfather but wait a minute though, I have a feeling that the reason why Shin was reincarnated is because his past self forgot about common sense. It’s no wonder why he got hit by a van and died because Shin forgot to pay attention to the stop light.

After his brief demonstration of his magic (much to his grandfather’s shock), Shin Wolford is introduced to his uncle named Diseum, the current king of the Earlsheid Kingdom.

And judging from Shin’s reactions, looks like he’s shocked to see that his uncle is actually a king. Okay, what’s going on here?

To find that out, here’s Merlin Wolford as he brought his partner Melida Bowen, although Melida is angry that Merlin forgot to teach Shin some common sense and even some restraint because his magic is too powerful to handle.

Anyways, it turns out that both Merlin Wolford and Melida Bowen are actually legendary heroes where both of them rescued King Diseum von Earlsheid and save his kingdom from a powerful demonoid.

And here’s what Melida and Merlin looked like when they’re young and at their prime. Man, it’s no wonder why the entire Earlsheid Kingdom praised them for saving the country, although they’re not yet ready to get acquainted with their grandson.

In any case, King Diseum von Earlsheid told Shin Wolford to go to the royal capital and enroll at a magic academy where he’ll learn how to use magic efficiently without causing some massive damage.

Oh, and learn some common sense because Shin grew up in the mountains. Which is why Melida wants Shin to behave upon entering the capital.

Of course, the royal capital is eager to see both the legendary heroes up-close along with their grandson. Then again, they can’t let Shin get into trouble once he’s inside the capital.

Never mind, seems that he’s gonna get involved in one form or another as Shin Wolford saw someone being harrased.

This is Maria von Messina and she doesn’t like getting all friendly towards these adventurers who wanted to rape her.

Anyways, Shin decides to intervene and it appears that the adventurers are not to happy getting cockblocked by an outsider, especially when he grew up in the kingdom’s outskirts.

But you know what, Shin doesn’t care on where he came from as he throws these punks away to save Maria von Messina. Well, that’ll show them not to harass a girl!

And as for Maria, she thanked Shin for rescuing her although Maria wanted to defend herself. Of course, Maria von Messina can’t cause a ruckus inside the capital.

Anyways, looks like he’s done saving Maria von Messina but it’s not over yet ’cause Shin Wolford is in for a surprise.

Turns out, Shin encountered this blue-haired girl named Sicily von Claude. Man, she looked like Aqua from Konosuba.

And speaking of Shin, looks like he’s smitten by Sicily’s beauty that he couldn’t respond on what to do with her.

Oh yeah, it turns out that Maria and Sicily are also enrolling to the magic academy. Well, I hope that they’ll successfully enrolled in that academy because Shin is also going to enroll there.

Then again, I feel that he’ll smash the entrace exams since he’s too damn good!

Regardless, Shin passed the entrance exam as the top scorer and he’ll taste his first day of school starting with this guy behind him. Hmm, I think that he’s annoyed that Shin is blocking his way.

Therefore, this guy decides to force Shin Wolford out by grabbing his shoulder.

Of course, that’s a bad idea because Shin took this guy’s arm and twist it until he gave up. Well, he should think twice when dealing with someone powerful than him.

On the other hand, I would like to introduce to August von Earlshide, the crown prince of the Earlsheid Kingdom and Shin Wolford’s cousin where he’s also enrolled to the magic academy.

Oh yeah, and both of them will be placed in S Class although Shin Wolford will have bigger responsibilities since he’ll be the class representative.

Therefore, Prince August told Shin good luck ’cause it’s gonna be a wild ride in the next 3 years at the academy. Now if only Shin would come up with a speech instead of acting a bit awkward at the entrance ceremony.

But then again, he decides to tinker his uniform by removing the old incantation while putting his own like auto-healing and magic defense.

Of course, his modification on his uniform is quite concerning for Melida Bowen that his incantation would be used in the wrong hands. Therfore, Melida told Shin not to tell anybody about his modification. But technically, he should be kicked out since modifying school uniforms is illegal.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Shin Wolford was asked by Maria von Messina for help.

Well actually, it was Sicily von Claude who needed some help from Shin as she’s being stalked and harassed by some dude. Hmm, who could that person be?

Oh, it’s that guy from the entrance exam where he’s known as Kurt von Rietsburg. Oh yeah, and it turns out that he’s engaged with Sicily von Claude, but she doesn’t want to marry a jerkass like Kurt.

Anyways, Kurt von Rietsburg threaten Sicily von Claude to marry him or he’ll use his father’s influence to demote or even fire Sicily’s father who’s working as a manager at the kingdom’s finance bureau. But then again, that’s an abuse of power right there!

But you know what, Shin Wolford doesn’t care about status because he’ll protect Sicily anyway by swatting Kurt’s arm. That’s what he get when harassing a girl!

Oh, and Kurt’s life will be even more miserable when August von Earlshide arrived to warn this troublesome noble not to abuse his status or he’ll get kicked out sooner before the first term ends!

In any case, looks like Kurt von Rietsburg will take his leave but then again, I’m sure that this troublesome noble will return to get even against Shin Wolford.

Afterwards, Shin introduced his classmates to his grandparents. Of course, most of them know who Merlin and Melida is due to their legendary feats as a wise man and a guru, respectively.

Oh yeah, and Shin Wolford wants to modify Sicily von Claude’s school uniform since she asked him personally. Well, I must applaud Shin for his kindness to lend Sicily a hand, but I think he should be cautious as someone would take advantage of him.

Even Melida Bowen warned Sicily that even though she won’t get hurt once Shin modified her uniform, Sicily von Claude is still in danger.

Therefore, Melida asked Sicily if she can safeguard Shin’s magic knowledge, especially her modified school uniform, from suspicious people. Yeah, it’s a tough question for Sicily since Shin Wolford is now considered as a valuable asset to the kingdom.

However, Sicily von Claude declined Shin Wolford’s offer of modifying her uniform as she not only can’t shoulder the huge responsibility of keeping secrets to everybody, but Sicily felt guilty of taking advantage on Shin’s kindness.

Oh and speaking of Shin Wolford, he’s a bit clueless that Sicily is using him. I’m hoping that he’ll learn something like being cautious of meeting with other people.

But hey, at least he didn’t get fooled a by certain bitch princess from another isekai show because that would be bad. C’mon, you really hate Princess Malty, right?

With that said, Melida Bowen applauded Sicily von Claude for speaking the truth. And really, honesty is the best policy that Sicily passed Melida’s secret test.

I’m surprised that Melida puts Sicily to the test to see if she has some ulterior motives and I’m glad that she managed to pass it. Had Sicily didn’t tell the truth, the guru would probably kick her out and erase her memories in regards to Shin Wolford’s secret magic skill and incantations.

In any case, Shin Wolford removed the incantation from Sicily von Claude’s uniform and wrote the same effects as his own. Oh, and he apply it with rest of the close companions except for Maria von Messina, which she doesn’t want to be targeted by some spy.

However, King Diseum von Earlsheid warned Shin Wolford not to share his knowledge to everyone because who knows if someone would use Shin’s magic to spark a war.

And really, apart from his lack of common sense, Shin can’t afford to carelessly spill the beans to some strangers so he needs to be careful from now on.

Anyways, that’s the first two episodes of Kenja no Mago and man, Shin Wolford is so OP that the only thing he’ll bring himself down is his stupidity. Of course, there are plenty of time to let Shin act wisely because you don’t want him either being used as a tool of war or run amok across the world.

As for SILVER LINK’s adaptation of Kenja no Mago? It’s decent so far but man, most of them will be bummed out on this one since it’s another isekai anime show that they can’t find something good upon watching it. Then again, I’ll find out for myself to see if Kenja no Mago is worth watching or not. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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