The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode #18

This is Pope Balmus from the Church of Three Heroes and his expression concerns me so much that man, I wonder what the pope is planning to do towards the Shield Hero?

But speaking of the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani and the rest are trying to cross the border, but it’s filled with Melromarc soldiers so he can’t afford to cause a ruckus as much as possible.

Therefore, it’s advised to take a sneaky approach in order to cross the border safely.

On second thought, Naofumi Iwatani will have to force his way in by defeating the Spear Hero, Motoyasu Kitamura. Man, what are we gonna do towards him?

Anyways, he’s still angry towards Naofumi for not only brainwashing Raphtalia and the rest, but also blamed the Shield Hero for killing both Ren Amagi and Itsuki Kawasumi.

Okay, what the hell did Motoyasu tell Naofumi? I mean, he didn’t nuke both Ren and Itsuki in the previous episode as he spends time with the queen of all filolials.

Regardless, Motoyasu is still consumed by rage as he attacks the Shield Hero relentlessly. Man, do I need to punch this guy just to tell him that Naofumi didn’t kill both Ren and Itsuki?

Of course, Naofumi tries to tell Motoyasu that he didn’t kill both Ren and Itsuki because he’s in a different place. Also, should the Speer Hero confirmed with his own two eyes that the Sword and Bow Hero died there while finding the legendary weapons?

Then again, there’s Princess Malty where she still insists that the Shield Hero did kill Ren Amagi and Itsuki Kawasumi according to the Church of Three Heroes. Yeah, not surprising that the church would help the bitch princess to make some shit, all just to make Naofumi’s already bad reputation even worse.

More importantly though, where’s the body of both Ren and Itsuki? C’mon, they can’t accuse Naofumi of murder unless they found their corpse.

Regardless, Motoyasu continues to attack Naofumi with the help of Princess Malty and his harem. And as you can see, his spear is inbued with fire and wind magic.

But alas, Naofumi will just block Motoyasu’s attack with his mighty shield. Even so, the Shield Hero is surprised to see that kind of attack from the Spear Hero.

Heck, even Naofumi asked Raphtalia if she saw Motoyasu’s special attack, although she’s confused on how to pull that off.

Come to think of it, does this world has a combo mechanic built around it?

Well, turns out that there is a system, although Naofumi saw it as a series of attacks, not a combined one like Motoyasu for example. In any case, that gave Naofumi an idea to beat the Spear Hero.

Anyways, Naofumi told Raphtalia to attack Motoyasu while he casts an Air Strike Shield in front of her. Of course, this is just a feint attack.

That’s because Naofumi Iwatani changed his shield’s appearance where it transformed into a monster that eats Motoyasu Kitamura…

…just to regain his mana (or SP). Sneaky move there Naofumi, but wait there’s more!

As you can see, Princess Melty and Filo-chan combine their magic to create a powerful tornado…

…which blows Motoyasu Kitamura and the rest away. But then again, it would be better if they sent Motoyasu and the rest to another place since Naofumi and his party wants to cross the border.

In any case, both Melty and Filo did a great job on combining their magic. Now that’s what I called teamwork right there!

But compared to the Spear Hero and his party, looks like Motoyasu spends more time flirting with other girls rather than doing his duty as a hero. Scratch that, he’s terrible at saving people and it gets worse when Princess Malty helps him.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that Motoyasu got a class upgrade, but it doesn’t matter to Naofumi since he find ways to become stronger. In any case, looks like the Spear Hero and his harem couldn’t stand a chance!

But strangely though, it appears that the Melromarc soldiers suddenly went away. Something’s fishy going on here!

In any case, Filo kicked the bitch princess towards Motoyasu and his party. Then again, it would be nice if Filo sends Malty far, far away!

Oh yeah, and Filo told Naofumi to cast Shield Prison and various shields because something big is coming towards them.

Hmm, don’t tell me that Naofumi Iwatani will have a taste of getting nuked just like in the previous episode?

But anyways, Naofumi used Shield Prison to cover himself and everyone from the impending blast ’cause he doens’t want to end up like Ren and Itsuki.

Then again, he needs to cast lots of shields to protect everyone because that blast might kill them instantly.

But hey, Naofumi Iwatani used his mighty shield to great effect.

Who says that it’s the useless weapon among the Cardinal Heroes? That right here is proof that you cannot mess with the shield!

Still, that powerful blast has created a massive crater. Let’s hope that the Shield Hero and his party are okay.

Not surprisingly, Naofumi managed to stop that powerful magic from killing him and the rest, although he used a lot of mana to cast various shields to stop it.

Anyways, not only Naofumi Iwatani and Raphtalia are safe, but also Filo and Princess Melty.

Oh yeah, and what about Motoyasu Kitamura and the rest? Then again, it would be better if they got nuked but Fitoria wants all 4 Cardinal Heroes to work together.

Well, the Spear Hero is safe and so is his harem. Then again, I wish Princess Malty got killed because everyone hates her.

Of course, the bitch princess is confused on why they got caught in that powerful blast where it was meant for Naofumi and his party?

Fortunately for Malty, it seems that a familiar figure has appeared to answer her question. Then again, I feel that this person is planning something against the Melromarc Kingdom.

Said person happened to be Pope Balmus where he not only plans to kill the Shield Hero because he’s associated with demonic figures like demi-humans (which is not), but the pope is planning to overthrow the kingdom because the rest of the Cardinal Heroes caused more harm than good.

That’s right, Pope Balmus blames the likes of Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki for their botched job that he wants to nuke them with his Judgement spell. Of course, I don’t know if Ren Amagi and Itsuki Kawasumi are confirmed dead. Still, the pope will punish both Motoyasu Kitamura and Naofumi Iwatani through death, but it’s not like both heroes will go down without a fight!

Anyways, I feel that the next episode will see Motoyasu and Naofumi bicker rather than work together to defeat Pope Balmus. But oh well, let’s see if they can survive against the now-corrupt Church of Three Heroes!

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