The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode #20

Here’s Queen Mirelia Q. Melromarc, all suited up and ready to strike together with her army against Pope Balmus and his followers of the Church of Three Heroes.

Of course, she’s concerned that Naofumi Iwatani and his party might not survive. Oh, and not just Naofumi, but the rest of the Cardinal Heroes because losing one of them sucks.

Speaking of the Cardinal Heroes, they’re having a hard time taking Pope Balmus out as he’s being surrounded by a barrier and being constantly healed by his followers.

And really, it’s a pain in the ass to defeat this treacherous pope, especially when his followers are using their spirit to keep him alive.

But speaking of Pope Balmus’ followers, seems that they’re dying left and right that some of the higher-ups are worried that they might not keep the pope alive for much longer. And while the pope assured them their sacrifice will lead them to heaven, Pope Balmus doesn’t care about the followers as they’re just expendables.

Now let’s go back to the Cardinal Heroes as we have a rare case of seeing them cooperate for once. As you can see, Filo throw Motoyasu Kitamura so high that it gave him the momentum to use his spear…

…towards Naofumi Iwatani and his trusty shield. Okay, what are they planning to do against Pope Balmus?

Oh, Naofumi is gonna cast some curse on the pope. Let’s hope that the Shield Hero would kill Pope Balmus before the battle gets worse…

…as he unleashed a powerful cursed flame towards Pope Balmus. Then again, I have a feeling that the pope might survive.

And as you can see, even curses don’t work on the pope as he’s being constantly healed and protected by his followers. At this point, Pope Balmus is unstoppable.

In any case, it seems that Baofumi Iwatani has no choice but to use Rage Shield towards the pope, despite Fitoria warning him not to use that cursed technique.

So while the Shield Hero told them to stop him whatever they can should Naofumi lose control, I don’t think it’s gonna work the second time around.

Because you see, the zombie dragon’s cursed soul got stronger despite Fitoria suppressing it. In fact, the zombie dragon urge Naofumi to give into his anger and let it out since he got double-crossed and treated like dirt.

Eventually, Naofumi gave into his anger as his shield has evolved into its wrathful state. Come to think of it, I feel that his upgraded shield will be christened as Wrath Shield.

Fortunately, it appears that Naofumi’s party is gonna save him from despair. I mean, it would be bad if he went berserk and attack everybody.

Oh and it’s not just Raphtalia, but Filo and Princess Melty are here to snap him out of his anger. Glad that there are some people who still have faith in him, unlike Princes Malty and the rest of the Cardinal Heroes.

Speaking of Naofumi, he regained his senses but the Shield Hero should worry about his party…

…especially when they got caught by the Wrath Shield’s curse like Raphtalia for example.

Let’s hope that someone other than the pope would gave him some holy water to dispel this curse.

But speaking of the pope, he’s about to fire his arrow towards Naofumi since he just snapped back to reality. C’mon, Pope Balmus will do the damnest thing to kill the Shield Hero.

Then again, Naofumi noticed that and block Pope Balmus’ arrow. Of course, the pope will have some other tricks to bring Naofumi and the rest down to their knees…

…like firing an arrow towards the ceiling which creates a pinkish light. By the way, Pope Balmus is not gonna blind his enemies.

Rather, Pope Balmus wants to create various clones of himself to fire a myriad of arrows towards the heroes. Basically, he doesn’t want the likes of Naofumi and the rest to retaliate inside his Cathedral.

Suddenly, Pope Balmus got attacked by ice magic as he couldn’t move his body at all. Even the heroes are surprised by this unexpected magic attack towards the pope.

Turns out, the Queen of Melromarc and her army have arrived to quell the Church of Three Heroes. Glad that they arrived just in time, but it would be nice if someone would kill the pope now that he’s trapped.

Don’t worry though as Naofumi Iwatani will finish Pope Balmus off with his new technique named Blood Sacrifice.

Except that Naofumi’s technique turned on him as the Shield Hero is bleeding profusely. Because of this, Pope Balmus thinks that he has won the battle now that Naofumi’s technique backfired.

Sadly for Pope Balmus, seems that he shouldn’t declare his victory right away as he’s about to get chomped by this large bear trap.

While he can use the shield portion of his legendary weapon, Pope Balmus refused to use it simply because the shield represents the devil. Also, his followers won’t help him much as they couldn’t create a strong barrier to stop Naofumi’s Blood Sacrifice.

But anyways, Pope Bisca T. Balmus died right there. While he has a point about the Cardinal Heroes’ mistakes as well as having a powerful weapon that replicates their respective equipment, it seems that his refusal to use the shield has costs Pope Balmus his downfall now that he’s befallen to Naofumi’s deadly technique.

And since Pope Balmus is now dead, it seems that the Church of Three Heroes is no longer a threat as the followers are now sitting ducks towards the Queen and her forces.

But speaking of Queen Mirelia Q. Melromarc, she’s not only here to quell the rebellion and save the Cardinal Heroes, but also to find her troublesome daughter Malty and punish for her actions, right down to falsely-accusing the Shield Hero even though Naofumi is actually innocent.

Then again, where the hell is that bitch princess anyway? Did she went back to King Aultcray and hide there because her mom has arrived to spank her in the ass?

For now, the only thing that worries me is Naofumi Iwatani as Raphtalia and the rest are trying to keep him alive. I mean, using the Wrath Shield takes a lot of blood to activate it.

Anyways, let’s hope that the Shield Hero will be alive on the next episode ’cause it’s gonna suck if Naofumi kicks the bucket. Not only Raphtalia will be sad, but the Cardinal Heroes will have a hard time stopping the Waves in the long run without the Shield Hero. And really, Fitoria wants all 4 heroes to work together.

But you know what, forget about cooperation becaues the likes of Ren Amagi and Itsuki Kawasumi will act like it’s a goddamn video game unless they’re forced to changed if they got screwed. Oh, and I’m not gonna talk about that idiot Motoyasu Kitamura because he won’t change even if shit hits the fan towards him!

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