Carole and Tuesday Episodes #03 & #04

“Hey girls, I’m your manager from now on!”

Well, it seems that Gus Goldman is not gonna do bad things towards Carole and Tuesday as he’s here to become their manager. Not sure if he’s trust-worthy.

Anyways, Gus Goldman was once a drummer of a rock band called “Lazy Sandwich” and he also becomes a talent manager of a one-hit wonder artist named Flora Ferrin’. Of course, Gus is in a slump after Flora that he resorted to drinking booze at the local bar.

In any case, Carole and Tuesday agreed on making Gus as their manager, but the girls will leave him and Roddy if they got swindled and scammed. C’mon, Carole and Tuesday need to be cautious with strangers.

Back in Hershell, Mrs. Valerie Simmons entrusted her son Spencer to take Tuesday back, although I doubt that he’ll listen to what his mother says. Maybe Spencer wants to support Tuesday whatever he can.

Meanwhile, Gus Goldman told the bartender that he’ll quit drinking booze now that he’s focusing on raising those two girls to stardom.

Of course, he’ll return to the bar when he’s feeling down… by drinking cola! But you know what, I think Gus should drink water instead.

Anyways, the bartender gave Gus his blessing and told him good luck on his new venture. I hope that Gus will be successful or he’ll be drinking booze again!

Now let’s move onto Angela Carpenter where she’s complaining about Tao’s experiments. I mean, it’s no longer a recording session that Angela’s scared of getting herself killed with one freak accident from Tao.

However, Dahlia convinces her daughter to continue her business with Tao as she doesn’t want Angela’s career ended in regret. In fact, Dahlia was once a child star before her voice was changed and faded into the limelight.

With that said, let’s move onto the next scene where Roddy suggested to visit DJ Ertegun for help. I mean, it would be a great help if the girls got a big support from one of the famous DJ in Mars.

But c’mon, this is DJ Ertegun we’re talking about as he won’t bother helping both Carole and Tuesday on their budding music career.

Heck, DJ Ertegun won’t even listen to their original song. Really sir, these girls have musical talent where it’s rare to have someone create songs from scratch, whereas you rely on Roddy and his computer skills to make one.

This angers Tuesday as she burns the music sheet in front of DJ Ertegun, which causes the sprinklers to activate.

Well, looks like the girls won’t be talking to DJ Ertegun ever again as he’s one narcissist musician!

Now then, let’s move onto something different since their collaboration with DJ Ertegun didn’t work out as planned. Of course, what will Carole and Tuesday do since they can’t just make another guerilla performance on the streets.

That’s where Roddy came up an idea to make a music video. But then again, they don’t have the equipment to shoot one for the girls.

Well, good thing Roddy found a robot named Idea who can make videos. However, something tells me that the 1-star rating is bad sign that Idea is a faulty robot.

But anyways, here’s Idea where this robot will make music video for the girls. Oh, and Idea will take their ideas and give them the materials they need to make a decent video.

Of course, the needed materials for making a video costs them lots of money and manpower. Seems that Carole and Tuesday will need some serious help, but Gus Goldman will take care of that.

So, Gus asked his ex-wife Marie for help as she’s good at doing makeup. Yes, they’re married before but it seems that they decided to end their marriage simply because of their differences.

Oh yeah, Marie is planning to marry soon and while he wants to be with his ex-wife again, Gus decides to let his beloved happy to someone else.

Well, at least both Gus and Marie are in good terms, but let’s move onto the serious side of things which is making a music video.

But first, they need to get some costumes first and thus Carole and Tuesday went to a shop where they’ll be assisted by this lovely lady over there.

Also, Marie is here to help the girls out. But more importantly, here’s something that’ll surprise you and everyone…

For you see, Marie is a lesbian where she kissed the owner of the costume shop. Oh, and Marie is gonna marry her soon so congratulations to her!

As for Carole and Tuesday? Well, they’re surprised to see two women kissing. Let’s hope that they’ll do the same.

Anyways, now that they have the costumes, it’s time for the props…

Luckily, Roddy found a something that’ll surprise the girls. Well, he took a long time to convince a certain DJ to borrow one of his rides.

Anyways, here’s Roddy as he’s looking cool riding a sports car. Then again, both Carole and Tuesday won’t look at him…

C’mon, they’re just curious on this cool sports car which will be used in the music video. Sorry Roddy, but you need to be as cool as that sports car you’re driving.

On the other hand, Marie showed something to the girls from her cellphone. Could it be that she posted nude pictures of her?

Nah, Marie showed a picture of Gus Goldman when he’s just a young drummer. Man, he’s quite a looker back then which surprised both Carole and Tuesday!

But now, it’s time to make a music video where Idea will take charge of everything, from shooting to editing. C’mon, he’s the best video editing robot of all… which I doubt that!

Then again, the shooting session is very rough where Carole and Tuesday played their instruments through harsh environment.

Oh and as for the sports car that Roddy borrowed from DJ Ertegun? I heard that it was totaled during production. But hey, they’re done with the shooting so it’s time for Idea to edit it out.

Meanwhile, it seems that there’s a news report that warns about scamming robots like Idea for example.

Of course, you know that Idea got a 1-star rating due to how bad it can make videos, right?

Guess what, Roddy realized that he made a mistake of buying that robot and so he decides to tell them about it.

But speaking of Idea, looks like this robot will show the finished product as Carole and Tuesday got their first music video titled “Hold Me Now”.

However, the result of this music video is somewhat… subpar. Actually, it’s basically dumpster fire that I bet Idea created it in a hurry so he can run away with all the spoils!

Anyways, Roddy told everybody to capture Idea quick because it’s a scamming robot. Um Roddy, you know that it’s your fault for buying that robot in the first place.

Good thing Carole’s robot owl managed to capture Idea before heading to the sunset. It would be devestating if that robot escapes from Carole’s apartment.

But anyways, looks like everyone will have a word towards Idea and I bet that this robot will be heading to the scrapheap soon enough.

As for the music video, looks like it’s already scrapped ’cause it’s a bad idea to make one anyway. Maybe next time, Carole and Tuesday will make one that’s decent.

On the other hand, DJ Ertegun is shocked that his precious sports car has returned to his mansion…

…in charred pieces. At least Roddy didn’t tell his boss that his car was used in making a music video, but let’s just say that karma hits DJ Ertegun for dissing both girls.

And that’s about it for Episodes 3 and 4. Join me next time where Carole and Tuesday’s music career continues. Let’s hope that they’ll have a breakthrough!

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  1. 7mononoke says:

    “As for Carole and Tuesday? Well, they’re surprised to see two women kissing. Let’s hope that they’ll do the same.” I doubt that will ever happen in canon, but we can dream, my friend. We can dream.

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