Kenja no Mago Episodes #03 & #04

“I can’t very well let you run into any more danger, can I?”

Well, looks like Sicily von Claude’s heart skip a beat there after hearing Shin’s words. Man, I’m hoping that she’ll be his girlfriend in the future.

Of course, Prince August von Earlshide jokingly told Shin Wolford that all the boys will be envious of him since Shin is the ladies’ man, apart from being the grandson of Merlin Wolford and Melida Bowen.

Oh yeah, Prince Aug is joined by his two bodyguards named Thor von Flegel and Julius von Littenheim.

They’re childhood friends with the prince and they protect him from danger, although Prince Aug would rather have both Thor and Julius to take their personal hobbies than guarding him 24/7.

Also, we’re gonna introduce more characters who are attracted to Shin Wolford such as Yuri Carlton and Tony Freyd. We’ll be talking about them in the future should SILVER LINK feature these characters.

And lastly, here’s Alice Corner who look like a hyper-active child by she’s actually 15 years old. Anyways, Alice suggested to make a study group with Shin Wolford as the main focus.

Yes, it’s basically a club in the real world and it’ll be a challenge for Shin to teach his fellow classmates with his own brand of magic. Then again, what will be the name of his new study group?

That’s where Lyn Hughes suggested to name Shin’s new study group as the Ulitmate Magic Study Group. That’s an awesome name for Shin’s new study group.

And while you’re at it, Shin’s homeroom teacher is available to be his study group advisor. Well, I must say that everything is awesome for Shin Wolford at the magic academy.

Well, except for Kurt von Rietsburg in which he not only got grounded for attempting to use his father’s influence for personal gains at the magic academy, but Kurt’s father punched him for doing something scandalous in front of Prince August von Earlshide.

Gotta say that Kurt von Rietsburg should act like a humble noble, not some spoiled brat. Then again, I’m worried that Kurt is acting a bit weird ever since he got enrolled at the magic academy.

That’s where Kurt’s mother asked one of the teachers to help him out. However, I have a bad feeling that this guy might do worse towards Kurt von Rietsburg.

But for Kurt however, it seems that he recognized his teacher as he’s the one who help Kurt on controlling his magic aptitude.

This teacher is named Oliver Schtrom, a mysterious man with a blindfold who fled to Earlsheid Kingdom due to political instability from his home country, the Blusfia Empire. Of course, I’m curious to see on what Oliver will do towards Kurt.

On second thought, I feel that Oliver Schtrom is transforming Kurt von Rietsburg into something dangerous. Oh dear, we’ll have another trouble ahead.

The next day, Shin Wolford and his friends are walking at the school campus as normal. Of course, Shin will be busy on his study group activities later.

That’s until someone attacked Shin and his friends with a powerful fire magic. Honestly, I think the magic academy should have some security since Prince August is attending that school.

Anyways, here’s Kurt von Rietsburg and he’s not in a good mood today. That’s because he became a demon and it’s all thanks to Shin Wolford that his life went upside-down.

Well, the truth is that Oliver Schtrom turned Kurt into what is called as a demonoid.

And since Shin Wolford doesn’t want everyone getting hurt when stopping a demonized Kurt, he told Prince August to take everyone to safety because it’s very dangerous as they haven’t fought a demon before.

But wait, did Shin killed a demon? Why yes he is, although fighting against a human who got demonized is pretty challenging as Kurt still regained his consciousness rather than being a mindless beast.

Unfortunately for Shin Wolford, while he can convince Kurt to snap himself out of it, the only quick solution is to defeat him instead as Shin doesn’t have the cure to reverse Kurt’s demonization.

With one quick strike from his magic-infused sword (which he pulled it from his hyperspace storage), Shin Wolford cut Kurt von Rietsburg’s head and thus ends the demonoid crisis inside the magic academy.

While everyone will be thrilled that he managed to defeat a demonoid, Shin is not happy that he couldn’t save one human being. At least he knows empathy ’cause I would call Shin an asshole if he just mock Kurt for being weak-willed.

Afterwards, King Diseum von Earlsheid gave Shin Wolford the first order of merit for his heroic effort on suppressing a demonoid. C’mon, the king wants to give a reward towards Shin since demons are on a rise as we speak.

And as for Shin, he’s surprised that he’s being treated as a new hero to the Earlsheid Kingdom. Still, I’m worried that his lack of common sense might derail him if Shin is not careful.

Of course, there’s Merlin Wolford as he warned King Diseum not to exploit his grandson. Otherwise, he’ll leave the kingdom together with Shin Wolford and Melida Bowen.

Let’s hope that King Diseum von Earlsheid would keep his word about Shin ’cause exploiting him for propaganda is bad for the kingdom.

Now then, with Shin Wolford getting the first order of merit from King Diseum, his popularity soared through the roof that many students want to join his study group.

Then again, Shin’s advisor only selected a few students like Olivia Stone and Mark Bean for example, two childhood friends who are inspired by Shin Wolford’s exploits. While Olivia’s family owns a famous restaurant called The Brick Oven, Mark’s family owns a blacksmith shop.

And speaking of Mark Bean’s family owned smithy, Tony Freyd told Shin Wolford that he should get a sword from Bean Works as it produces high-quality weapons.

That gave Shin a great idea of asking the blacksmiths to create a sword that’s thin and strong. While it’s impossible for other blacksmiths to create a ridiculous weapon, I’m hoping that Bean Works will make one for Shin.

Meanwhile, King Diseum ordered some investigators to check the demonoid incident. Fortunately, it appears that they found a clue in regards to Kurt von Rietsburg’s demoninzation.

This lead them to Oliver Schtrom who they believe that he’s the suspect. Why? Because Mr. Schtrom knows Kurt and he’s saddened that about his demonization.

Anyways, the investigators asked Mr. Schtrom for assistance, which he accepted their offer and went to an undisclosed place where Oliver will examine Kurt’s body.

Then again, it turns out that Oliver Schtrom was greeted by soldiers pointing their swords at him. Well, seems that he won’t examine Kurt’s body anyway.

In any case, the investigators decided to arrest Oliver Schtrom as he’s accused of turning Kurt von Rietsburg into a demonoid. I mean, Mr. Schtrom made a mistake of knowing Kurt, whereas King Diseum issued a gag order of not releasing his identity.

But now that the cat is out of the bag, looks like Oliver Schtrom decided that he’s done with his research of demonization as he’ll escape the kingdom with blood on his hands. Of course, he needs to get rid of these Earlsheid soldiers first!

On the other hand, we got Shin Wolford and his friends as they’re caught into another trouble. This time, it’s Oliver Schtrom who’s making a ruckus.

In any case, Shin and his friends went to the scene to check it out, not knowing that they’re in danger because they’ll fight against a powerful magician.

Compared to Kurt von Rietsburg, Oliver Schtrom is on another level that the soldiers can’t put a scratch on him. So with that said, leave it to Shin Wolford ’cause he can go toe-to-toe against Mr. Schtrom.

Anyways, let’s start with Shin unleashing his powerful blue fire magic, while pulling his sword from his hyperspace storage just in case his magic didn’t work out.

Sadly, it’s not effective as Oliver Schtrom created a barrier just to defend himself. And that’s not all ’cause Oliver Schtrom has an ability to float in mid-air.

Not on Shin’s watch as he can jump high to deliver a cutting introduction to Mr. Schtrom.

And hey, it works as Oliver’s blindfold got cut by Shin’s sword, but it’s not enough to beat him. Looks like he’s angry towards Shin Wolford.

So therefore, Mr. Schtrom got serious and deliver a powerful magic that blows them away. Good thing Prince August and his friends are okay as they managed to rescue one of the investigators.

But let’s go back to Oliver Schtrom where thanks to Shin Wolford cutting his blindfold, it reveals that his eyes are blood-shot red which means that Mr. Schtrom is a demonoid.

Unlike Kurt von Rietsburg, Oliver Schtrom has full control of his demon powers. This means that Mr. Schtrom is powerful compared to the previous demonoids.

Of course, Shin Wolford won’t let him roam freely since Oliver Schtrom is a demonoid, so he went all-in on his next powerful magic.

Using various beams of light, Shin unleashed his powerful magic to defeat Oliver Schtrom… or so he thought.

Once the smoke is cleared, Oliver Schtrom’s body is nowhere to be seen. Yeah, seems that Shin couldn’t confirm on whether Oliver is dead or not as he couldn’t detect his presence.

But hey, Shin Wolford will be awarded another medal as both Dominic Gastor and Rupert Olgran congratulate him for defeating Oliver Schtrom, despite the fact that his body was not found. Still, what happened to Mr. Schtrom anyway?

Oh, he’s still alive, although Oliver almost died there if he didn’t escape in time. He’ll be back to terrorize the Earlsheid Kingdom, but Oliver Schtrom is one powerful foe that Shin Wolford must defeat.

Anyways, that’s about it for Episodes 3 and 4 as I’ll see you next time. Let’s hope that Shin and his friends must get stronger should demonoids appeared in the kingdom, but he needs to be careful since Shin can’t get carried away for being the next hero. Who knows, he might end up becoming a tool to King Diseum and Master Merlin doesn’t like that.

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