Kenja no Mago Episodes #05 & #06

Well look what we have here, seems that Melida Bowen told Maria von Messina that her grandson Shin Wolford and Sicily von Claude are a good couple, yet Maria told Melida that Sicily haven’t realize her intimate feelings for Shin.

For now, both Shin Wolford and Sicily von Claude are just friends. But eventually, they’ll become a couple soon enough…

With that said, it’s time for Shin to get his new weapon as he went to Bean Works together with Prince August von Earlshide.

C’mon, the master blacksmith Harold Bean knows Prince Aug, but he doesn’t know about Shin until the prince pointed out that he’s the grandson of Merlin Wolford.

And everyone are surprised that the legendary hero Merlin has a grandson. But now that Harold Bean and everyone knows about Shin Wolford, it’s time for them to make his custom weapon.

On ther other hand, here’s Sicily von Claude and while she’s still couldn’t spit it out in regards to her feelings, Sicily wants something special from Shin like an accesory for example.

C’mon, her face shows that she really wants a gift from the wise man’s grandson.

But speaking of accessories, Shin Wolford is planning to buy or even make one… for all of his friends.

And once she heard what Shin said, Sicily’s heart got sunk. Um Shin Wolford, you know that you should be a bit tact towards Sicily.

Even Prince August and his fellow classmates called him out for being so goddamn dense! Looks like Shin Wolford will have to buy something special for Sicily von Claude.

And it turns out that he bought a ring for Sicily. By the way, this is not an engagement ring, just a normal one which Shin enchant it with protective magic.

But hey, seems that Sicily von Claude felt better now that she got a gift from Shin Wolford. Next time, Shin would give her an engagement ring.

The next day, Sicily showed its ring’s magical properties like summoning a barrier. Not just a single layer, but two layers thanks to Shin’s enchantnemt.

Even his fellow classmates are amazed that Sicily can do that. Of course, they can do that too but the likes of Lyn Hughes and Maria von Messina would need lots of practice.

But you know what, Shin Wolford will teach them how to do advanced-level magic spells.

And the thing is that the secret of performing powerful spells is control and visualization. Yeah, this is how he got so powerful thanks to Merlin Wolford’s guidance.

Now then, let’s go back to Bean Works where Harold Bean has finished Shin’s latest weapon. This weapon has an interesting feature where it can detach its blade (should it gets damaged) and replace it with a new one.

It’s kinda like the detachable blades from Shingeki no Kyoji, minus the maneuver gear part where the characters don’t need to scale tall buildings to kill titans.

But for Shin, it’s a perfect weapon for him as he can use his magic to turn its thin blade into a powerful beam sword. Great job there, Harold Bean!

On the other hand, Prince August von Earlshide suggested to mass-produce this weapon because it would be useful to defend the kingdom from its enemies, including the Blusfia Empire in which they’re planning to invade the country.

Speaking of the Blusfia Empire, here’s Zest where he’s reporting to Emperor Herald von Blusfia about current developments from the Earlshide Kingdom, like the prolifiration of demons that King Diseum von Earlsheid and his royal court are in full alert.

Yes, Zest and his cohorts are doing espionage within the kingdom, but they haven’t found out about Merlin’s grandson yet. Oh yeah, Emperor Herald von Blusfia is still suspicious towards Zest, which is fine because I suspect that Zest might double-cross the emperor.

Oh yeah, and here’s Emperor Herald von Blusfia where he heard that the empire is being overrun by demons. Wait, are they suppose to run amok within the Earlshide Kingdom? What’s going on?

To answer that question, here’s Oliver Schtrom where he’s returned to his home country, sitting pretty while having that demonic eyes.

And as for Emperor Herald von Blusfia, seems that he recognized Oliver Schtrom where the emperor called him as Oliveira.

Come to think of it, I think the reason why he fled to the Earlshide Kingdom because Oliver (or Oliveira) is being targeted by the imperial family over the throne.

But now that Oliver Schtrom has returned to the Blusfia Empire, he’s planning to take over the country by killing the current emperor.

And lo and behold, seems that Emperor Herald von Blusfia didn’t stand a chance against Oliver Schtrom. Well, there goes the Blusfia Empire.

Several days later, the soldiers from the Earlshide Kingdom have arrived at the Blusfia Empire, only to find out that it’s now ruined.

I guess Dominic Gastor and his men won’t have to stop Emperor Herald von Blusfia ’cause he’s already dead.

But more importantly, the Earlshide soldiers will be in for a surprise as they’re greeted by demonoids, which Oliver Schtrom converted the entire population with his experiments.

In any case, Dominic Gastor and his men decided to flee as they’re pretty much overwhelmed at this point.

And with the news that Oliver Schtrom is confirmed to be alive, the Earlshide Kingdom has decided to beef up its military prowess, with their advisor telling his students that they’ll have a joint training with the knight training school students ’cause they’ll eventually fight the empire whether they’ll like it or not.

But once the students heard about the knight training school, Maria von Messina and the rest are pretty much disgusted as they don’t want to cooperate with the knights.

Anyways, here are the knights-in-training which consists of Kent McGregor, Miranda Wallace, Neun Curtis, and their leader Kreis Lloyd.

Yeah, they don’t see the magicians as their equal since Sicily von Claude and the rest are not good physically… except for Shin Wolford.

With that said, both magicians and knights will work together to fight against demons, something that they haven’t done before. Oh, and Shin won’t even do anything unless his friends are in serious trouble.

Also, they’ll be joining by both Christina Hayden and Siegfried Marquez, King Diseum’s bodyguards who know Shin Wolford back when he’s staying at the forest.

Oh yeah, and both Chris and Sieg hated each other due to their different occupation, much to Shin’s shock since they’re not friends ever since he left to the capital.

Anyways, both Christina Hayden and Siegfried Marquez will be mentoring the knights and magicians respectively, in addition to guarding Prince August since it would be bad if he got harmed during the training.

Now then, looks like the knights have encountered a demon over there. I bet that it’s gonna be dangerous.

Turns out, the likes of Kreis Lloyd encountered a demonized boar. Now it would be nice if it’s not demonized because Shin wants to eat some tasty boar meat, but it won’t happen today.

Instead, this demonized boar is curb-stomping the hell out of those knights. Looks like they’re not prepared to handle a real enemy and it’s gonna cost them a life if they’re careless.

Well, looks like it’s time for Shin Wolford to intervene and show these knights-in-training that killing demons is no cakewalk.

Anyways, looks like Shin managed to cut the demonized boar’s head cleanly that the knights are in awe. Still, it would be nice if it wasn’t demonized ’cause this boar will be a hefty meal for the students.

As for the knights, looks like Kreis Lloyd and the rest have learned their lesson pretty well.

Heck, even Christina Hayden told them Kreis Lloyd and the rest they’re weak for now and warned the knights not to be overconfident when fighting against demons ’cause it’ll be a death knell to them.

Let’s hope that these near-painful experience will take it to their heart once they’ve graduated.

For now, the knights will continue their training. But first, it’s time for some healing coutesy from Sicily von Claude in which Kreis Lloyd are ecstatic by her beauty and kindness.

Well, it’s more on her beauty than kindness because Sicily has large tits.

Eventually, both Kent McGregor and Neun Curtis flocked towards her in which Shin Wolford is getting jealous.

Sure that Shin is a bit clueless when it comes to common sense, but it’s a rare sight to see him angry that his girl is being surrounded by other boys.

But for the time being, Shin and the rest must confront a horde of demons rushing towards them. And you think that a pack of demonized wolves would be bad news to them…

…there’s also a white tiger which I believe that this demonized creature is chasing the wolves. At this point, looks like the knights and the magicians are doomed.

Well, except for Shin Wolford where he wants to blow off some steam towards those demons. After all, Shin is very upset that some guys wants to take Sicily away from him.

Anyways, Shin unleashes his nuclear-like magic against a pack of demonized wolves, plus that white tiger who’s chasing them. C’mon, he doesn’t want to leave everything behind.

And so, the demons are easily wiped out that Kreis Lloyd and the rest of the knights are shocked to see Shin Wolford and his overpowered abilities.

Granted, Shin showed his powerful spells just to scare them off because he wants everyone to get their hands off from Sicily von Claude!

But anyways, looks like Sicily was impressed by Shin’s magic that I wish she would notice Shin’s feelings and become a girlfriend to him.

Of course, some of the characters wanted to ship both of them like Miranda Wallace for example.

Turns out that her outlook towards Shin Wolford was changed that she wanted to apologize to him. Oh, and she indirectly told Sicily von Claude to do her best as Shin’s girlfriend.

Then again, Sicily is too flustered to admit that she’s in love with Shin. Maybe in the future, they’ll become an official couple.

For now, both the magicians and knights will continue their training in preparation on slaying demons because they can’t let them destroy the Earlshide Kingdom. In any case, I’ll see you next time!

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