The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode #23

Hey everyone, here are the rest of the Cardinal Heroes where Motoyasu Kitamura, Itsuki Kawakami, and Ren Amagi are feeling groggy right now. I guess that they couldn’t handle the rough waves during their trip to Cal Mira Archipelago.

Anyways, time to introduce Naofumi Iwatani’s cabin-mates named L’Arc Berg and his female companion Therese Alexanderite as they’re travelling to the archipelago to level-up because they’re hunting down a certain shield-wielding scumbag. Let’s not hope that it’s not Naofumi.

On the other hand, both L’Arc and Therese are speaking in a different language, which is fine for Naofumi since his shield can translate on what they’re saying but not for Raphtalia and Filo.

But don’t worry thoughy as Therese Alexanderite borrows L’Arc Berg’s power to translate the Melromarc language so she can understand both Raphtalia and Filo better rather than creating misunderstandings.

And one more thing, Therese asked Naofumi to create an accessory out of this red jewel. Don’t worry though, she’ll pay him handsomely.

For now, it’s time for Naofumi and his party to grind some experience points in order to become stronger for the next Wave of Catastrophe.

However, it seems that they’re fighting small-fries that they gave Naofumi and his party are not getting stronger.

Worst of all, someone is stealing their prey when an arrow hit one of the monsters. It doesn’t yield any experience points nor gold by the way.

Turns out that Itsuki Kawakami and his party are the ones stealing Naofumi’s prey. Oh, and he’s yelling at Naofumi for stealing his prey, even though Itsuki is the one who started it.

Even worse is that Motoyasu and Ren arrived to complain about getting their prey stolen by other adventurers. Not just Naofumi, but themselves as they blame each other for kill-stealing.

For Naofumi Iwatani and his party, looks like he’ll just move onto the next spot instead of arguing with these idiots.

Fortunately, Naofumi and his party managed to find a spot where they got some decent gains upon beating stronger monsters.

However, Raphtalia and Filo’s respective weapons are starting to break down. Yeah, it would be bad if their weapons are beyond repair.

Luckily, Naofumi decided to craft some temporary weapons using materials that they gathered from killed monsters.

Since he’s a skilled craftsman, Naofumi will create weapons in a jiffy.

And look, both Raphtalia and Filo got brand-new weapons (albeit temporary) in order to continue gaining experience points.

After a day of grinding, Naofumi managed to create an accessory for Therese. It’s a bracelet which he uses the red jewel and made out of it when Naofumi is not busy grinding levels.

As for Therese Alexanderite, seems that she’s crying upon seeing the finished product. I wonder if she remember something sad back in the day?

Regardless, Therese tried her new accessory out as she cast a powerful magic spell called Bejeweled Ruby Blaze.

This fire-based spell can burn enemies within seconds. While her magic is indeed powerful, I’m worried that Therese might use it against Naofumi Iwatani, especially when she’s equipped with her brand-new accessory.

Afterwards, it’s time for a break where Naofumi is sitting idly at the beach. Of course, his break will be interrupted when Naofumi saw something alluring…

It’s Raphtalia in a bikini. I repeat, it’s Raphtalia wearing a freaking two-piece swimsuit!

I would say that she look so cute in that bikini, but Naofumi won’t gave Raphtalia a compliment about it because he’s not into a romantic relationship yet.

Lastly, seems that Filo found an island where it has a hidden underwater temple underneath. Thus, Naofumi and the rest decided to check it out.

And once they managed to get inside the temple, it appears that the Shield Hero and his party are shocked to see a familiar item.

It’s a dragon hourglass where it shows the next Wave of Catastrophe… in 2 days time. While it’s a shocker to the Shield Hero, I wonder if the next Wave will happen at Cal Mira?

In any case, it looks like Naofumi and the rest will have to warn the others about the next Wave of Catastrophe, all while make preparations for it as the next episode will be intense.

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  1. 7mononoke says:

    “I repeat, Raphtalia in a 2 piece swimsuit” LOL.
    She does look very cute though.

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