The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode #24

We’re now at the penultimate episode where Naofumi Iwatani told Queen Mirelia Q. Melromarc about the next Wave of Catastrophe and mobilize her navy to quell it. Even the Shield Hero is surprised that the queen would act swiftly compared to that trash king.

Now then, it’s time to tackle this Wave of Catastrophe in Cal Mira Archipelago. Oh yeah, and they’re fighting against a giant narwhal because it’s awesome!

Of course, Naofumi must bait this monstrous narwhal with Hate Reaction so that the Queen’s navy will attack it.

Then again, this narwhal is so tough that the soldiers as well as the Cardinal Heroes couldn’t put a scratch on it. Yes, even Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki couldn’t beat this narwhal.

But still, some adventurers didn’t give up like Raphtalia for example where she fires a harpoon gun towards the narwhal.

Of course, this narwhal is tough to beat that this boss keeps on fighting against the Queen’s navy and the Cardinal Heroes.

Meanwhile, Queen Mirelia Q. Melromarc and her navy will have to deal with small-fries boarding their ship. And really, it’s not good for them!

Fortunately, we have the crown princess getting her hands dirty as Princess Melty wash those monsters away with Zweit Aqua Shot.

And as you can see, the monsters are swept away while the soldiers remained unharmed. Well, that takes care of those small-fries!

However, one monster slipped past Melty’s magic and it’s about to drag the crown princess to the abyss.

Even the Queen’s men coulnd’t save the crown princess as Melty will drag down to the sea.

Fortunately, someone rescued Princess Melty by a guy with a big scythe. And really, that guy did it in the nick of time.

Even Princess Melty is surprised to see an adventurer rescuing her. Of course, she doesn’t know who that adventurer is.

Well, time for Princess Melty to introduce L’Arc Berg and his partner Therese Alexanderite because they’re here to stop the Wave of Catastrophe. It’s not like they’re gonna kill some monsters for rare items or anything.

Now let’s go back to Naofumi and his party where they’re about to finish the narwhal for good. Of course, it’ll take a hefty amount of strength to defeat it like Filo for example…

…in which she kicked the narwhal so hard that its jaws might have cracks on it. Still, this boss remained alive even if Filo did massive damage.

Luckily, both L’Arc and Therese decided to combine their powers to finish this narwhal for good.

With Therese’s magic and L’Arc’s scythe, they created a powerful attack called Thunderbolt Wheel Swing in which this narwhal got cut into pieces until it’s already dead.

And thus, the Wave of Catastrophe has ended and it’s time to collect the spoils!

However, someone attacked the Cardinal Heroes just as they’re about to collect the rewards, even though these idiots didn’t do much during the Wave. Okay, who attacked Ren Amagi and the rest?

Turns out, it’s none other than L’Arc Berg and Therese Alexanderite as they attacked the heroes because they want to save their world from the waves.

Oh, and they want Naofumi’s head because he’s one troublesome fellow, even though Naofumi is cleared of any wrongdoings.

In any case, looks like Queen Mirelia Q. Melromarc ordered her men to attack both L’Arc and Therese they’re a threat on stopping the Waves completely.

Unfortunately for the Queen’s archers, their arrows are useless against L’Arc and Therese where the latter summoned a barrier to protect herself and her partner.

Oh yeah and speaking of L’Arc Berg, he’s going for the kill against the Shield Hero, but Naofumi’s trusty shield is holding up against L’Arc’s scythe.

Then again, it appears that Naofumi somewhat got hurt upon blocking L’Arc’s attacks. Could it be that there’s something special towards his weapon?

Well in L’Arc’s words, his scythe is designed to reverse the opponent’s defense in order to inflict damage towards it. It’s a perfect weapon against the Shield Hero where Naofumi doesn’t have anything to defend against L’Arc.

Meanwhile, here’s Princess Melty where she went to the scene to help Naofumi Iwatani and his party. Well, she asked someone to sail towards the narwhal’s corpse.

On the other hand, Princess Melty is concerned about Naofumi as he can’t beat both L’Arc and Therese by himself.

Worst of all, Naofumi is revealing his trump card to L’Arc since he already told his secret to the Shield Hero.

Yeah, that would cost him if he revealed his cards too early. However, I have a feeling that Naofumi is playing mindgames towards L’Arc and Therese.

Anyways, Naofumi rolls the dice as he summoned a pair of snakes from his shield to inflict poison towards L’Arc Berg.

As for L’Arc, he was caught off-guard by Naofumi’s surprise attack. Gotta say that the Shield Hero will have to do some pragmatic approach to beat him.

Oh and it gets worse for him as both Filo and Melty created a typhoon that sends L’Arc flying to somewhere. Then again, Naofumi doesn’t want him blasting off to some place.

Therefore, the Shield Hero summoned an Air Strike Shield so that L’Arc will slam towards it. Looks like L’Arc is put into a corner thanks to Naofumi and his party.

Of course, there’s Therese Alexanderite where she’s casting magic towards Raphtalia. For Raphtalia, it’s too late to dodge that…

…as Naofumi’s trusty ally got hit by Therese’s fire magic. Well, it’s sucks that Raphtalia has to die like this!

However, Raphtalia is saved when Naofumi Iwatani uses his mighty shield to block Therese’s magic attack. At this point, they’re in a stalemate where neither parties aren’t winning.

But then, someone one of the ships in which the Shield Hero and his party are caught off-guard by it.

Oh yeah, and it turns out that this intruder is someone familiar to the Shield Hero. You’ll remember this person wearing a kimono in which Motoyasu Kitamura and the rest got stomped back then.

Yes, I’m talking about Glass as she returned for Round 2 against Naofumi and his party. Oh, and it turns out that L’Arc Berg and Therese Alexanderite are allied to Glass.

Come to think of it, I wonder if L’Arc and Therese wants to kill Naofumi just to save Glass’ world from ruin?

Regardless, looks like Naofumi and his party will have to fight against Glass on the final episode. And really, the Shield Hero can’t lose since Cal Mira Archipelago will be a wasteland if the Wave continues.

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