Kenja no Mago Episodes #07 & #08

Here’s Siegfried Marquez where he asked Shin Wolford on how his classmates got better on casting magic. And while he can spill the beans about it, there’s one problem for Siegfried…

You see, Prince August von Earlshide warned Siegfried on not to take notes from Shin’s magic because that would mean applying his magic-casting techniques for military purposes.

But then again, Prince Aug is okay convincing Shin to use his detachable blade for the military because the Earlshide Kingdom will fight against Oliver Schtrom and the Blusfia Empire. Yeah, I smell some double standards here.

Now then, let’s move onto the other groups where the rest of the knights still loathes the magicians for being physically-weak.

However, there are a few whose hatred runs deep like Julio for example, who’s fixated towards Tony Freyd with mean eyes for some unknown reason.

Of course, Julio and his fellow knights are not prepared to fight against demons that they’re struggling to fend them off. Worse, they might get rabies or losing a limb.

Luckily, Julio and the rest are saved when Tony and his buddies cast magic towards the demons with minimal effort.

But still, Julio resents Tony Freyd despite saving him. So, what happened between him and Tony?

Turns out, there was a girl that Tony like and date her, which Julio was pissed because he wanted to date that girl. And then, Tony broke up with that girl but not before kissing her.

But anyways, now you understand on why Julio resents Tony and man, he’s one cassanova!

And lastly, here’s Alice Corner and the rest as their training with the knights is horrible.

Much like the rest, the knights mocked the magicians because they need protection (which they don’t), but end up being fresh meat by these demons.

Man, these knights are a bunch of pussies that they’re making a fool of themselves.

Oh well, time for Lyn Hughes to cast some lightning magic to destroy these demons…

…with disastrous results. Looks like Lyn will have to learn some control in order not to explode herself.

Oh, and not to make her hair look like an afro. In any case, the knigths learned their lesson that demon-slaying is serious business.

They can ask Shin Wolford for some tips, but he’ll rather hang out with his buddies at the magic academy. Still, these magicians needs to be stronger should a war against the demonoids broke out.

That’s where Prince Aug suggested to hold a training camp so that they can hone their magic skills under the kingdom’s supervisor. Of course, where will they held it.

Fortunately, Maria von Messina suggested to stay at Sicily von Claude’s place because there’s a hot spring.

While it’s nice that the City of Claude has a hot spring, but the problem is will Shin’s grandparents allow him to go on a training camp.

And really, Melida Bowen is worried that Shin’s carelessness would destroy Sicily’s place, therefore she decides to join their training camp.

Oh and Melida Bowen won’t supervise the study group alone as she’ll be joined by Merlin Wolford. I mean, it’s better to have the wise man and guru teaching these kids on how to control their magic.

Anyways, the City of Claude welcomed Shin Wolford and his friends with open arms.

Oh, and the Claude family and its servants supports Shin on dating Sicily, something that he wants to keep it silent until she says okay in private.

With that said, looks like they’re ready for their training camp.

But first, it’s time to relax at the hot springs before flexing their muscles and brains during training camp.

By the way, seems that Maria von Messina and the rest are amazed by Melida’s beauty despite her old age. Basically, she’s one hot grandma but what’s her secret to her eternal beauty?

Well, her secret is that Melida exercise a lot using a contraption made by Shin Wolford where she run endlessly on a moving platform. Wait, did Shin brought some modern technology to this fantasy world?

Regardless, it’s time for Day 1 of their training camp as Shin’s classmates are being supervised by Merlin Wolford on how to control their magic. Glad that they came to mentor those kids.

On the other hand, Prince August von Earlshide asked Shin Wolford a favor as the prince wants him to travel back to the castle, using Shin’s teleportation magic of course since it’ll take days to get back to the capital.

Anyways, they went back to the capital where Prince Aug asked Shin to hide him from a certain person.

Said person happened to be this girl named Elizabeth von Koralle. Oh yeah, and it turns out that she’s actually Prince August’s fiancée, although Prince Aug doesn’t want her to get involved in the training camp.

Also joining Elizabeth is Prince Aug’s little sister named May in which she’s a fan of Melida Bowen.

Of course, both Elizabeth von Koralle and May von Earlshide are missing out on the training camp as they want to go there, but Prince August told them to stay at the capital because it’s dangerous.

Yet, King Diseum is given the green-light to let his son’s fiancée and sister to tag along the ride. I mean, May wants to see Melida so badly, but I’m not sure about Elizabeth unless she has a grudge towards Shin for taking her betrothed away.

But hey, looks like Prince Aug will bring 2 guests to the training camp, much to his annoyance.

Still, it’s nice for Prince August to have a fiancée, but you know that he wants Shin Wolford to hook up with Sicily von Claude right away.

And so, it’s time for Shin to man up and confess to Sicily that he loves her. C’mon, it would be terrible if someone took Sicily away.

Fortunately, Sicily von Claude said yes and it’s all good for Shin Wolford. Way to go!

Now then, it’s time for them to kiss because c’mon, they need to seal the deal as an official couple!

Unfortunately, they got interrupted when Shin’s classmates blown their cover. Really guys and gals, you shouldn’t hide behind the gazebo just to see Shin kissing Sicily!

Also, it’s embarrassing to bring Shin’s grandparents for this momentous event. But hey, Merlin and Melida got the OK signal for their grandson to date Sicily so it’s all good there.

Time for Day 2 of their training camp where Shin Wolford introduce a game to his classmates called beach volleyball. At this point, I’m convinced that he’s bringing anything modern from his past life.

Oh, and they’re not just gonna play beach volleyball because they’re gonna use magic to smash that ball over the net.

And as you can see, Shin’s classmates are having a blast. At least the volleyball didn’t burst out and damn, look at that candid shot from Olivia Stone.

Meanwhile, here’s both Elizabeth von Koralle and May von Earlshide as they’re just relaxing under the sun.

C’mon, they don’t need to participate in beach volleyball because it’s hot outside the shade and they don’t wanna get hurt.

Actually, never mind as someone spike the ball too much that this flaming ball is gonna hit both Elizabeth and May head-on.

And although Elizabeth managed to shield May, I think they’re gonna perish if that ball lands on them.

Not to worry though as Merlin Wolford stepped-in to rescue both Elizabeth von Koralle and May von Earlshide by casting a barrier. Even at his age, Merlin is still the top of his game.

As for Alice Corner and Lyn Hughes, they’re being scolded by Melida Bowen for going too far. Well then, playtime is over for Shin Wolford and his classmates.

And now, it’s time for some midnight talk where Maria von Messina talked about how she met some of her friends at a coming-out party… for nobles of course.

Oh yeah, and this is where Maria and the rest met Prince Aug and Elizabeth when they’re 5 years old. Speaking of Prince August, he met Elizabeth as he’s being chased by various girls which is tiring for him. At least Elizabeth managed to stick around with Prince Aug in the end.

Unfortunately, their midnight talk will be interrupted by Melida Bowen as she warned them not to stay up late because they’ll have a long day tomorrow.

Then again, most of them pretended to fall asleep until Melida is gone.

Well, except for Shin Wolford in which he accidentally grope Sicily von Claude’s breasts and startled a bit.

And worst of all, he got up from his bedsheet that Melida Bowen saw her grandson and gave him an earful on why doing dirty things at night is bad. C’mon Melida, Shin didn’t cross the line yet!

In any case, looks like Shin will be punished for his indecency, all while the rest are either horrified or amuzed at his plight. Oh well, time to move onto Episodes 9 and 10!

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