Kenja no Mago Episodes #09 & #10

Oh look what we have here, seems that Sicily von Claude and Shin Wolford felt a bit awkward after declaring that they’re an official couple in the previous episode.

Now while they’ll have to adjust their lives as lovers, seems that Sicily wants to show her parents on why she love Shin in the first place. Even though he’s the adopted grandson of Merlin Wolford and Melida Bowen, Sicily’s parents are very strict when it comes to selecting her betrothed.

Anyways, here’s both Eileen and Cecil von Claude as they’re about to give their decision on whether to accept Sicily’s love for Shin or not.

Fortunately, Sicily’s father accepted Shin as his daughter’s boyfriend as Cecil von Claude welcomed him with open arms.

C’mon, Shin Wolford is better boyfriend to Sicily than Kurt von Rietsburg. But what about Eileen though?

Well, she won’t accept Shin at first because he’s not engaged to her daughter yet. But you know what, I think Eileen von Claude should give her blessings right away because Shin protects Sicily a lot.

In any case, Eileen von Claude has finally gave her blessing on making Shin Wolford as Sicily’s fiancée, although her daughter is embarrassed on declaring it out loud.

Now let’s go back to the training camp where we have some significant development like Princes May von Earlshide, where she casts magic after learning it from the wise man himself, Merlin Wolford.

Heck, even Merlin is surprised that May is highly-adept at magic. I think sooner or later, the princess might become the greatest magician in all Earlshide, although Lyn Hughes will not be outdone by Princess May.

Meanwhile, here’s Shin Wolford where he shows a new magic, the one where Oliver Schtrom used it before.

What you see here is levitation magic in which Shin can propel an object mid-air. Oh, and it’s not just rocks and other heavy things…

In fact, Shin can cast it on himself and fly like a bird. Doens’t need wings nor jet boots to levitate!

Even Prince August and the rest are surprised that Shin can fly.

But you know what, I’m sure that Shin will teach them levitation magic because they’ll really need to be ready against the demonoid threat in the future.

And speaking of preparation, Shin has finished making uniforms using his imbued magic because they’ll wear it on the final day of the training camp.

Oh yeah, and it’s form-fitting too that Yuri Carlton has no trouble wearing it, although Julius von Littenheim and Thor von Flegel are shocked to see Yuri’s cleavage.

On the other hand, Princess May is having a hissy fit as she wants to join them, but Prince Aug told his sister to stay put because it’s dangerous.

Not to worry though as Shin created something that’ll communicate at long distances. It’s a cup telephone, but it’s not a normal one.

Rather, this cup telephone was made using the web strings from a demon spider. Then again, I wish Shin would invent a smartphone… in another world!

Now then, it’s time for the final day of their training camp where they’ll be fighting against demons on their own. That’s right, they’ll be fighting against demonized animals without Shin’s help.

On second thought, I think they’ll be okay as Shin’s classmates can hold up on their own against these demons using their magic.

Anyways, their final day of the training camp was a success, although the did too much where they blow up a forest.

Honestly, I think they should control their magic in order to avoid collateral damage, but Shin forgot to tell them. I guess they learned from him in regards to the lack of common sense.

Afterwards, time for the official engagement between Shin Wolford and Sicily von Claude.

Sure that both of them are nervous because their respective families, plus King Diseum, are celebrating their union between Shin and Sicily, but it’s nice that they’re now an official couple within the kingdom!

After the engagement party, Shin and Sicily went to a quiet place where he’ll give something to his new lover. What could it be?

Oh, it’s a freaking engagement ring as Sicily von Claude is happy to receive it from Shin Wolford. I wonder if he crafted if by himself?

Regardless, both Shin Wolford and Sicily von Claude have finally share a kiss with no interruptions. I have to say that it’s a nice way to end, but there’s more story to be told…

…specifically the Blusfia Empire where one of Oliver Schtrom’s followers named Miria who asked him why he hated the empire in the first place, which resulted in overthrowing Emperor Herald von Blusfia and turning the population into demonoids.

Well in Oliver’s words, he hated the former emperor and his nobles for not only ruining his life, but also making the commoners suffer. Of course, there’s a deeper story on his hatred towards Emperor Herald.

You see, he was once a honorable duke named Oliveira von Stradius where he’ll do anything to make the commoners happy through reforms.

Joined by his pregnant wife Aria, Oliveira’s life might have challenges, but he’ll rewarded handsomely as he continues to uplift the commoners’ lives away from slavery, much to the nobles’ annoyance.

And speaking of the nobles, they voiced their anger towards Harold von Richmond in which Oliveira’s existence is a threat to their livelihood. So, Duke Harold came up with a plan to ruin his career…

…starting by accusing him of selling the commoners to slavery. As you can see, they’re trying to convince the common folks that Oliveira von Stradius is a man not to be trust with.

Hell, Duke Harold’s soldiers went as far as using slaves to throw some dirt at Oliveira’s noble career. Soon, the commoners are starting to get angry at Oliveira von Stradius for a crime he didn’t commit.

Then again, they went too far where Oliveira saw his pregnant wife Aria killed at the hands of an angry crowd. Yeah, he won’t like it at all when Aria got skewered.

And because of this, Oliveira von Stradius snapped and killed the angry mob from murdering his wife. This is where his life took a dark turn…

…culminating in blowing up everything and disappear, only to re-emerge as Oliver Schtrom where he overthrows the Blusfia Empire.

While I have to say that it was a tragic story for him, it seems that he has no desire for world domination since Oliver Schtrom is already satisfied on killing Emperor Herald von Blusfia.

However, some demonoids wanted to do something like engaging in combat. So, the likes of Zest will oversee their military activities instead of fighting blindly. Oh, and he won’t be doing it alone.

In fact, he’s joined by Lawrence where Zest told him to organize the demonoids and attack the neighboring Kingdom of Sweed. I mean, they can’t let these rowdy demonoids getting killed easily.

Moving back to the Earlshide Kingdom as King Diseum is about to make his son August as his crown prince, making him the official heir to the throne.

For the kingdom, it’s a big deal for Prince Aug as he’ll have greater responsibilities in the future.

Of course, Prince August is prepared for it since he’s groomed to be the next king. I mean, he’s meeting expectations for his friends and the rest of the kingdom.

However, the ceremony was interrupted when a soldier informed the king that the demonoids are invading the Kingdom of Sweed.

And sure that most of them are feeling uneasy since the kingdom got a demonoid for a long time, I think King Diseum wants to let his people know about it instead of keeping it hush. Of course, what will the Earlshide Kingdom do since they don’t have a force to fight against the demonoids?

That’s where Prince August von Earlshide declared that he formed a group to combat against the demonoid as he took off his royal garb for his new uniform created by Shin Wolford. Yes, the crown prince declared the group’s formation without Shin’s knowledge.

Hell, even Shin’s classmates are into it as they took off their garbs. Man, how will Merlin’s grandson respond to this spontaneous event?

Speaking of Shin Wolford, Prince August asked him to give a name for this new group, although he’s confused on how to make one since Shin is dumbfounded right now.

But what the heck, it’s time for Shin to name his new group as “Ultimate Magicians”.

While it’s kinda cheese, I safe to say that it’s fitting since Shin and his classmates are highly-adept at magic, more powerful than Siegfried Marquez and his fellow magicians from the kingdom.

On the other hand, seems that that the people of Earlshide Kingdom are at ease now that there’s a group of young men and women who will risk their lives to defend their country from demonoids. Then again, let’s hope that Shin Wolford and the rest will survive.

So anyways, tune in next time for the last 2 episodes of Kenja no Mago as Shin Wolford and his trusty friends will fight against the demonoids from the Blusfia Empire.

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