The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode #25

Hey everyone, it’s the final episode where we’ll witness a rematch between Glass and Naofumi Iwatani, the Shield Hero who is the most reliable one among the Cardinal Heroes because he can put up a fight against this ice queen.

That is until Naofumi used his Soul Eater Shield in which Glass hesitates and falls back. Seems that the Shield Hero realized that she’s weak to the Soul Eater Shield.

Meanwhile, Raphtalia and the rest have decided to take on both L’Arc Berg and Therese Alexanderite because it would be bad if they combine their powers with Glass for a powerful attack.

But as you can see, the likes of Filo and Princess Melty are capable of handling Glass’ allies on their own, which means that Naofumi can focus on defeating the ice queen herself.

Speaking of the ice queen, it was revealed that Glass is actually a hero… More specifically, the Fan Hero where Glass must defeat other heroes so she can save her own world.

Unfortunately for Glass, Naofumi won’t let her win as he uses his Soul Eater Shield with greater effect. At this point, it appears that Glass lost the battle, but she won’t give up.

In fact, Glass showed a glimpse of her world to Naofumi Iwatani as the Fan Hero is serious on saving it.

As you can see, her world resembled feudal Japan and the people over there are struggling the stop the Waves.

While I pity Glass since she wants to save the world, Naofumi won’t give her any mercy since he too wants to save the world (although whether Naofumi wants to stop the Waves so he can go home or not is up to him).

Now let’s return to the battle where Glass received a potion from her allies which wil restore her health and magic points.

Oh yeah, and it’s L’Arc Berg who gave a potion to Glass because he’ll do anything for the Fan Hero to win against the Shield Hero. Of course, Naofumi will use his Soul Eater Shield again or Wrath Shield at worst.

Meanwhile, seems that Raphtalia decides to step-in as she wants to protect Naofumi at all cost. C’mon, she’s the sword to the Shield Hero. Then again, both Raphtalia and Naofumi will have a hard time finishing Glass off.

As for the rest, they’ll just stand there and watch as the Queen is powerless to assist Naofumi. Heck, she doesn’t even have any faith on telling Ren Amagi, Itsuki Kawasumi, and Motoyasu Kitamura to get up there and help the Shield Hero.

However, Queen Mirelia Q. Melromarc found someone who can help Naofumi and his party in the form of Rishia Ivyred.

Unfortunately, Rishia can’t swim that she tries to hold one on the cask bombs in order not to sink in the bottom of the sea. Man, I’m worried that Rishia might screw it up.

Now then, it’s time for Glass to finish off Naofumi as she about to unleash her powerful attack.

Not to be outdone, Naofumi decides to use Blood Sacrifice on Glass, something that Raphtalia is concerned about it because Naofumi might die if he used that attack for the second time.

Fortunately for Raphtalia, the Shield Hero doesn’t have to use that dangerous technique as Rishia Ivyred casts wind magic on these cask bombs.

That gave Naofumi Iwatani an idea as he used his Meteor Shield to break these cask bombs mid-air.

Once Naofumi break those barrels, it explodes into a splash of red fluid which not only makes anyone drunk, but also flammable.

This means that Naofumi will just cast fire magic and Glass will be burned to a crisp!

Because of that, L’Arc realized that Glass might die and thus he and Therese intervened to rescue her, despite the Fan Hero’s insistence that she’ll continue to fight.

In any case, looks like L’Arc Berg and Therese Alexanderite will have to give Naofumi Iwatani and his friends the win as they’re bested at this point. Of course, they’ll return again in the future!

For now, Glass and her allies went home to fend off the Wave of Catastrophe. But for the Queen and the rest, it’s finally over…

…as Cal Mira Archipelago is finally saved from being destroyed by the Wave.

And while the Shield Hero and his party played a big role in stopping it, let’s not forget that it was Rishia Ivyred who helped the Shield Hero on turning the tides against Glass.

Except that Rishia got kicked out as she was accused of stealing one of Itsuki Kawakami’s accessories, even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

I guess the likes of Mald wanted to get rid of Rishia because of how useless she is, or maybe they’re jealous because she did a big role on stopping the Wave in Cal Mira.

But hey, Naofumi is willing to take Rishia in because he’s been in that similar situation. I mean, he understands Rishia’s plight after all.

Meanwhile, Queen Mirelia wants to give a reward to Naofumi for his heroic acts in Cal Mira and while he doesn’t need anything, I think Naofumi will reconsider taking it but what will be his reward?

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Naofumi and his party went to a familiar place. Even Raphtalia knows about it as she can smell the salty water.

Turns out that Naofumi and his party returned to Raphtalia’s village where it’s still rebuilding as of now. But hey, life is getting better for the demi-humans.

This includes Keel where he’s happy to see Raphtalia again. Isn’t it nice that Keel and the rest can live happier lives compared to before.

Also, here’s Van Reichnott where he’s about to announce something important. I hope that it’s not gonna be bad and while Van is a nice person, I’m still cautious about him.

Anyways, Van told everyone that Naofumi Iwatani has become the lord of Seyaette.

Oh, and here’s Princess Melty to show a proof that the Shield Hero will govern the domain. Come to think of it, I think Queen Mirelia gave him the right to rule Seyaette as a reward.

One more thing, it seems that some humans have decided to stay at Raphtalia’s village like this old lady for example where she’ll teach those youngsters some martial arts.

And it’s not just the old lady who decided to immigrate to Seyaette, but other people who respected the Shield Hero such as the lady sorcerer.

With that said, it seems that Raphtalia’s village is starting to return as a full-fledged town for demi-humans and its sympathizers. I guess there’s no need for Naofumi to stay at this world, right? Hmm, seems that he hasn’t think about leaving this world once he stop all the Waves.

For the time being, he assured Raphtalia that the Shield Hero will stay by her side. I mean, Naofumi doesn’t know what his plans after stopping the Waves.

But hey, at least she’s at ease when Naofumi is commited in keeping it together. Still, I wonder when will the Wave of Catastrophe end in this world? Will Naofumi have to fight a powerful boss that controls the Waves someday? I guess I’ll never know…

Anyways, let’s end this series as Keel raised the flag which symbolizes the return of Raphtalia’s village to prosperity. Isn’t it great that I managed to finish this bad show with a satisfying ending like this?

With that said, I must say that damn, Naofumi and his party are the stars of this anime series while the rest of the Cardinal Heroes (including that Bitch named Malty) are complete idiots that they think that bringing Naofumi Iwatani down is easy as if it’s Tuesday to them. Also, I’m glad that Naofumi got up on his feet because not only because he treats the world as reality, but thanks to the likes of Raphtalia, Filo, and Princess Melty that help him pull through hard times.

On the other hand, I feel that Glass and her allies needs some attention because it’s interesting to see someone who wants to save their world through any means insteead of being generic villains. And speaking of villains, I think to most interesting of all is Pope Bisca T. Balmus because he’s the most calculating of all when it comes to manipulating the kingdown during Queen Mirelia Q. Melromarc’s absence. It’s sad that his pride of not using the shield part of his legendary weapon has cost him, despite the fact that he called the rest of the Cardinal Heroes out for wrecking havoc than good.

Anyways, I think I don’t have anything to say about The Rising of the Shield Hero because this show is so bad, yet it’s so fuckin’ good! While the chances for another season is 50/50 since this show is promoting the original light novels, what I want is a freakin’ special as I want the likes of Ren Amagi, Itsuki Kawakami, and Motoyasu Kitamura to learn the hard way of why their video game logic doesn’t work in a world full of consequences. With that said, it’s time to say good bye to the Shield Hero and his trusted party!

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