Kenja no Mago Episodes #11 & #12

Well everyone, this is the last 2 episodes of Kenja no Mago as the Kingdom of Sweed is about to face some rowdy demonoids.

And as you can see, they’re gonna slaughter everybody like there’s no tomorrow. I mean, they can’t be stopped!

But anyways, the Kingdom of Sweed is being battered by the demonoids and they’re not gonna give any mercy, including women and children.

Yeah, I think I have to stay away from this because they’re about to kill a mother and her daughter. Oh please, I hope Shin and his friends arrive at the scene.

Well, say no more as they arrive with style by kicking one of the demonoids to the face!

And lo and behold, the Ultimate Magicians are here where Shin Wolford and the rest are here to kick ass!

Of course, these demonoids from the Blusfia Empire would mock them for being kids. Man, they’re about to sign a death wish for that.

On second thought, I think the demonoids will die sooner or later as they’re about to get themselves blasted away by Shin and his pals.

Well, it seems that the Kingdom of Sweed is now under control now the Ultimate Magicians have arrived.

Of course, it’s time to show some of Shin’s friends mopping everyone. For example, these two demonoids are about to get the cold treatment…

…from Yuri Carlton where she used her ice magic to encapsulate one of them. But wait, there’s more!

In fact, Tony Freyd is here to show his swordsmanship by cutting these demonoids in half. As expected from Shin Wolford, he trained them to be powerful enough to destroy hundreds of demons.

Speaking of Shin, let’s not forget that he’s the strongest of all that he can take thousands of demonoids without breaking a sweat.

Because of that, a few of them like Lawrence have realized that he’s freakin’ OP that a tactical retreat is the only option if Blusfia Empire wants to survive.

Then again, most of the demonoids are stubborn simply because they’re blessed with demon powers like this guy who might be the leader. Oh, and he’s holding a magic stick which means that he’s tougher than the rest.

Well, let’s put that to the test as Prince August von Earlshide and Maria von Messina are here to obliterate this demonoid leader. Of course, he believes that his magic stick would protect him right?

Guess again as the magic stick failed him that the barrier is completely shattered into pieces, which is then followed by getting burned by Maria’s fire magic.

Speaking of Maria von Messina, she’s really pissed right now because Maria is the only one who doesn’t have a boyfriend. Poor girl, although Maria won’t deliver the kill.

Instead, it’ll be Prince August who will put a hole on this demonoid. At this point, I have to say that it’s all over for them!

Even Zest is worried that they’ll lose thousands of them if they can’t escape right now. So, it’s time for him calling some reinforcements… a powerful one that is.

Well, say no more because Zest called one of Oliver Schtrom’s powerful demonoid named Miria as she’s arrived to stop the Ultimate Magicians from wiping out her compatriots.

And as you can see, the likes of Tony Freyd and Lyn Hughes are no match against Oliver’s right hand woman as Miria obliterates them. It won’t be long before they got killed.

Unfortunately for Miria, Shin Wolford won’t let his friends die as he’s finally arrived to punish Miria.

But first, he needs to heal his friends because they took a lot of beating. Even their magic-imbued garments couldn’t keep up on tending their wounds.

Anyways, Shin is one powerful magician that Miria can keep up with him. C’mon, those small-fry demonoids are no match against Merlin’s grand son so Zest did the right thing to send Miria over.

Then again, it appears that Miria struggle to beat Shin Wolford that her dress got a cut from his sword.

Damn, seems that Miria doesn’t want to lose her clothes in a fight. Maybe it’s time for her and the rest of the demonoids to retreat.

Fortunately, it seems that Miria and the rest got a break when someone casts ice magic that stopped Shin’s momentum.

And it was Lawrence who stop Shin in its tracks as he told Miria to get out of the kingdom as fast as possible.

Of course, Miria won’t just go away together with the remaining demonoids as she wants to obliterate the entire kingdom with one powerful ball of destruction.

Not on Shin Wolford’s watch as he’ll take the brunt of it by casting more barriers to minimize collateral damage.

And look, Shin managed to stop Miria’s destructive ball from obliterating the Kingdom of Sweed. In any case, the surviving demonoids from the Blusfia Empire managed to flee the scene.

But still, they failed to destroy one kingdom and if it wasn’t for Miria and Zest’s intervention, they would be goners by now just because they underestimate the Ultimate Magicians.

Then again, I wonder what Oliver Schtrom would think about their blunder since his rowdy men started the whole thing under his nose?

Speaking of Oliver Schtrom, seems that he saw it all and while it’s their fault for getting themselves killed by a bunch of kids, Oliver had a change of heart and decided to reevaluate his future plans after overthrowing the former emperor.

Well, I must say that Oliver Schtrom saw Shin Wolford as a worthy adversary that he might consider conquering other nations.

Back in the Kingdom of Sweed, Sicily von Claude is busy trying to save a person’s life, but her magic is not enough to keep him alive.

That’s where Sicily decided to take off her clothes and put it to her patient since it has auto-healing functions.

However, Shin decided to tell Sicily that she doesn’t need to take her clothes off as he’ll revive that person from the brink of death. Besides, she did a good job of keeping him alive.

Anyways, Shin Wolford took over Sicily von Claude as he completely heals this commoner. Well, looks like this guy won’t have to lose a life thanks to both Shin and Sicily.

Of course, the wife of the male commoner thanked Shin for saving his life. That puts Sicily in a position where she’s just powerless.

But you know what, Sicily did a great job for healing others. In fact, Shin told her that she did wonderful things towards the people of Sweed.

I mean, look at these people as they thanked her for healing them, so there’s no need to blame herself for not being highly-adept at magic. In any case, the crisis at Sweed is finally over.

Afterwards, the king congratulate the Ultimate Magicians for saving Sweed from the demonoids. However, I think they’ll get invaded again in the future.

Not to worry though as Prince August von Earlshide asked the King of Sweed to forge an alliance in order to defend themselves for the demonoid threat.

Y’know, it’s a great idea for the crown prince to establish connections with other countries in order to create a united front against Oliver Schtrom and his army of demonoids. I give props to Prince Aug for being a good diplomat.

Now let’s return to the Kingdom of Earlshide as the crown prince told the king about what happened in Sweed.

Also, Prince August told King Diseum that he’ll forge an alliance with other countries so that they won’t get conquered by the demonoids in the future. Even though it’s a hard job for the prince, at least it’s better that way.

On the other hand, Princess May von Earlshide and Elizabeth von Koralle wants to join them because they don’t want to stay inside the kingdom. And besides, Elizabeth doesn’t want Shin getting close to Prince August all the time.

Well, seems that Prince Aug has no choice then. Even Shin Wolford is laughing about it. Still, I think Shin should learn some common sense because he hasn’t learn a damn thing in the end!

But anyways, we’ve finally reached the ending of Kenja no Mago and I must say that it’s a fine isekai show, but I wish SILVER LINK would do it better. In fact, the only thing that’s interesting is Oliver Schtrom and his backstory on why he became a demonoid in the first place.

In any case, Kenja no Mago is just another anime that’ll be forgotten in a few years because Kadokawa wanted to promote the light novels (and they’re doing it nowadays). Oh well, I’m done watching this show.

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