Carole and Tuesday Episodes #05 & #06

This is Spencer Simmons as he’s here in Alba City because he was ordered by his mother Valerie to take Tuesday back to Hershell. I mean, Valerie Simmons doesn’t want her daughter getting some bad attention during her presidential campaign.

But let’s stick to Alba City where Mr. Tao told Dahlia Carpenter that he finished creating a song for Angela.

Oh yeah and speaking of Tao, he look up about Dahlia’s history where it turns out that the reason for her deep, masculine voice is because of a phenomenon called Martian Androgyny in which it changes her body to have sexual characteristics of both male and female.

Also, Mr. Tao found out that Dahlia got into trouble as she got arrested for assault twice in the past, which Dahlia is kinda angry because Tao brought it up to her.

Anyways, Mr. Tao took Angela to one of his benefactors named Schwarz because having a hedge fund mogul funding on his side would make Angela as a superstar.

Of course, Schwarz wants to see if Angela Carpenter can sing, so she did an acapella of her new song.

And after hearing her song, Schwarz was impressed by Angela’s voice that it’s the most refreshing thing that he heard.

So, he gave it a go-ahead to fund Tao’s project with 12 million woolong. That’s a lot of money to fund Angela’s career, even though she’ll become a marionette for Mr. Tao’s AI-generated music.

Meanwhile, Gus Goldman has decided to find a venue for Carole and Tuesday to perform, so he went to Höfner when they’re best friends. I think they’re probably band-mates during their heyday.

Unfortunately for Höfner, times have changed and he can’t risked his fortune on two amateur musicians for a live gig.

Therefore, Höfner escorted Gus out using his robots of course. Well, seems that his friendship with Höfner didn’t work out.

However, looks like Roddy scored a venue for the girls as he talked to a club onwer named Elizabeth. Then again, she hesitate on bringing Carole and Tuesday to her club to perform at first.

But, Roddy promised to Elizabeth that these two girls have genuine talent. C’mon, Roddy saw them perform before so he knows that they can play instruments and sing.

Anyways, Elizabeth invited both Carole and Tuesday Simmons to her club to perform one song. Even though they’ll just perform one song, they’re still nervous although Tuesday is scared that she might mess up.

But don’t worry though as she has Carole to back her up as she applies lipstick to Tuesday’s lips. C’mon, they need to be pretty in front of a crowd.

With that said, both Carole and Tuesday performed well in front of 10 people. Despite performing one song, those who are lucky to see it are impressed by their talent.

This includes Elizabeth where she’s finally convinced that Carole and Tuesday are the real deal. You may thank Roddy for that!

Oh yeah, and here’s Spencer Simmons where he finally saw his sister and deciced not to take Tuesday home after witnessing her performance. I guess Spencer wants Tuesday to fulfill her dreams instead of being stuck in the mansion forever.

After that performance, Elizabeth called Gus Goldman as he got a phone call from his best friend Höfner. I wonder why he wants to call Gus when he won’t consider putting Carole and Tuesday to perform at a popular venue?

Surprisingly though, Höfner told Gus that the girls are invited to perform at the prestigious Cydonia Festival… as a backup. Why backup? Well, Höfner has a good explanation to that.

You see, the rock band Omega got invited to perform at the Cydonia Festival, but their lead vocalist Joshua is a bit troublesome as Omega’s participation is somewhat uncertain. Therefore, Höfner considered Carole and Tuesday as backup performers should Joshua caused another ruckus.

While it’s a big break for these girls, the problem is that they’ll sing at a lion’s den full of diehard Omega fans.

Anyways, both Carole and Tuesday Simmons are at the Cydonia Festival. Although they’re gonna perform should Omega didn’t show up, they’ll have a great time where they’ll see great performances like Crystal.

Oh yeah, and both girls are big fans of Crystal because of her diva-like voice, so I’m sure that they’ll have a great time.

Also, did you know that there’s another musician who’s invited to perform at the Cydonia Festival? No, it’s not Angela Carpenter because Mr. Tao is handling her.

Rather, it’s freakin’ DJ Ertegun, the hottest DJ ever whose music is so awesome… that an AI just made it.

Well, Roddy is the one making it happen behind the scenes. And by the way, Roddy told Carole and Tuesday not to see DJ Ertegun. C’mon, they caused a ruckus at his mansion and wreck their sports car in their botched music video.

Now then, here’s Carole and Tuesday where they saw Roddy and say hi to him. C’mon, he’s the unsung hero on bringing them to the limelight.

However, Roddy told them to get out of here because his boss might get’em. Remember, Roddy is still working with DJ Ertegun.

And speaking of the devil himself, looks like DJ Ertegun heard some girls over there. It would be bad if he saw Carole and Tuesday again.

Well, time for Carole and Tuesday to run away and hide from DJ Ertegun. Phew, that was close!

On second thought, it appears that they stumbled upon a scary guy named Skip. Fortunately for them, seems that Skip knows these girls and told them not to be blinded by the limelight or they’ll lose their way.

With that said, both Carole and Tuesday took Skip’s advice and went back stage to perpare for their impromptu performance. Oh by the way, are you curious to see who Joshua is?

Well, here’s the frontman of Omega where Joshua is a bit paranoid right now. Things are not looking so good for Omega and here’s the thing though as Joshua is one motherfuckin’ alcoholic who got so much trouble off-stage.

You know what, I think Joshua should seek help right now and break his alcohol addiction, because he’s not in his mind to sing and Joshua might do more harm to himself.

For the time being, let’s witness Skip’s performance and despite being a big and scary guy, Skip’s singing voice is soothing to hear as he sings about unrequited love. Come to think of it, did he love someone but got away in the past?

Now then, it’s time for Carole and Tuesday to do the opening act since Joshua is not in himself unfortunately.

However, it seems that Tuesday Simmons is scared to perform at a rowdy crowd who wants to see Omega, not some amateurs.

But you know what, time for Tuesday to break a leg as she drinks lots of liquid to toughen up. Glad that she managed to calm her nerves down by chugging a bottle of water.

Except that it turns out that Tuesday drank the wrong bottle as it’s meant for Joshua. Wait, I have a feeling that she drank something tipsy from Joshua’s bottle.

Nevertheless, they went ahead and perform despite the crowd are jeering them off for not being Omega. C’mon, they really want to see Joshua and his muthafuckin’ band!

Even they go as far as throwing banana peels and beer cans just to shoo Carole and Tuesday away. Well, at least they didn’t get hit once Joshua has arrived.

Still, both girls are emotionally hurt right now after being booed at a large crowd. Of course, Tuesday suffered the most as she has to endure the humiliation.

Luckily, Carole is here to support her but it doesn’t help much. I guess this will be a hard lesson for them that sometimes their songs won’t reach a large flock of bag eggs.

However, it appears that one musician is impressed by their bravery as she encourage them to continue their journey no matter what because their songs will eventually reach someone.

By the way, this is Crystal and these girls can’t believe that they’re talking to a diva.

In any case, it seems that Carole and Tuesday felt some hope thanks to Crystal’s encouraging words. Oh yeah, what about Joshua and his band Omega?

Well for Joshua, he did perform as scheduled but I think Joshua fell down to the stairs. I hope that he’s all right but seriously, Joshua needs a psychiatrist to kick out his habit.

And now, let’s end the Cydonia Festival as Crystal takes the stage. Gotta say that she’s the most divine musician that graced over Mars.

Even Carole and Tuesday are mesmerized of her lovely singing voice. Seems that they won’t forget this experience at the Cydonia Festival.

One more thing, it appears that Skip heard Crystal’s music and he likes it. Could it be that he’s in love with Crystal, but got away due to her music career? I guess I’ll never know…

For now, I’ll see you next time as Carole and Tuesday will continue their music journey. Of course, they need to earn some money first!

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